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Courtney might be young, but with a body custom built for sin she's nowhere close to sweet and innocent.  She's learned at a young age how to use sex as a weapon to get her way. While most girls her age are picking out prom dresses and going off to college, all Courtney wants is to fuck her way into a top spot in the wrestling business.

Pro wrestling legend Billy Dalton is the man she wants. The man she wanted bad enough to date his son. With his movie star good looks and magnetic charisma Billy is used to having the hottest ring rats (wrestling groupies) ready and willing to do satisfy his every desire. They don't call him the "Texas Stud" for nothing and his reputation precedes him as a notorious ladies man.

Does Courtney have what it takes to work her way into Billy's bed? It's gonna be a dirty weekend, not exactly just for two.

***Warning*** This book contains explicit adult content. Includes multiple partners, a male, female, male threesome, male on male anal sex, oral sex.

Dirty Weekend is a Ring Dreams Novella - take a trip back in time to when a young Courtney first seduces pro wrestling legend Billy Dalton.

This hot novella is a stand alone read that provides plenty of sex and takes a look at the dynamics between Courtney and her thing for Dalton men. It also explores the sexual tension that explodes between Courtney and Billy's oldest son Bryson in Wanton.  Courtney's story continues in the Ring Dreams series with Headlocks & Hexes and Spell Struck.


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Courtney waited until Dylan disappeared around the side of the building before sliding her hand into her already unzipped shorts. From now on, Dylan was going to have to get her off before getting his dick anywhere near her pussy. He'd came in all of about fifteen seconds. A total waste of a condom.
"Need some help with that?"
Courtney's lips formed a silent O when she whipped her head around to find Chase watching her working her clit.
"Actually," she flashed him what she hoped to be her most seductive smile, "I'm"... she let out a moan of pleasure. "I'm good, but I might be up for round two."
He offered her his hand, helping her to her feet. "A girl as hot as you shouldn't have to be doing all the work herself."
 "I don't believe we've been introduced." Courtney offered her still wet masturbatory hand. "I'm Courtney Fletcher, as in---"
He licked her finger, making her gasp and totally upgraded his fuckability.
"Charlie's kid?" His smile made it obvious that Miguel had filled him in on what had gone down in Puerto Rico.
"Yeah," she said, looking up into his blue eyes wishing she'd worn heels instead of sandals. She had this control thing where she hated having to look up to anyone. An issue usually fixable by a pretty pair of high heels.
He pulled her into an embrace, making it impossible for her not to notice the bulge in his spandex wrestling trunks. His tongue flickered into her mouth and she didn't object when he worked a hand under her tank top, thumbing her already taunt nipple.
She reached for his trunks and he pulled back. "How old are you, anyway?"
"Old enough to know what I'm doing," she said, already wanting his tongue back in her mouth.
"Really?" He teased. "Most experienced rats wear mini skirts instead of shorts for easy access."
"I'm not a fucking rat." This time Courtney backed away from him. "A guy isn't worth the effort if he can't figure how to work a zipper."
He cornered her against the wall, yanking up her tank top. Holding her hands against the rough brick, he bit into her nipple with just the right mix of pleasure and pain.
"Nice tits," he said before switching over to the other nipple.
"Daddy got them for me for Christmas." At three grand they were the best tits money could buy.
"Rumor is you have a sweet little pussy," he said.
Courtney sucked in her breath, trying not to tremble from the way his mouth worked over her breasts. "Why don't you try it for yourself?"
"Cause you're jailbait."
'No, I just turned eighteen," she lied, willing to say anything to get him to fuck her.
"If you say so." He unzipped her shorts, tugging them down around her knees so she could willingly kick out of them.
He worked a hand between her legs, teasing at her clit before inserting a finger. "Damn, your pussy is soaked," Chase said, before lapping at her nipple and sending that first tremble of a baby orgasm through her body. "Want me to fuck you?"
She nodded.
"Say, it."
"Fuck me." He voice strengthened. "I want you to fuck me."

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