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I am so excited to have author Kelly Yeakle here with me today.  Kelly has a new book, Forbidden Desires, released from Evernight Publishing.

Forbidden Desires:
When Dani meets the delicate beauty that is Carmen she knows instantly that she wants her, in her life and in her bed. But can Miss. Commitment phobic look beyond the sex to see the woman beneath?
To Carmen the wildly beautiful Dani is a new and exciting friend, what she hadn't counted on is the simmering desire she feels when in Dani's presence. As her relationship with her boyfriend sours Carmen begins to wonder if there is more to Dani than she realizes.
Should she give in to this, the most forbidden of desires?

Thanks so much Kelly for stopping by and chatting with me about your work and your new book, Forbidden Desires.  I know I can’t wait to hear about your new book so let’s just jump right in.

What genre or genres do you write in and what draws you to write in them? 
So far I've tapped into the paranormal realm, contemporary, and now lesbian romance.  I prefer to write paranormal most of all.  It's fun to create my own world and put a twist on how vamps, weres, shifters, etc are viewed.
I love each genre you have mentioned J

Tell us, what was the inspiration for writing Forbidden Desires? 
Forbidden Desires was really a challenge to myself.  I'd never written anything other than the normal m/f connection.  I wanted to see if I could write f/f and write it well, and I believe I did a pretty successful job. 

Give us just a little bit more information about your Characters in Forbidden Desires. 
Carmen is the girl who has never been sexually interested in another female.  She's a little naive and on the shy side at first, but soon discovers that trying something new isn't always a bad thing.  Dani is more aggressive and not afraid to go after what she wants.  However, she lets Carmen come to her.
Sounds great, can’t wait to read it.

Do you find it challenging to write f/f stories?
 In the beginning it was very challenging to write, but as the story progressed it became easier.  I got in tune with my characters and let them tell their story to me, then I pieced it together, spiced it up a little and hope my readers connect with them.

I totally appreciate how you said, “I got in tune with my character and let them tell their story…” As a writer I so agree.  Our characters do tell their story.  That being said, I’ve been asked this question so I’m going to throw it out there for you, *Winks.* When you write, do you identify with the characters you create, do they become “real” to you as you write about them? 
I definitely connect with my characters.  In fact I put a little of myself into each story I write.  It might be a phrase the character says that I say in real life, a bad habit I have like blowing bubbles when I chew gum, lol, or the way I feel when something happens in my own life.  I think it's fun to have your character hold a little part of you and makes it easier to write the story when you can think like them or have them think like you.  :)

Where do you see the (f/f) genre heading? 
I think that f/f will be on the rise in years to come.  It's not something you see every day in the writing world, but I think as people open their minds to new things, it will become more popular.

Do you have a favorite character which you have written about, one who just stands out? 
My favorite character I've ever written was Maggie from my book Timeless.  She was a smart ass, but also loving and easy to connect with.  I'd like to write her story sometime in the future, and I might, only time will tell :)

Who are some of your favorite writers? 
I absolutely love Nora Roberts.  I haven't read one single book of hers I haven't liked.  She knows how to weave a good love story, and usually mixes it with some traumatic events and crazy drama.  I also love Rachel Caine and Kerrelyn Sparks.  Then of course some newer writers on the scene, you included, Emma Shortt, Robin Wright, and Sarana Dewylde just to name a few.
Great writers! Aww… thanks for including me in such a great list, I’m honored.

What are some of your favorite books?
Love The Morganville Vampires series, The Sookie Stackhouse novels, and everything Nora.
 *Smiles* Awesome books! Ahh… love me some Sookie, Sookie, now!

What’s on your current reading list? 
Right now I'm reading Three Fates by Nora Roberts.  I have Green Witch by Alice Hoffman and Pretty Little Devils by Nancy Holder on my to be read list.  Then of course there are tons of stories I'm hoping to read from my fellow authors at Evernight Publishing.

Tell us a little bit about your other titles? 
The Legacy Keeper's Treasure is a love story based in Ireland surrounding a castle and hidden treasure.  I think my readers can really connect with the heroine and will enjoy the classic love story elements I've included.  Timeless is a vampire novel about a woman who has her heart set on being a famous magazine writer and gets caught up in a whirlwind romance with a vampire who claims to be her soul mate.  I have a short story coming out in the Midnight Seduction anthology that EP will be putting out in October about a witch who gets more than she bargained for when she tries a new spell, and a short called The Sweetest Gift about a young woman who goes home after years of being away from her family and reunites with her high school love which will come out with Decadent Publishing in December.

