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I’m super stoked to have the author of Waking The Dead, Renee Silvana here with me today.  She has graciously agreed to allow me to pick her brain. *Smiles*

Renee, tell us a little about yourself and how you became a writer.
 Like many writers, creating stories has always been a part of who I am. Before I could read, it started with making up stories based on the pictures of the books I was so frustrated I couldn't actually read. I dabbled in fanfiction in my teen years (and I just searched, it's still posted online... eek!). Happily-ever-afters were a huge part of my writing back then, and as I've grown, so have my characters.... and so have their needs. ;)

What genre/genres do you prefer to write?
 I write mainly paranormal because I LOVE world-building. I like making rules to suit the needs of my characters and my story. Recently though, I've been seriously considering historical...

What words best describe your writing style?
 Dark and sensual. I try to tamp down the darkness, but it's a big part of who I am!

Where did you find the inspiration to write Waking The Dead?
 I had already developed my hunky Adrian and what his duties were. But Miriam I struggled with.. how was I going to bring these two together? One day, just for fun, I was playing with a story generator and the phrase "an inept necromancer" popped up. The rest of the sentence was gibberish, but those two words sparked the entire story of Waking The Dead!

Here is a little taste of Waking The Dead:
 As a guardian of the gate to the spirit world, hellhound Adrian Mason is responsible for apprehending errant necromancers, and now he has his hands full with a demon on the loose. When all evidence points to Miriam Spencer, she swears she's not to blame. Though she is descendent from a family of powerful witches, Miriam can barely divine answers from a magic eight ball, let alone raise spirits.

But, if she's not the culprit, then who—or what—is wreaking havoc on the small upstate New York town? Falling for his prime suspect isn’t on Adrian’s agenda. Duty-bound and with time running short, he must bring Miriam to justice, or face his own.
Great excerpt!
I love listening to music.  And I find I usually pick out certain songs or certain artists to set the tone or mood of books I’m writing.  Do you do anything special to get into the “mood” when writing?
 Music is a big part of it for me! The opening sequence was written to Opeth's song "Reverie/Harlequin Forest" played on repeat... over and over again. iTunes recorded the number, and it is ridiculously high.
What has been your biggest obstacle to overcome in writing/getting your work out there?
 It's very difficult for me to just relax, and hence I have chronic writer's block. Waking The Dead took over a year to complete because of that, but I knocked out a 17,000-word story in about a week and a half when I was uber-relaxed and living in the Grand Canyon in September. I don't think I've written that many words since then!

Sweet or Erotic?
 It depends. Really strong characters, compelling conflict and superb world-building are what appeal to me. A weak erotic story can't hold a candle to a strong sweet romance. But all other things equal, I'd take erotic hands-down!

What’s the last book you read?
 I just finished "Freya's Mates" by Stacey Espino and I'm starting "The Last Princess." Oh. My. Gosh. If you haven't picked it up yet, here's a great opportunity to make your night a whole lot better and sexier!
I’ve read Freya’s Mates.  I think Stacey is a super talented writer and loved the book :D
Are you working on anything new? And if so, what can fans expect to see in the near future?
 I am working on an historical, that's out of the bag. I'm almost finished with the second book in the Hounds of Annwyn series (as in, I'm over 18,000 words and about 3,000 beyond where I thought it would be!), but the H/h of that book have me struggling to do them justice.

If you want to find out more about Renee Silvana, here are some of the places you can find her:

Places to buy The Walking Dead:
Thanks so much for stopping by Renee.  You are welcome back anytime.  I wish you all the best with your book and your continuing writing career.
Thank you so much for having me today, London! I'd like to offer your readers a chance to win a copy of Waking The Dead! Just leave your email address with your comment and you'll be entered to win!
Awesome! Thanks, Renee.  The winner will be announced on December 16, 2011.


  1. Adrian and Miriam sound awesome, of course! A hellhound hero? Wow.

  2. Thanks again for the great interview! Good luck to everyone :)

  3. Love the sound of this! :-) So many good books, I really need to catch up on over the Christmas break.

  4. Loved the interview. Will definately be on my list to read...Wouold make a great b-day gift to myself...Marie


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