Sunday, May 27, 2012

Meme Time: The Power of Four

Meme Time: The Power of Four was created to start something fun in updating our blogs. It also gives our readers a chance to get to know us better. Here's just a bit about me. I copy and pasted the list, put it my own answers, and now I shall tag four other people.

Four Places I have worked:

Whew... that may get me in hot water so I'll say they have all be in the mental health field.

Four Places I Have Lived:

Four Movies I Could Watch Again and Again:

The Sixth Sense
Notting Hill
How to Loose a Guy in Ten Days

Four Television Shows I Watch:

Ghost Hunters
True Blood
Random stuff after my two favorites.

Four Authors I Enjoy:

Nora Roberts
Megan Hart
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Sarah McCarty

Four Places I Have Travelled To:

Too many to list...

Four Websites I Visit Daily:

Four of My Favorite Foods:

Pasta Carbonara
A good steak
Cheesburgers w/fries
Thin crust pizza

Four Places I’d Rather Be:

On the beach with my toes in the sand.
Riding through the country side in England.
Taking a tour of a haunted castle.
Picking wildflowers from a meadow.

Four People I Want to Tag:

Savanah Chase
Karyn Gerrard
Annalynne Russo
Lila Shaw

If you’ve been tagged, make your own list and link back to this post.  Have fun with it and happy Sunday.
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