What can your fans expect to see from you in the near future? 
I'm always writing, trying new angles, discovering new characters.  I hope to continue to keep my readers interested by trying new things, and also to continue to write shorts for anthologies as opportunities present themselves. 

I know I am excited to be included with you in an upcoming Halloween Anthology called Midnight Seduction published by Evernight Publishing.  My story Crimson Sin will be alongside you when the anthology is released in October 2011.  Do you want to give us a little teaser about that story in Midnight Seduction? 
As I mentioned above, Trixie is a witch who tempts fate and casts a spell to find her forever love, only a mixed up ingredient doesn't bring her the man she expected.  The question is will she embrace what she's been given or end up with nothing but a trick for Halloween?

Thanks again Kelly for stopping by and chatting with me.  I have you added to my “to read” list.  I know I will love every moment of your book.  I wish you all the best with your new book, Forbidden Desires, and with your writing career.  Stop by and chat with me again anytime you wish.
You can find out more about Kelly Yeakle and her work at:
and on Facebook, Kelly Yeakle

Thank you London for letting me stop by and talk about my new release and other writing projects.  It's always exciting when something new hits the shelves for readers!
You are more than welcome, it has been my pleasure!

Leave a comment with your email address and you could win a free PDF copy of Forbidden Desires.  One person will be chosen at random.

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Author Kelly Yeakle will stop by my blog on July 28th to chat about her new book, Forbidden Desires. She will give away one free PDF copy to one lucky person at random. All you need to do to be eligible to win is leave a comment along with your email address on the interview.

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My book REVELATION, which is the 3rd book in The Heart Of Winter series will be released by Evernight Publishing in November, 2011.

ENCHANTED coming in September, 2011 by Evernight Publishing is book 1 in The Heart Of Winter series.

REQUIEM coming in October, 2011 by Evernight Publishing is book 2 in The Heart Of Winter series

CRIMSON SIN coming in October, 2011 by Evernight Publishing is part of the Midnight Seduction anthology.

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Today we have a treat in store for us.  Author Ashlynn Monroe will be sharing a sneak peek of her book for us.  Ashlynn, tell us about your book.
I’m so excited for this novella to be released.  I really loved writing this story.  The characters had real growth during the story and creating an entirely new world was fun.  I fell a bit for Jul when he started to understand Madison’s humanity.  If you’re looking for a quick, fun, hot summer read I hope you’ll give this one a try.

Slave to His Desires by Ashlynn Monroe
Genre(s): Erotic Science Fiction Romance
Digital ISBN: 9781937325008
Publication Date: July 18, 2011

Is it possible for a woman who is kidnapped and sold into slavery to find love with the man who purchases her?

As Madison Edwards is walking home one night, she finds herself face-to-face with strange creatures—aliens. They kidnap her and sell her into slavery. Out of place and alone, she struggles to understand the alien world where she’s being held captive. Her feelings about her new master are conflicted, and she’s torn between wanting to go home and wanting to fulfill all his desires.
Spontaneous and out-of-character, Jul purchases a rare human female at the market. Her people are known to have mystical sexual powers. He believes the tales are only myth until he has Madison in his home, and she soon consumes his life. She’s valuable, magical, and he fears he can’t protect her. His friends complicate the situation when they become involved, but they also offer him hope.
When everyone on the planet desires what you value most, it takes more than love to protect her.

