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I’m super stoked to have Author Sam Crescent here with me today. 


Sam Crescent is passionate about fiction. She loves a good erotic romance and so it only made sense for her to spread her wings and start writing. She began writing in 2009 and finally got that first acceptance in 2011.  
She loves creating new characters and delving into the worlds that she creates. When she’s not panicking about a story or arguing with a character, she can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc. Like her stories the creations in the kitchen can be just as dubious but sometimes things turn out great.

Sam has a new release, Blackmailed by the Beast, published by Evernight Publishing. 

Unlikely Love, 1
Wayne Brown is ruthless when it comes to business, and with a nickname of "The Beast", no one dares to challenge him. What he wants he gets.
Lily Jones is sweet innocence and despises men like Wayne. But the Jones family is desperate, and he offers them a solution to their problems. Only he wants something in return...Lily. She either marries him or her family answers to the debt collectors. With no choice left, she agrees and begins life as his wife.
Through his seduction and touch, Lily's body betrays her, and as time passes, so does her heart. But how can she fall in love with a man who blackmails to get what he wants?

Welcome, Sam! Tell us a little about the inspiration to write Blackmailed by the Beast.
I wanted to write something a little bit different. I love May/ December romances and of course I love older, possessive dominant men. So, in my mind these are what I wanted; older man, young (possible virgin) woman, possessive, dominant but is completely in love with the heroine. All I wanted to do was mix all of this together.
I have notebooks with these points in. For ages I didn't have any idea of how to put all these parts together and then the title hit me. Blackmailed by the Beast and I pictured Wayne in my mind and then everything fell into place. 

What was the most difficult portion of Blackmailed by the Beast to write?
There was nothing hard to write about Blackmailed by the Beast. The most difficult part was how much I loved writing this book and then I sent it to Evernight Publishing. That was the hardest. I loved it but would Evernight feel the same.

Here’s a little bit of Blackmailed by the Beast:
“That’s blackmail,” she accused. Lily was trapped in a corner, no way to get out. Any other person would tell their family to go fuck themselves after her treatment, but she couldn’t do it couldn't leave her family high and dry after everything. After all the insults and years of torment, she still loved them.
“It’s what I call life, sweetheart. And sometimes we have to make decisions we don’t like, so deal with it.” Wayne threw his hands up in the air and walked away.
“Can’t I have time to decide? This is too much to take in.”
“You’ve got until I walk out of the room.”
“But that’s too soon. I need time to think.”
Lily moved away and faced the shelves of books. Useless material, her father didn’t even know what they possessed. She jumped when Wayne’s hands came down on her shoulders, spinning her around. He pressed against her, trapping her between the wood and the hard length of his body.
“Life is full of hard decisions and now is the time for you to make some, Lily. Will you marry me and save your family along with this mausoleum, or will you reject me and leave your family and yourself to rot?”
Lily, about to answer his question, got cut off by the position of his lips on hers in a heart stopping first kiss. Lily gasped. Before she could stop herself, Lily wrapped her arms around his neck and gave herself over to his ownership. The way her life had been for the last few years, she’d never dated many boys. Interaction of a physical nature always consisted of a peck on the cheek or a brief press of lips. Wayne wasn’t a boy but a man. Pure, dominant, and masculine.
Lily moaned as his tongue pressed against her lips, seeking entrance. Without question, she opened and when her own tongue met with his, she moaned. His taste erupted on her tongue, coffee and mint exploded inside her mouth. Wayne pressed her up against the shelves. His hands intertwined with hers and locked them above her head.

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What genre/genres are you classified in, and what draws you to this genre?
Erotic romance and I've also done a vampire/ paranormal story but all with a romance element.

In your writing process what comes first? Names, places, plot, etc…
This changes constantly. For Blackmailed by the Beast, the title came first, followed by the name of the characters and then the plot developed as I was writing it. But with another book I've had the plot work out first before characters have been thought up.
I know when I’m writing my characters seem to “tell” me in what direction they want to go with their story. How about you?
The characters are always in control. I may have an idea in my mind but most of the time they lead me where they want to go. So far everything they've done has worked for me.

Do you have any writing habits that help you get into the mood of your story?
I find going for a drive or relaxing and allowing myself to rest and to just let my mind wander helps me start up a story line. Also, I've found going in the kitchen and cooking can be a big help. When I'm cooking I lose myself in what I'm doing and I'm not thinking or panicking about what to write. I keep a notebook and that is how I get in the mood.

For you, what has been the best part of being a published author?
There are so many things I love. Hearing from readers who've enjoyed my books has been the biggest highlight. I won't ever forget seeing their lovely comments on my blog. Next would be cover art, I think cover artists are really talented and I adore them all. The publishers and the support. It really has been an amazing experience and I wouldn't change anything. Not even the long hours of writing.

Along with writing I love to read.  Lately it seems I have less time to read, but I try to find the time.  What was the last book you read?
Let’s see, I've currently been given a book by my sister, Gena Showalter The Darkest Surrender. The last book I read was, One last Vice by Emma Hillman. My reading time has reduced but I do try and fit in some time even if it is just ten minutes before bed lol.
Both great authors! Love Gena’s Lords of the Underworld series.

Speed Questions:
Favorite Color? Purple
Favorite Movie? Titanic
Favorite Book? Too many to name across loads of genre's
Favorite Food? Turkey
Favorite Song? Don't have one

Are you working on anything new? If so, what can we expect?
I've got the vampire series I started with Total-E-Bound that I need to finish but my next aim is to increase my word count and I've got a BDSM style book I want to explore. With this I'm hoping to go into full length writing. I've got a note book full with ideas.
Sounds like you will be busy!
Thanks so much for stopping by, Sam.  All my best wishes on your new book and with your continuing writing career.  You are welcome to come back to visit any time.

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