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I am so excited to have author Delilah Hunt here with my today to talk about her new book Wyoming Triple Heat.  You can find her book at:

Wyoming Triple Heat:
Stranded for more years than she'd like in Oak Creek, Wyoming, twenty-two-year-old Alexa Grey is a virgin with three problems. Out of the blue, the Kincaid brothers show up on her doorstep requesting she move onto their ranch for unlimited access to her body. Lexie is stunned, angered, and intrigued by the three cowboys who threaten to overtake her emotions.
Wealthy cattle ranchers Logan, Connor, and Owen have decided the only way to prevent a rift between them is to share the one woman they've each fallen for. Putting into motion their plan to have the fiery beauty belong to them, they invite Lexie for a week on the ranch. With her unbridled curiosity for sex, the only question is just what will it take to convince her to stay and trust them not to break her heart.

Can I just say *Squee….* I’m so happy that you stopped by to talk with me, Delilah.  I know I’m eager to get started and I’m sure your fans are ready to hear about your work as well.  That being said, here we go. 
In case people are not aware, tell us about the genre/genres you write in?
I write in the interracial genre. I focus mainly on erotic contemporaries, including ménages.

Do you find certain genres more attractive than others?
I definitely do. I love reading the western romances and the regular contemporaries, although my first love as a reader will always be historical romances.
I love historical romances as well, there seems to be something magical about them, loosing yourself in another era and all.

I love the excerpt for your new book; tell us just a little bit more about Wyoming Triple Heat.  What was your inspiration for writing this book?
Yummy cowboys. I love everything about cowboys, the charm, work ethic and the hard bodies from lifting bales of hay, lol. Once I started writing the story the characters basically took over and led the way.
 Cowboys! J

Give us a little info about your characters.
Sure thing. The female lead Alexa Grey is an outspoken young woman who's not afraid to tell it like it is despite her vulnerabilities. The Kincaid brothers are each madly in love with Lexie, yet they have their own unique way of showing it.

Writing loves scenes, do find them hard or easy to write?
I love writing them and while they are not hard, they do take more time than the other scenes, only because I wish to capture all the emotions involved.

Do you have a certain formula to writing, such as writing an outline or do you just dive write into writing?
I just dive right in. I allow the characters to lead me wherever that may be.

 Myself, I love music.  I can’t write without it.  What are some of the things you find inspiring, which assist you in your writing?
I find inspiration in music as well, but I cannot write with it on. I'll listen to a song a hundred times over while writing a book because it helps me understand a character better.

Tell us about some of your other titles.
Will do! The Vampire's Pet was my very first novella published by Changeling Press and my first attempt at paranormal. My other Evernight Publishing titles include Tempting Mr. Parker, a May/December love story, Riding the Storm, my first western and Taken by Three, a story in the Indecent Encounters anthology. This spurned my love for writing ménages.

Do you have a favorite character, one who is close to your heart and why?
I am in love with Caden Parker from Tempting Mr. Parker, but right now I am working on another western entitled Love Unspoken and I have fallen head over heels in love with the hero Cole.

What can your fans expect to see from you in the future?
More contemporaries and more ménages. Hotter than ever!

I know you are busy, so thanks again for stopping by to talk with me today.  I wish you all the best with your new book, Wyoming Triple Heat and great success with your continuing writing career.
Thank you so much for having me London. This has been a tremendous honor.
Awe… Thanks Delilah, it has been my honor.  I’m a fan of your work and have more to add to my ever expanding reading list *Smiles.* The door is always open.  You are welcome to stop back by anytime you wish.
You can find out more about Delilah at:


  1. Big Fan, loved Mr. Parker

  2. Thanks so much for chatting with me Delilah, you rock!


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