Content Warning: light bondage, f/f kissing, graphic m/f sex

Chapter 1
Crowds mulled around the center of the market. Many of the Alburionian upper and middle class stood watching to see if any of the alien slaves interested them. Males and females from numerous planets had found themselves taken by the intergalactic slavers. Seeing an auction of newly imported aliens was rare, most slaves were born to it. Such an unusual assortment was hard to find. It seemed every non-allied world had a sentient representative today as part of this off-world slaver’s cargo.
Even with all the technological innovations and inventions, the Alburionian people enjoyed the service of aliens. They considered them lesser creatures, and even if the planet was a hodgepodge of alien and Alburionian DNA, only official citizen status meant anything. A slave was always a slave. There was no legal way to free them unless they went off-world, never to return. Few Alburion residents traveled off-world, as they considered pure Alburion the highest life form in the galaxy and preferred not to sully themselves with travel.
* * * *
The collar around Madison’s neck pulled tighter as she struggled with her captor. The ugly, short, albeit strong, creature yanked harder, and she stumbled forward.
       They spoke strangely, but even though she couldn’t understand the words, their intentions were clear. She was for sale to the highest bidder.
Terror raced through her heart as she watched the bored crowd milling around the platform. All the captives were naked, waiting to be inspected by pinching, grabbing hands and curious eyes. They were held in cages underneath the platform, but she and the male were the first prisoners they roughly hauled from the cages for the crowd’s perusal. The male was dragged onto the platform for inspection, and Madison could see horror on his face. Seeing what he endured made the expression wholly understandable. Madison couldn’t believe this was happening. Would they touch her like that too? She shivered.
The creature doing the auctioning called out loudly to the crowd. Occasional laughter erupted from the spectators. Watching the male’s auction didn’t offend or disturb these interested participants. Madison gazed in horror. How could one being abuse another so casually? The pain in his face brought on by the callous inspection was universal. No words were needed to understand it.
        Those in the crowd were mostly hairless beings. They were also scary tall, with unusually long limbs. They looked strange too, with features that humans didn’t possess. Compassion seemed to be a difference too; to allow such a terrible thing they must not have any.
Her turn was next, and when the creature tried to pull her up on stage, she fought. A rather old alien had just finished purchasing the male. Seeing the buyer’s lecherous look, Madison knew the poor slave’s nightmare wouldn’t end with the terrible auction. The thought of a multitude of hands on her genitals made her want to vomit.
Her hands stayed helplessly tied in front of her, and she lost her balance on the stone stairs. Falling, she ripped the flesh of her knees and then her arms as she protected her face from impact, rolling with the fall. Groaning and bleeding, she fought futilely as the ugly little creature dragged her up painfully.
The auctioneer began his unintelligible spiel. Several in the crowd stepped forward to touch her, and she yelped. She tried to fight but one of her captors hit her, holding her for the potential buyer’s examination. Madison stared out at the uncaring faces who watched her humiliation without the slightest indication of guilt. Bastards.
She’d finally been living her dreams. All she wanted to do was escape and return home—to reality. She wasn’t on Earth anymore. Overhead a light lavender sky, filled with fluffy gray clouds, and countless miles of space separated her from her home.
Immediately after her abduction she’d found herself in a cage next to an assortment of strange creatures. The hairy thing had stripped her naked and sprayed her with a tepid orange fluid. She’d sat in shock shivering for hours. Listening to the moans and cries of the others who shared her fate had only heightened her own terror. None of them spoke English. On Earth people from most countries and cultures spoke at least some English, but it seemed no one here did. It must not have caught on intergalactically. Didn’t aliens watch TV and listen to pop music?
She had tried to keep a positive attitude as her mind began to contemplate escape. The shaking that’d wracked her body subsided slightly. Fear gave way to anger. How dare some hairy alien just show up and snatch her from the streets. After processing that ‘yes, aliens and UFOs are real’ her next question was, did a group exist to protect one planet from another? She’d watched enough Star Trek to know Big Brother could go interplanetary. Who was watching out for the unaware, like herself? She had tried to communicate with the others, but it was pointless. When she raised her voice, she found out why most of the prisoners sat quietly afraid in the dark corner of their cells. The hairy creature who’d stripped her earlier rushed at her with a stick. Hairball raised it and she thought he planned to hit her; however, she saw it glow and vibrate in his hand instead. Hearing the screaming and banging of the others told her that this wasn’t a good sign, just before she felt the horrible punishment. Pain radiated through her body, and she twitched, shaking on the cold metal floor, still damp from the orange spray. When it was over, she found herself coughing up blood and bleeding from her ears. Stumbling back into the corner, she’d curled up into a ball and sobbed as quietly as she could.
