Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Surprise Spotlight Park and Ride by Alexandra O'Hurley

Surprise Spotlight, where I'm spotlighting one of my fellow author’s work. They don’t know I’m doing this. SURPRISE!
Park and Ride by Alexandra O'Hurley

A late night trek on a lonely stretch of highway gets Kellee yawning…that is until a hot stranger in a sports car catches up and begins to give her a naughty show.  Enthralled, she can’t take her eyes off the dirty things he does, her eyes glued to his body more than the road.

When he points to a rest stop sign, she knows she’s at an impasse…keep on driving for home, or take a ride on the wild side?  Should she take a chance for one wild, hot night?

Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, public exhibition, sex toys, anal play.

From her height in the SUV, she could see into the interior, and saw a man alone at the steering wheel.  She could not see his face, only from his massive chest down to the tops of his jeans clad thighs.  He had no shirt on and she clearly saw the deep ridges of his chiseled abs from her vantage point.  His thick, muscled hand rubbed his stomach before moving lower, to his silver belt buckle.  
Hello!  He is perfectly built.  A girl’s wet dream. So, he’s not a killer, just a pervert.  My kind of man.
He slowly undid the buckle with one hand and pulled open the clasp.  Button undone, she could see his cock beneath the heavy denim start to come to life, thickening and spreading the material taut.  Her own fingers fisted at the sight of his apparent length.  A man like that was hard to find and she’d been lucky enough to stumble across him.
His long fingers reached for the zipper and grabbed the clasp, pulling the mechanism down slowly, inch by inch.  She could almost hear the swoosh of the sound in her head as her panties dampened from the lusty scene beside her.
Eyes back on the road, she swerved slightly as she realized she was coasting close to his car.  She returned her gaze as quickly as possible to the scene beside her, not able to stop watching the man’s deliciously naughty performance for more than a few seconds.
His broad, tanned hand slid under the waistband of his dark boxer briefs and he began to touch himself, not allowing her a glimpse of the flesh he obviously stroked beneath the soft jersey. She felt her own clit thicken; the electric pulses running through the nub of flesh forced her to emit a soft moan in response. Her tight pencil skirt prevented her from fondling herself in return, though she ached to follow his lead.
Two white-knuckled fists on the steering wheel, she watched in utter fascination as the stranger pumped his own cock, just out of her view.  She looked up again, correcting her course, and when she looked back, the thick head of his cock was finally visible above the waistband.  The broad tip hinted at an incredibly thick shaft and a shot of longing speared through her.  He raised his hips momentarily and pulled his jeans down just a few inches, so they rode his narrow hips.
The stranger returned his hand to his groin, rubbing his erection through his boxers before pulling them down a few inches as well, allowing his cock to jump from the space.  It was glorious, long enough to entice, thick enough to spread a woman’s pussy wide upon entry.  A nest of dark curls surrounded the base and traveled up to his navel, tapering off in the ascent. More juices collected in her panties at the sight of one of the hottest cocks she’d ever seen.
Kellee licked her lips, swiping her tongue over the dried flesh, her mouth watering to taste the stiff shaft he now held in his hand.  She lifted her hips and tried to pull her skirt up to her waist to no avail.  She lost speed and nearly sideswiped his car in the attempt.  Stuck watching the sexy man jerk off with no ability to surrender to the same caresses from her own fingers was a torture no woman should have to endure.
His hand confidently stroked up and down his shaft. He knew exactly what he liked, and when he pinched the thick head, she imagined a pearl of fluid rose from the tip.  She licked her lips once more, enamored with the idea of tasting the salty cum, wondering what flavor it was.  In between heaven and hell, she watched as his muscled arm rose up and down, working his dick in practiced strokes.  His hips began pumping in time with the movement and she knew that his release was nearing.
Kellee’s heart dipped, for as soon as he was done, she was sure he would race away, leaving her to travel the next hour, alone once more, battling her racing heart and needing the relief of her fingers plunging into her wet pussy.  But just as she thought she would see a wide arc of cum spread across his tanned abdomen, he stopped his movements, pinching the tip of his cock.
She caught her breath, as if she could will him to stop, to stay with her and play some more.  Her eyes returned to the road and then back to him.  Both his hands were on the wheel as his cock lay flat against his navel, still hard.  She could see his rapid breaths and knew he was attempting to quiet his raging heart and hold back his inevitable release.  Kellee felt the ache in her pussy and needed him to return to motion, move his sexy hand along his large cock once more.
A mile passed with no more.  Another.  The light remained on, he remained at her side, but nothing.  Was this another torture?  She bit back the desire to honk her horn, try to sideswipe his car, anything that would stir him into performing for her.  Sweat formed at her brow from simple need.  She needed him to continue as much as she needed her next breath.


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