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Excerpt from Love Comes Twice:

The discrete metallic notes of a simple children’s song led Kiltarin out of his dream, but he did not want to leave. He lay between Riane’s legs, kissing over her shoulders, across her neck, and down her breasts, nibbling at her hard nipples. He stroked his cock, exulting in its growth, preparing himself to enter her. But the music that his mother had hummed to him as a child beckoned him, and he knew he had to wake.
His eyelids slid open. The indented, jagged wall of the mountainside glowed in soft firelight, and the crackling of burning wood filled his ears. Kiltarin lifted his head and looked around. The first thing he did was remove his hand from the shaft of his stiff cock. He had been stroking it in his sleep. Riane’s dry cloak lay over him, and it surprised Kiltarin that he did not feel the uneven, rocky ground beneath him. He rolled half over and found Riane’s traveling clothes beneath him, and under that spread a thick bed of heather grass.
Surrounded by Kiltarin’s clothes laid flat across nearby rocks, Riane sat by the fire and listened to the music box’s slowing melody. Kiltarin could not see her face, but he could tell by the tilt of her head that she watched the silver figurines spin around. Just as he had first seen her, Riane was naked, her hair her only garment.
The desire of his dream had not fully left him, and now it returned like the flash of lightning, feeding his lust, engorging his cock with blood. The penis grew so hard that it became a bit uncomfortable. He needed relief. The image of Riane’s lips wrapped around his cock, of her tongue licking up the pole, filled his thoughts, and his hand moved back to his crotch.
Kiltarin gritted his teeth, growled at his own weakness, and banished the memory.
“Did I ever tell you about that song?” He had to get his mind on something else.
Riane turned and smiled, her black eyes like shadows in the night. Her nipples popped through the few strands of hair that fell across her full breasts. “No, you never did.”
Kiltarin closed his eyes and centered himself. “It’s a little tune my mother used to hum to me when I was little. It was something she learned from the man who raised her, and he had taken it from the convent of telepaths where my grandmother had lived. It’s a hymn of praise to Yuilan.”
“Your aunt?”
“Yes.” With his hands still under the cloak, Kiltarin kept them pressed against his cock. If she saw it pop up... “She was once worshiped as a goddess, but no more. The order was disbanded.”
“It is a beautiful song.” Riane stood and moved over to where Kiltarin still lay. Her pussy exposed to him, Kiltarin could think of nothing save making his fast-fading dream a reality.
He drew in a long, calm breath. The bed. Soft. Softer than anything he had slept on out in the wilds. “Where did you get heather grass? Winter’s frost kills it.”
“I, too, thought that.” Riane knelt beside him and laid one hand on his chest. “But when I went to look for something – anything – to make you more comfortable, I found a large patch of it.”
Something else. Something to talk about. “And what about my clothes?” He nodded toward them. “Aren’t they dry?”
“Almost.” Riane’s gaze traveled down Kiltarin’s body, her hand trailing her inspection. “Are you still cold?” She touched the mound where his hands were covering his erection.
“No, not anymore.”
Riane’s hand wiggled in between his and freed his hard cock from its prison. The shaft sprang up, tenting the cloak. “Oh, Kiltarin. My love, why did you not tell me?” She tore the cloak away, and while she slowly stroked his penis, she moved around on her knees to position herself between his spread legs. She looked up at him through her eyelashes as she lowered her lips toward the bulging head.
“Wait, Riane.” Kiltarin raised himself up on one elbow and put his other hand on her shoulder. “This isn’t right. You’re not some sex slave who just relieves me every time I feel the urge.”
Riane shook her head. “What brings you pleasure pleases me.”
Kiltarin sat fully up and took her face in his hands. “Listen to me. I feel bad using you this way. It’s not right – just trust me on this. I can’t just take from you. I … want to give.” He kissed her lips. “But gods forbid I break my oath to Arathan.”
“There is no dishonor.” Riane fixed him with her black eyes. “I love you.”
“Truly?” He ran his fingers through her hair and pulled her into a tight embrace, crushing her cheek against his chest. “I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you – loved you the moment I saw you, though I didn’t realize it until now.” Kiltarin was aware that her hand was still on his cock, still stroking it.

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