Terror kept her hidden and quiet. Every time Hairball came around she tried to be as small and quiet as she could. They gave her water and a disgusting paste even hunger couldn’t inspire her to eat. Without Earth’s day and night she lost track of time, assuming each time they sprayed her with the orange liquid represented a new and terrible day in hell.
* * * *
“Prime human female, years of work ahead of her, good for breeding, considered attractive by her species. This female is docile and healthy. Recently taken from her world, she’s ready for servitude. If it’s true about humans being resonates, this one certainly is. She was taken from a place of artistic expression.” The slaver shouted to the crowd, looking for any hint of interest in their faces.
The reddish brown hair of the naked human glinted in the heat of the Alburion sun. Julstavius and his business partner Rex walked through the market looking to purchase a fresh, hot lunch. They’d not come for the slavers, but the human caught Julstavius’s eye. He’d no need for another slave, but something deep within him responded to her valiant struggle.
Without a wife and children, his needs were simple so he only had two slaves. A Belonian house slave, she was a small winged docile creature named Uika, and a tall strong male from an unknown world he called Bink. He’d tried to teach the strong but simple creature to speak. Even with the basic translator implanted behind his ear, it was useless. Jul decided long ago that the creature wasn’t capable of language. He treated his slaves well, and they served him loyally. He knew men who raped and beat their slaves, but he didn’t believe abuse was effective for teaching. Pain was an important part of sex to his people, but Jul had no stomach for cruelty and force.
The slaver dragged the human creature across the wood platform. Jul could see her injuries from the pointless struggle. Humans were very similar to his kind because of the similarity in planet distance from the sun. It made human a popular choice for prostitution and medical research. The off-world slaver pulled her to her feet. Her body was without a blemish, excluding her injuries, and her very lovely expressive face looked out at the crowd even with the humiliation of naked servitude. Her big dark eyes appeared very intelligent, but it was that noble pride that made the pain on her face all the lovelier. Jul’s cock grew hard just looking at her. Humans were prized slaves, never cheap. Well matched to Alburionian people they could even pass with a good tan, ridge implants, and a shaved body. Her soft looking hair intrigued him, and the tufted of identically shaded pubic hair between her legs only served to make him harder.
“I don’t know why they don’t shave those creatures before the auction.” Rex’s words snapped Jul out of his lust.
“I like it. Exotic and soft. Have you ever felt a human’s hair before?”
“Once, and it was a turn on, however I’d hate to let something with so much hair cook for me.”
“I doubt she’ll be in the kitchen of her owner much.”
Rex laughed. “Good point.”
They bought soft bread filled with fresh meat and vegetables from a vendor, but Jul couldn’t help watching the auction of the human while he ate. Rex smirked at his uncharacteristic interest. Jul ignored his friend’s knowing look.
She pulled away from the fingers inspecting her as curious buyers came up to the platform to look at her teeth and touch her body. A thick-around-the-middle aging man pinched one of her nipples until she screamed in pain.
Jul threw the rest of his lunch in a compose bin. His appetite gone, he made his way through the crowd. Another curious buyer ran his finger though her silky pubic hair, causing her to gasp and kick out at the man.
Someone in the crowd shouted jovially, “I thought you said she was docile?” This brought laughter from the crowd, but a hard slap to the girl from the slaver.
Jul had seen enough. “Stop, back away. What’s the price?”
“Ah, an eager buyer. You have a good eye, sir. One thousand perciples of a deni for the human.”
Several in the crowd grumbled the price was too high.
“I’ll take her,” Jul replied without hesitation.
“What are you doing?” Rex sounded shocked.
“Making a purchase in the market today, it seems.” Jul didn’t want to admit he’d no idea why he was doing it.
“One thousand fifteen perciples of a deni.” Rex threw out the bid and winked at his friend. Jul didn’t like the game.
“What are you doing?” It was Jul’s turn to sound confused.
“I’m making a purchase in the market,” he mimicked.
“I want the girl, Rex. Back off.”
Another man, the one who’d painfully squeezed her nipple, bid. “One thousand thirty full deni.”
“One thousand thirty two,” Jul bid, the price was already uncomfortably high.
“One thousand thirty five,” Rex countered, sneering at his friend.
With a frown, Jul decided to bid one more time. The other man hadn’t bid in the pause so Jul went for it. “One thousand fifty.”
The crowd gasped. Rex’s mouth hung open. It was a ridiculously inflated price for a slave, even a human one. Not even a noble blood trained in the art of courtesan pleasure would be worth such a price. Yet, Jul felt no buyer’s remorse. Looking at the fearful woman, bravely facing her fate, he knew it was a fair price.
        He’d won. Jul owned the human. He knew she’d have no way of knowing how high a value he’d placed on possessing her, but the thought of some dirty, lecherous old man touching her upset him far more than he was comfortable admitting. Glancing over at his friend, he noticed Rex looking at her with the strangest expression. Jul wondered if Rex truly wanted her too.

