Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Duty to Love by Morgan King



A craftily worded contract and fate finds Arthur, Earl of Hentonury, having to marry not the lady he expected but her younger sister Amelia, the woman he knows his brother James loves and hoped to marry. Arthur cares for both Amelia and James how can he choose between his love for them and his duty?

James may be the younger son, but he has taken leave from the Army and will fight for Amelia.

Torn between her feelings for two brothers Amelia wishes to marry Arthur but can't bear to lose James.

Is there any chance the three of them can find happiness together? Will duty or love win out?



Arthur settled himself between Amelia's thighs, still feeling a little shaky. He couldn't quite believe he'd lost all control like that. In that moment of entering Amelia, it had felt so right, as if everything he'd ever wanted was wrapping itself around him. The pleasure of his heart had overtaken his body. He only hoped he could now make it up to her.

He caressed the delicate skin of her thighs, working his way slowly to her apex. He was determined to tease and to take his time. It was no hardship; her soft curls made for ideal play. He twined them around his fingertips, giving an occasional tug. He gently pulled apart her lips to reveal the soft pink bud standing out for his attention. Juicy, he'd never seen anything so juicy.

There was already a slight sheen once again coating the softly textured skin of her vulva, the smoother skin of her hood and glossy jewel nestled beneath.  Arthur felt a wave of relief wash through him. He hadn't scared or hurt her so badly as to stop her from becoming aroused.

Unable to resist any longer, Arthur gave Amelia a first lick full of intent, determined to give her pleasure, determined to fulfill the anticipation of that first taste.

“Mmmm, her cream is delicious.” No harm in sharing the wonder with James.

He stroked and rubbed his tongue against the skin that must be sore, around her entrance where he'd forced his way in so roughly. Plunging his tongue in felt nearly as good as driving his cock in. Better, emotionally. Amelia was whimpering in time with each thrust, and her cream was pouring onto his tongue. He needed to swallow, take a breath.

Could she climax like this? Arthur was prepared to worship at her all night, but more than anything else wanted to give her pleasure again. Replace any lingering memories of pain with the anticipation of rapture. Focus on her hot spots, not get distracted—that's what he needed to do.

He concentrated on his hands, currently curled around her thighs, holding her open to him. He released one leg, sliding his right hand up, inserting a finger at her gate as he laved her clit. She clenched on him. God, she was tight even on just one finger. It was a squeeze to fit the second one in. In and out, forward and back, it was as much as he could do to concentrate on a rhythm. There was no steadiness to the movement of his hips grinding his once-again rock hard cock into the bed. Soon. If Amelia didn't peak soon he was going to lose it before her. Again.

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Author Bio:

Living in the East of England Morgan King is an infinitely patient mother and charity manager by day and reader and writer of erotic romance by night. She loves all genres of romance, but has a special tendre for historical stories having been seduced by Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer at a young age. She even named her dog Darcy. Her only wish, in relation to Pride and Prejudice, is that it had gone as far as the bedroom, hence her first book/novella Duty to Loveis a historical regency romance that is extremely erotic. Why have only one hero if you can have two?

If you read and enjoy Duty to Love Morgan would love to hear from you and can be found in various places:

Twitter: Morgan King @EroticWritings


  1. Oh, I am so interested in this story London. I am excited about Morgan's "Duty to Love". Great post!

  2. That's so exciting to hear David! :)


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