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I am super excited to have Author Elyzabeth M. VaLey here with me today on my Authors Spotlight.  She will be giving away one PDF copy of her new book, A Decade Of Longing, which is out now.

For your chance to win you will need to leave a comment or question on this blog along with your email address, and you must be a follower of both my London’s Scribbles  blog and Elyzabeth’s blog 
The winner will be picked at random and will be announced on November 17, 2011

Angelica and Alexander fell in love at a young age. Unfortunately, their love is doomed since the beginning. Forcibly separated, Angelica is obligated to marry another man at her father’s convenience while Alexander is prohibited from ever seeking her out again.
Ten years later, however, Alexander is no longer the callow boy he used to be. Now an influential gentleman, he is bent on recovering the only woman he has ever loved. No matter the cost. But has their love withstood the ravages of time?


Angelica stood up to receive Alexander. She had been trying to prepare herself for this moment all morning. The thought of seeing him, alone in her drawing room, had made her unable to concentrate and get anything done. She tried to feed on her anger, on the feeling of abandonment, of being cheated. She thought of the long ten years in which she had known nothing of Alex. She had spent ten years worrying about him, craving for him, hungering for him and yet she had known nothing. She had lived every day for the past ten years wondering if he would fulfill his promise and come back. Though she finally convinced herself that it would not happen, Angelica still hoped.

Yes! She was doing it! She was actually carrying on a civilized conversation without letting her feelings get in the way. All she had to do was avoid gazing into his eyes and she would easily be done with this silly reunion. She smiled to herself. She was still in control.

With renewed vigor, Angelica sat back behind her desk and shuffled some papers. While Alexander sat
down, she tried to calm her nerves by reminding herself that they were on her ground. This was her office and she was in control. She had no feelings for Alex whatsoever and after ten years, she was certain that there was nothing left in him of the man she had once loved.

Finally, she folded her hands atop the mahogany desk, cleared her throat and began to talk business.

“Our charity, Children of Today, was created a few years ago to try and help those poor children who are without a home. Our main goal is to give the homeless children a roof, meals, and in general a better life until they become adopted or are ready to go their own ways. We create activities such as raffle sales to try to help better the life of the little ones in our local orphanage. We also go to them at least once a week and teach them diverse things, or play with them, read to them––”


 His voice cut through her like the sharpest knife. Her words faded away and silence reigned. Angie. It was a simple word, her name. But said by Alexander, it held a whole new meaning: love, ache, desire. Angie. It reverberated through her, coursing through her body and causing a shiver to run down her spine. Her body recognized the voice and she looked up at him, making the fatal error of gazing into his eyes.

Angelica blinked. One moment Alexander was sitting across from her; the next, he was standing before her. So close. Too close. She tried to stand, but the moment she did, he snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. His lips found hers and she lost herself in a passionate kiss.

Angelica felt his soothing hand on her hair; his fingers burnt into her waist. Her bosom pressed against his chest, and she felt desire begin to course through her, concentrating itself between her legs. She heard a low moan emerge from her own body––something she hadn’t permitted herself to do for the past ten years. That one simple human reaction brought her back to reality. With force, she disentangled herself from Alex’s grip. Taking a step back, she slapped him hard.

“Angelica,” Alexander said huskily.

“How dare you?” she said, her voice rough. She cleared her throat. Her whole body trembled. She began to pace around the room, trying to distance herself from Alex; trying to forget his taste in her mouth, to lose the warmth he had radiated, the life he had infused in her.

“How dare you?” She turned to look at him.
“Thank you, Jonathan,” she managed to say in a normal voice. “Have a seat please, Lord Huntington.”
Even as Jonathan introduced Alexander, and he bowed low to her, she could feel her resolve fading away and her heart accelerating.

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*FANS SELF* Super sexy book cover, Elyzabeth.  I love your cover! Tell us a little bit more about the characters in your book.  What was your inspiration for writing this book?
Well, I’m going to be honest, London. *smiles embarrassed* I don’t really recall having any particular inspiration. A decade of Longing was born in 2009 as a Nanowrimo project. As I sat in front of my computer thinking of something to write, the first scene of the novel just came to me. After that, the novel took a path of its own.
As a writer, what genre/genres call to you?
 Both as a writer and as a reader I love fantasy and romance in almost all its sub genres. I think that historical romance, however, is my favorite type.
Is there any subject you will not tackle?
There are many subjects I haven’t touched yet, but I don’t think there is anything I wouldn’t tackle except for any depraved or illegal acts.
How would you describe your writing style?
My writing style is a little crazy, hehe. Sometimes I’ll make a plot guideline and follow it through but other times I’ll just write whatever scene keeps playing in my mind and go on from there.
Who are some of your favorite authors?
I’m a diehard fan of J.R.R. Tolkien above all else. Also in the fantasy genre, I love Raymond E. Feist. Romance wise I adore Diana Gabaldon and Gone with the Wind author, Margaret Mitchel, has had a top spot on my shelf since I was ten years old.    
 Great Authors.  Love Tolkien, as well :D
If you had to pick only one book that you love, what would it be?
Only one?  Mmmm… I’m torn between The Lord of the Rings and Gone with the Wind. I think I’ll pick The Lord of the Rings. I like Rhett Butler but Aragorn has that whole man of the wilderness, king in exile, hero thing going on that I can’t resist.
What is your favorite place to write?
 My house without a doubt and usually after midnight. It is when the house is quiet and I can sit back, relax, put on a little music and let the words flow.
I’m always asked about advice, so I’m going to ask you. What advice can you give to aspiring writers?
I’m no expert but I think the best advice I can give is to encourage them to keep writing. Whatever happens, no matter how many times you are rejected just keep trying. Publishing is a very subjective business. What one editor doesn’t like another could love. As a matter a fact, before A Decade of Longing was accepted by Evernight it went through a few rejections.
 Are you working on anything new, and if so what can your fans expect to see in the near future?
The first thing my fans can expect is a new short Christmas novel coming out on December 21st called “The Uncertain List” and published by Silver Publishing.  It’s about Santa’s helper, Tristan, and his last mission of the year: deciding whether Amy Donaldson goes into the bad or the good list.
I’ve also just signed another contract with Evernight Publishing for a new historical novel called “The Mercenary Knight”.  The novel tells the tale of Conrad, the chivalrous captain of a mercenary band and the saucy tavern wench whom he rescues, Tanya.
Finally, I’m currently trying to write a another medieval tale for Nanowrimo.
Thanks so much, Elyzabeth for stopping by my blog and for letting me pick your brain *SMILES* I do wish you much success with your book sales and with your continuing writing career.  Come back to visit anytime.
 Thank you for having me, London!
You can find out more about Elyzabeth at:


  1. Wowsers, this books sounds like a hot read. I love the whole coming back after years of separation tension in love stories! Especially when one lover is completely mad about it :) Great interview and cheers to much success in your future!

  2. Sounds like a great read! My favorite books are ones where a strong woman goes "up against" an alpha male.

    GFC on both sites: books4me

    books4me67 at

  3. This sounds like a wonderful read! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Cover and excerpt both kick ass! Wishing you oodles of sales!


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