Ashlynn Monroe

Crafting Romance, one word at a time…

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I am so excited and pleased to have author Carolyn Rosewood here with me today.  Carolyn has two new books, Haunted Heart which was released on July 1, 2011 from Etopia Press and Hunted which was released on July 15, 2011 from Evernight Publishing. 
Haunted Heart can be found at:

Haunted Heart:
All Rowena Sommers wants is a life away from Hollywood gossip and her Oscar-winning ex-boyfriend, Brett Fontaine, who trashed her costume design career and reputation because she dared to issue him an ultimatum.
Van Whitney has been struggling to keep his family's restoration business from going under ever since his uncle embezzled money. When he agrees to restore Rowena's home, he vows to keep their relationship professional. When strange things start happening at the house, Van discovers one of his own crew might be involved with a local ghost hunter who is trying to scare Rowena and sabotage the house, and Van's business is in trouble once again. Not to mention he’s lost his heart to Rowena.

Thanks Carolyn for joining me today.  We have a lot to talk about so let’s just jump right in with both feet, *Smiles.*

Tell all of us a little bit about the genre you write in.
I love writing suspenseful stories, even if I'm writing an erotic paranormal. I like mystery and intrigue and complicated plots. Romantic Suspense can be anything from murder to mystery, and I love reading them all. As for the erotic side of things, as long as there's a story behind the sex, I'll read it. :)
What, as a writer, draws you to this genre?
 I'm drawn to the mystical dark side in each of us. We're complex creatures, and I like to read about those complexities. Give me some meat to the story. Make me work for that HEA!
Who are some of your favorite writers?
Oh goodness, how much time do we have? :) I've been reading romance since I was 19, and let's just say that means I've been reading romance for over 30 years and leave it at that, okay? But I love all fiction. I was reading classics like To Kill A Mockingbird when I was ten. I read authors like Jane Austen and Lewis Sinclair when I was in junior high school. I'm a huge fan of Maeve Binchy and Stephen King. As for romance writers, I love them all, from mavens like Jayne Ann Krentz to the new authors emerging every day.
What are some of your favorite books?
 To Kill A Mockingbird, Echoes, The Stand (both versions), Ceremony of the Innocent, and Brave New World, just to name a very few.
We have to talk about Haunted Heart, just from reading the excerpt I have to know more. Tell us a little bit about the characters in Haunted Heart.
 Rowena Sommers left home at 18 to pursue a career in costume design. She's from a small town in Ohio that I based on a real town called North Ridgeville, where I lived for 7 years. Rowena's parents were against this move to LA, but Rowena is a spitfire and did it anyway. Within a couple of years, she met bad-boy Oscar-winning actor Brett Fontaine, and dazzled by his lifestyle she moved in with him, despite his recent divorce and reputation as a ladies' man. He cheated on her a ridiculous amount of times, but Rowena was young and naive and believed he'd come to his senses one day. When she finally issued him an ultimatum, he doctored private emails to trash her career and sent them to key people and the media. She filed a libel suit and won twenty million dollars. On the same day she had her final court appearance, she found out her beloved great aunt Lunette died - Aunt Loony. Rowena spent as much time in Aunt Loony's home, two streets over, as in her own. Aunt Loony left her home to Rowena, and Rowena thinks moving back home is the key to solving all her troubles. HA!
Vance Whitney was a teammate of Rowena's older brother Jake in high school. A star receiver for the Creek Ridge Cougars, everything came easy to Van, including girls. He was a slut in high school, and he and his friends, including the cheerleaders and dance team members, tortured awkward Rowena. After a high school dance during Rowena's freshman year, some of Van's drunk high school buddies issued him a challenge. Could he get to first base with Rowena Sommers? He asked her out and someone followed them, snapping pics to prove he'd kissed her. When one of Rowena's friends forwarded the email with the pics to her, she was devastated. She'd had a crush on Van her entire life, and until he and her brother Jake started middle school, she used to hang out with them.
Van married one of the cheerleaders and passed the firefighter exam, while Rowena was in Hollywood. One night while responding to a fire at an apartment building, Van saw his wife across the street with his former football coach, who lived in the building. That ended his marriage, but it also ended his firefighting career. While Van was across the street confronting his wife and former coach, two twin girls died in the fire. Van couldn't handle the guilt.
After that, Van went to work for his father's home restoration company, and when Rowena returns home to restore Aunt Loony's home, she hires Van. That's where Haunted Heart begins.
What was your inspiration for writing Haunted Heart?
 I love old homes, so the house was inspired by the Carson Mansion in Eureka California. The story itself was inspired by all the rotten things we each go through in high school. Who doesn't remember the house on their block that everyone said was haunted, or remember the torture they went through in high school?
I love old homes too, spooky places.  I know I remember the old hunted-looking places from my youth J I can’t wait to read it
 Thanks! :)
Let’s talk a little bit more about your second book release this month, Hunted published by Evernight Publishing.

