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Totally Awesome Review for The Good Sister: Part One

As a writer, when you lay your work before the world you know it will be critiqued, and that alone can be a scary thought, because no matter how much of a hard outer shell we may put on, when someone tells you they didn’t like it, for whatever reason, it does hurt. Then you find a way to not let it bother you, telling yourself not everyone will like what you do. This thought becomes evident when you get a mixed bag of reviews that run from really good reviews, to really bad reviews, and those reviews that are somewhere in-between. Some reviews think your storyline should have been different or gone in another direction, some love or hate your heroes or heroines. You get reviews that want more to the story or less to the story. Sometimes your work is misunderstood, bashed, and sometimes it is praised. I’ve experienced a little bit of everything when it comes to critiquing my work, but this current review from Just Erotic Romance Reviews is the first to really blow me away, and make me cry, but in a good way!
5 Stars, plus the JERR Gold Star Award for The Good Sister: Part One!

Here's a little snippet of the review:

"The Good Sister – Part One is an astronomical piece of contemporary erotic romance that will suck you in from page one and hold you there long after you should’ve turned the lights out for the evening. "
Review by: Silla Beaumont

To read the complete review go to : Just Erotic Romance Reviews


  1. London everything you write is enchanting, your stories take me to another world another life so very vivid are your words

    1. Thank you so very much! I really do appreciate your kind words!


  2. I too loved this book! I can't wait to dive into part two.

    1. Thanks so much, Ursula! I'm so happy you loved the first part of Trinity's story. :D



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