Monday, September 19, 2011

Authors C.R. Moss & R.M. Sotera

I am so excited and pleased to have authors C.R. Moss & R.M. Sotera here with me today.  Their book Wild West Weekend is out now from Evernight Publishing. 

Wild West Weekend - Double D Ranch Tales, 1
Two people scared to love again. Two others hesitant about commitment. A weekend in Nevada will change all that. Bristol Ashcombe is swearing off men and taking a vacation with her friend, Cassie. Damon Dougan is packed and ready to leave the ranch for a trip, that is, until a long-legged, sexy woman steps out of a vehicle and he decides to stay. Will one sex-filled weekend be enough for either of them?
Cassie Harding travels to the Double D ranch to meet Bristol and looks forward to seeing her old friend, Dakota. Dak’s excited when Cassie, his former sweetheart, returns. Cassie and Dakota, though they’re heating up ‘the sheets’ in and out of the bedroom, have fears about commitment after years of being single. Will they find it’s better to dance together than apart?
Be Warned: light bdsm, sex toys.

Tell all of us what genre/genres you write in.
CR: I write in a bunch of different genres, but horror and paranormal seems to be the main ones. On my website under Index of Books you'll see a listing of all the different subgenres I write in.
RM: I write paranormal and contemporary romance.
What draws you to this genre?
CR: I like keeping my options open which is why I write over a broad range. Focusing in on horror/paranormal is easy since that's the first genre I started to write in when I was younger. As for the western/cowboy genre and the story we're promoting, I, too, thought it'd be fun…sexy cowboys, rugged terrain, hot nights… ;)
RM: The cowboy genre is something that my writing partner and I thought would be fun to write about.  I mean, who doesn't like a man who can tie you up, lay you down, and basically keep you in any position he sees fit.  :)
*Fans self* Oh yes, who doesn’t love a sexy rugged man who can tie you up and lay you down.
Give us just a little bit more about your new book, what was the inspiration for writing it?

CR: I went on vacation. Stayed on a working ranch. My muse started asking, "What if?" When I returned home, I went to RM and said, "Guess what we're going to write about."
RM: The inspiration for this book was a brainstorming session with my writing partner CR Moss.  We'd written another set of books together, and it just seemed like the logical thing to do once we started verbally laying down this story.  We had a blast dreaming up the Dougan brothers, and then, adding two heroines that could bring the men to their knees or kick some ass, was an awesome feeling.
What was the biggest challenge in writing this book?
CR: Sometimes it was keeping the facts straight. We co-authored two separate stories and then had to make sure they were entwined together at the right places.
RM: Probably the biggest challenge was not living near my writing partner so that when we needed to do edits I could run next door.  And, I was going through some other things in my life that had my writing time extremely limited.
Do you have a favorite character/characters in this book? Who? Why?
CR: I love all the characters. ;) They all have diverse personalities and they're full of heart, just down-to-earth, good people. And, the men are sexy!
RM: I love Bristol Ashcrombe.  She is a fiesty New York actress who pushes in and out of the book like wildfire.  Her spunk and over-the-top ways make me laugh every time I read a scene with her in it.  I truly feel sorry for Damon, Cassie and Dakota.
Love your character names, how did you come up with them?
CR: Cassie and Dakota's names just came to me. Same with the first names of other characters. But when it came to last names, we consulted a website to look at last names and see what resonated with us.
RM: Coming up with their names was the first item of business for CR Moss and I.  We detailed characterization first, and then started thinking about names.  Because Bristol sounds like Crystal, and Bristol thinks she's fine crystal, it just seemed the perfect fit.  As for Damon...I love The Vampire Diaries...specifically Damon Salvatore.  And now I have my very own Damon between the pages.
Do you have a certain formula to writing, such as writing an outline or do you just dive write into writing?
CR: It's a combination of both for me. I'll do an information dump when I start and write whatever is coming to mind for the breadth of the story. Then I'll take that 'outline' and work off it to flesh out the complete manuscript.
RM: My formula for writing is getting up early and keeping an outline of what I think is going to happen.  But most of the time, my characters complain and I end up changing their actions half-way through the chapter.  Of course, when I try to kill-off main characters I get a slap on the wrist from CR. :)
*Smiles* Funny how our characters seem to change our writing directions sometimes.
Who are some of your favorite authors?
CR: Anne Rice is my all-time favorite. I've recently discovered a new one this summer after I met her and read her first 'Shadow' book – Erin Kellison. As for others…Stephen King, Clive Barker, Jude Devereaux…
RM: Anne Rice (my favorite), Sherrylyn Kenyon, Jeannine Frost, Cassandra Clare, Rachel Caine ~  Just to name a few.
Are you reading anything good right now? What?
CR: Shadow Fall by Erin Kellison and No Turning Back by Kaylea Cross
RM: Yes, I am reading Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton.  It is kick-ass!!!
What can your fans expect to see in the future?
CR: Some more Wild West/DD Tales. We're working on the second book now. It'll be slightly different than the first in that it'll be one story with a sub-plot as opposed to two stories put together, and it'll follow Marianne's sister, Rachel, who's being troubled by a ghost. :) I have a short coming out in a 2011 holiday anthology, two other novellas contracted & am working on another series at the moment. For up-to-date news feel free to visit my website: or my blog:
RM: Many more installments of Double D Tales.  CR and I have a bunch planned.  Our readers will be pleasantly surprised!  We are hoping if we write them, they will come. :) On my own, I have one last book coming out following the lives of my Viking/Vampire clan and a dark contemporary romance series in negotiations with a new-to-me publisher. Keep track of me at:

Sounds like a great future for fans of your work, not to mention I have now added more to my TBR lists.  Thanks C.R. & R.M. for stopping by to talk with me today.  I wish you all the best with your new book and great success with your continuing writing careers.  Stop back by anytime.

Thank you! It was a pleasure being here today. :)


  1. Thanks again for having us & for the well wishes!

  2. Great getting to know you two better!
    Souns like this collaboration was a lot of fun!

  3. Great interview! I'm looking forward to reading about those cowboys! :)

  4. thanks for stopping by Adonis & Siobhan! It was a lot of fun writing this book together & imo it comes through in the story and make it a fun tale.

  5. Thanks to everyone for stopping by. Special thanks to CR & RM. All my best to you both and thanks so much for visiting with me today. XoXo London


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