For the past four hundred years, Jahi Wickes has made forged documents and credit cards for the female demons who seduce men into signing away their souls. While enjoying the parades at Mardi Gras, she's ambushed by two angels. One is her former guardian angel, and the other is the Nephilim who’s tracking him.
Dagon has been chasing Vassago for three years. His first big break comes in the form of a cute, sexy demon. When he learns the real reason Vassago is hunting her, Dagon has more trouble than he bargained for. Not only was Vassago sent to guard souls in Purgatory after screwing up his assignment with Jahi, but the person who paid him to destroy her is one of her fellow demons.

I myself have a love for angels, demons and the stories we as writers can wield from them.  Again, have to know just a little bit more and I can see I have some great reading ahead of me.  Tell us a little about Hunted and your inspiration for writing this book.
 Hunted is the second story in my current series for Evernight. The heroine, Jahi, is Faina's friend from The Last Soul. Jahi popped off the page from the moment I wrote her, and I just knew she had to have her own story. I'm fascinated with fallen angels, so I decided to bring them into this story. The creature hunting Jahi is her former guardian angel, now fallen, and the creature hunting him is a Nephilim, our hero, Dagon.
Love the character names, how do you come up with creative and unique names?
 I researched demon and angel names, but some of them I just made up. :)
Do you have a favorite character you have written about?
Faina from The Last Soul is my favorite character so far because she represented a huge breakthrough for me. I just let loose and wrote her wild and fun. It opened up a whole new world for me in my writing.
What are some of your other titles?
The Last Soul is also from Evernight and was released in April 2011. I'm working on a third book in that series, Redemption. I also have a short erotic paranormal story that will be part of Evernight's Midnight Seduction anthology, coming in October 2011.
What can your fans expect to see from you in the future?
I hope to have Redemption finished and submitted by the end of July. In addition, I'm working on a full length Fantasy Erotic Romance called Crossing the Dark Moon, that takes place in an alternate universe. I have another Romantic Suspense called Heart Song that I'd love to finish one day, and I have plans for a new paranormal series after Redemption is finished.
Wow, you have been busy.  You have a lot on your plate, so again, thanks so much for stopping by and talking with me.  Congratulations on both of your new books, Haunted Heart and Hunted.  I know both will be great reads and wish you all the best success.  I also have to say I look forward to being included with you in the upcoming Halloween Anthology from Evernight Publishing called Midnight Seduction.  My story Crimson Sin will be included along with your story Ghost Of A Chance to be released in October 2011.
 That anthology is going to rock! :) Thank you so much for having me here today!
It’s been my pleasure, Carolyn.  Come back to visit any time.
You can find Carolyn at:

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Author Line Up

Tomorrow (July 19th) Author Carolyn Rosewood will chat about her books, Haunted Heart which was released on July 1, 2011 from Etopia Press and Hunted which was released on July 15, 2011 from Evernight Publishing. 
 July 21st Author Ashlynn Monroe will be sharing a sneak peek of her novella, Slave To His Desires with us.
July 28th Author Kelly Yeakle will be stopping by my blog to talk about her new book, Forbidden Desires.  Kelly will also be giving away a PDF copy of her new book to some lucky person. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I am pleased to have author Shayla Colt here with me today.  Shayla’s new book, Don’t Fear the Reaper is out now.  You can purchase her book at:

Don’t Fear The Reaper:
Guardian angel Nox knew he was in trouble when he fell for his coco skinned ward Brea. But when she’s killed prematurely and set to go straight to hell he crossed a line he can’t step back over and bends the rules. A deal with the angel of death Azrael gains her a job as a reaper and earns her a chance at redemption. The problem is he can’t seem to leave her alone on her journey. When Brea is given a special assignment and all hell breaks loose she’s forced to ask the question- will they be each other’s savior or downfall?

First, let me say thank you Shayla for joining me on my blog and allowing me to pick your brain *Smiles*
Tell us a little bit about the genre you write in?
Paranormal, the genre where your only limitations are you mind. In DFTR I explore the world of angels, and answer the question of what happens when you die. But the genre is so vast it could make your head spin.  The stories can range from dark to sweet, but the one thing they all have in common is they’re uniqueness. Which is why I think the genre is so popular right now.
 Love the paranormal genre!

Why did you choose that genre?
I find it freeing to be able to create my own universe and set of rules to follow. I’ve always been attracted to the things that go bump in the night, and this way I’m able to humanize them and stick to my roots. Thanks Dad for letting me watch Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th as a child, it lead me here.

What got you into writing?
I always had an active imagination as a child, and when I was old enough to realize I could put what I saw in my head on to paper- that was all she wrote.  (No pun intended)
I totally understand, I scribbled all my stories down as a child as well, Shayla.

I know I’ve been asked this question quite a bit so now I’m getting to ask *Winks.*  What do you say to those people out there who what to know how to break into writing, get their work published?
I’d say learn your craft to the best of your ability; write what you love and have a thick skin. Just because one publisher doesn’t think they have a place for your work does not mean another one won’t.
Don’t be afraid to send in what you have either, because you will never know until you try. 

Who are some of your favorite writers?
Laurel K. Hamitlon (the early years), Christine Feehan, Gena Showalter, and Sherrilyn Kenyon, and J.R.Ward to name a few.
Woo…. Great list of writers! I love Lords Of The Underworld and The Dark Hunter Series.

What are some of your favorite books?
Wow.  That’s a tough one.  The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Guilty Pleasure by Laurel K Hamilton, The Outsiders By S.E. Hinton just to name a few that inspired me over the years.
Great books, I agree J

Tell us a little bit about your new book, Don’t Fear The Reaper.
It’s a bit dark, but laced with humor, action and plenty of supernatural beings.  When my character Nox finds himself in love with the human he’s supposed to guard, all bets are off. He breaks the rules to save Brea, and the fall out is more than he had ever anticipated.
Sounds great! Where did you find the inspiration for writing it?
It started off as a desire to write a story about the power of redemption. Then entered Zachary Quinto and the outline exploded.

What’s next? What can your fans expect to see in the future?
I actually recently finished the first book in my alien series The Wanting. Which is the first story in my D’Shar men series. In a world where aliens exist, love between species is a wild ride, filled with unexpected surprises.
 Phelan D’shar has known agent Zasha Johnson is his mate from the moment she walked into his classroom several years ago. Her age, and his responsibility kept him from staking his claim. But now that the biological mating period has befallen the alien king all bets are off. They come together in a rush of passion that scares Zasha right out of his bed. Zasha has avoided romantic entanglement her entire life after she witnessed the death of her mother at the hands of her alien beau. But the desire between them will not be denied. . Their struggle to meet in the middle is an entertaining trip fraught with passion, romance, humor and unexpected twists. 
You have been busy and great names, by the way.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Shayla.  I look forward to reading your book and wish you all the best with your writing career and with your new book, Don’t Fear The Reaper.  Come back and visit again.

You can find Shayla Colt at:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Fellow Evernight Author Shyla Colt will be stopping by my blog tomorrow, July 14th to talk about her new book, Don’t Fear The Reaper. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My New Book Cover for book 1, ENCHANTED of my 4 part series The Heart Of Winter has arrived.


I am so excited to have author Delilah Hunt here with my today to talk about her new book Wyoming Triple Heat.  You can find her book at:

Wyoming Triple Heat:
Stranded for more years than she'd like in Oak Creek, Wyoming, twenty-two-year-old Alexa Grey is a virgin with three problems. Out of the blue, the Kincaid brothers show up on her doorstep requesting she move onto their ranch for unlimited access to her body. Lexie is stunned, angered, and intrigued by the three cowboys who threaten to overtake her emotions.
Wealthy cattle ranchers Logan, Connor, and Owen have decided the only way to prevent a rift between them is to share the one woman they've each fallen for. Putting into motion their plan to have the fiery beauty belong to them, they invite Lexie for a week on the ranch. With her unbridled curiosity for sex, the only question is just what will it take to convince her to stay and trust them not to break her heart.

Can I just say *Squee….* I’m so happy that you stopped by to talk with me, Delilah.  I know I’m eager to get started and I’m sure your fans are ready to hear about your work as well.  That being said, here we go. 
In case people are not aware, tell us about the genre/genres you write in?
I write in the interracial genre. I focus mainly on erotic contemporaries, including ménages.

Do you find certain genres more attractive than others?
I definitely do. I love reading the western romances and the regular contemporaries, although my first love as a reader will always be historical romances.
I love historical romances as well, there seems to be something magical about them, loosing yourself in another era and all.

I love the excerpt for your new book; tell us just a little bit more about Wyoming Triple Heat.  What was your inspiration for writing this book?
Yummy cowboys. I love everything about cowboys, the charm, work ethic and the hard bodies from lifting bales of hay, lol. Once I started writing the story the characters basically took over and led the way.
 Cowboys! J

Give us a little info about your characters.
Sure thing. The female lead Alexa Grey is an outspoken young woman who's not afraid to tell it like it is despite her vulnerabilities. The Kincaid brothers are each madly in love with Lexie, yet they have their own unique way of showing it.

Writing loves scenes, do find them hard or easy to write?
I love writing them and while they are not hard, they do take more time than the other scenes, only because I wish to capture all the emotions involved.

Do you have a certain formula to writing, such as writing an outline or do you just dive write into writing?
I just dive right in. I allow the characters to lead me wherever that may be.

 Myself, I love music.  I can’t write without it.  What are some of the things you find inspiring, which assist you in your writing?
I find inspiration in music as well, but I cannot write with it on. I'll listen to a song a hundred times over while writing a book because it helps me understand a character better.

Tell us about some of your other titles.
Will do! The Vampire's Pet was my very first novella published by Changeling Press and my first attempt at paranormal. My other Evernight Publishing titles include Tempting Mr. Parker, a May/December love story, Riding the Storm, my first western and Taken by Three, a story in the Indecent Encounters anthology. This spurned my love for writing ménages.

Do you have a favorite character, one who is close to your heart and why?
I am in love with Caden Parker from Tempting Mr. Parker, but right now I am working on another western entitled Love Unspoken and I have fallen head over heels in love with the hero Cole.

What can your fans expect to see from you in the future?
More contemporaries and more ménages. Hotter than ever!

I know you are busy, so thanks again for stopping by to talk with me today.  I wish you all the best with your new book, Wyoming Triple Heat and great success with your continuing writing career.
Thank you so much for having me London. This has been a tremendous honor.
Awe… Thanks Delilah, it has been my honor.  I’m a fan of your work and have more to add to my ever expanding reading list *Smiles.* The door is always open.  You are welcome to stop back by anytime you wish.
You can find out more about Delilah at:

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I know it's hot but it's about to
get much, much hotter! Stop by tomorrow, July 12th and meet the charming and talented Delilah Hunt.  She will be talking about
her new book, Wyoming Triple Heat.  I know I can't wait to
chat with her.


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CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of the Summer Sizzle Blog Hop:  latishajean

You have won a free E-copy of Master of Mine

Thank you everyone who participated, who left comments and who are now following my blog.  Remember there will be other giveaways to come. 

I also have a hot lineup of authors which will be joining me on my blog this month as well as a sneak peek.  And maybe some eye candy along the way. :-)

Once again, thanks to all my new blog followers and congrats to the winner of the blog hop.


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CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of my past two blog giveaways.

You have both won a copy of Master of Mine.  I hope you enjoy the book! 

Remember, I will announce the winner of the Blog Hop giveaway on July 9th, so there is another chance to win!


Things Are Changing

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