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A Dragon's Heart A Demon's Blood by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

I am pleased to have Elyzabeth M. VaLey here with me today.  Her new book is out now.  
He is a shadow in the dark, smelling your scent and sensing your fear...
Legendary bounty hunter Adrian Ormonde is no ordinary man. His life is filled with secrets and questions, blood and lust. His only concern for 150 years has been survival and discovering the truth behind his demon-dragon nature.
Until he meets his new assignment: Victoria Green.
Victoria Green has felt eyes watching her every move ever since she can remember. Then, Adrian appears. The eyes vanish but new dangers arise as she falls for the mysterious hunter. Cast into an ancient conflict between dragons and demons, Victoria must trust Adrian’s skill to be enough to protect her from both the outside world and that which grows within her.
Chance brought them together but will love and passion be enough to keep them joined? Or will the other forces at play in the dragon-demon worlds destroy them forever?
Thank you for joining me on my blog and allowing me to pick your brain. *Smiles* I promise it won’t hurt too badly. Tell us a little bit about the genre you write in?
I write whatever strikes my Muse. Up until now, I’ve delved into historical, paranormal and contemporary genres. A Dragon’s Heart, A Demon’s Blood is a paranormal-fantasy.
Why did you choose that genre?
It wasn’t a conscious choice, like I said, it’s all up to my Muse and what strikes her fancy. In Adrian’s case, when he first appeared it was clear he was anything but ordinary.
What got you into writing?
Honestly? I have no idea. Writing and making up stories has always been a part of who I am. However, I guess if I really had to dig for an answer it would be in my passion for reading. Even before I learned how to read, I already loved books. My parents and specially my mom would read to me since I was a small child. I’ll give you an anecdote; I was six years old when my mom, pregnant with my sister, broke water while reading me a bedtime story. LOL There really is nothing like losing yourself in a book, both as a reader and as a writer.
I know I’ve been asked this question quite a bit so now I’m getting to ask *Winks.*  What do you say to those people out there who what to know how to break into writing, get their work published?
It sounds repetitive, but above all else you have to write, write and write. It’s the only way to keep your sanity more or less intact. It’s also important not to take rejections personally. What one publisher doesn’t like could be a gem to another. Publishing like film making is all very subjective.
Who are some of your favorite writers?
Pulled from the top of my head: J.R.R. Tolkien, Raymond E. Feist, Diana Gabaldon, Margaret Mitchell, Georgia Fox, Sierra Cartwright, Gina Gordon…
What are some of your favorite books?
Lord of the Rings, Magician, Gone with the Wind, The Divided, A Scottish Love…
Tell us a little bit about your new book.
There’s more than meets the eye in A Dragon’s Heart, A Demon’s Blood. It’s an erotic romance paranormal fantasy that focuses on Adrian Ormonde, a 150 year old bounty hunter with a lot of secrets and Victoria Green, a young woman that has lived with the feeling of being watched ever since she can remember. New questions arise upon their meeting (along with a whole lot of passion) and both of them are thrust into a quest for answers that could easily end with their lives or change the balance of two worlds.   
Where did you find the inspiration for writing it?
A Dragon’s Heart, A Demon’s Blood first saw the light as a short story on my flash fiction group Wednesday Briefers. The prompt that started everything was “I’d like to make you an offer…” After that, NANOWRIMO came along and since Adrian couldn’t be left hanging…
I love excerpts. Will you share one?
Glimpsing at the tent in his jeans, she gasped.
In an instant, he was upon her, his mouth devouring hers and making her legs weak.
“You make me lose control, sweetheart, and I’ll be damned if that hasn’t happened in years.”
His hands slid down her waist over her hip and onto her thigh. Her breath hitched as she searched Adrian’s dark eyes.
“Already, you ask?” He sneered, his calloused fingers rising higher and caressing the junction between her legs. His fingertips skimmed over her labia, finding her wet entrance. His grin became smug. Adrian’s nostrils flared and his eyes flashed red as he dipped two fingers inside her, wringing out a breath she’d not been aware of holding.
“You’re already wet for me, sweetheart.”
Bringing his lips down to her, he stole another short kiss that had her whimpering against him.

She hugged him, bringing him closer and searching for his warm touch again. His eyes scanned her face, his gaze softening.
“You don’t want this, sweetheart.”
“Yes, yes I do,” she replied pushing herself against his hand. His thumb brushed over her clit. Victoria tensed. Her orgasm hung from a cliff, ready to fall.
“I do want it.”
Tangling her fingers in his hair, she pulled him to her mouth, teasing the seams with her tongue. He groaned and she tasted him with longing.  Sucking on his tongue, she made love to it as he pleasured her with his fingers. Her body became a mass of over-sensitized sparks as he coordinated his thumb with his seesawing digits. His hand on her waist, held her in place as she humped against him.
“Come on, sweetheart.”
His husky baritone triggered her release. Victoria cried out, her pussy convulsing in short waves, hot liquid dripping onto Adrian’s fingers. Her towel fell to a heap on the floor as she lost control, the cool breeze doing little to soothe her heated skin. She wanted more. She wanted all of him.
Victoria moved to embrace him but he stepped away from her. Drawing his fingers into his mouth, he briefly closed his eyes emitting a barely audible sound of pleasure. When he opened them again, she gasped. Red sparks danced in his green depths.
“No, Victoria. You don’t want this.”
Shaking his head, he turned around and strode out of the room. Victoria stood rooted to the spot, watching in shock as he left the apartment, the main door slamming shut. Tears dampened her vision. Picking up the t-shirt he’d given her, she put it on. More tears trailed down her cheeks as the smell of detergent mingled with his scent. Taking a deep breath, she hastily brushed them away.
“Get a grip, Vicky.”
Wrapping the discarded towel around her wet hair, she strode to the kitchen, her stomach growling. She didn’t think she’d find anything edible in the small kitchen, but luckily Adrian kept a box of cereal and a few cartons of unopened milk.  Digging into the meal, she shivered slightly as an unsettling feeling grew in her chest. The watchful eyes were back.
If you could choose one book to make it to the Hollywood big screen, yours or an another you love, which book would you choose? Who would be casted?
I can only choose one? How much time do I have to think this over? Oh… Um… If I had to pick one of mine, I think I’d choose A Decade of Longing. I think Alexander and Angelica’s passionate love story would appeal to watchers. Also because I would demand a cameo in the film just so I could wear a regency dress. *grin* As for the casting, I think Rachel Weisz and Jared Leto could probably fit the role of Angelica and Alexander. 
What’s next? What can your fans expect to see in the future?
I just signed a contract with Evernight Publishing for an upcoming male-male romance titled “Spanish Diversion” which will hopefully see the light sometime in June.
Thanks so much for stopping by.  I look forward to reading your book and wish you all the best with your writing career.  Come back and visit again.
Thank you for having me, London! All that brain picking wasn’t too painful. *grin*
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Author Bio:
Defined as weird since she was about eight, Elyzabeth honors the title by making up songs about her chores, doodling stars and flowers on any blank sheet of paper and talking to her dog whenever he feigns interest.
Losing the battle to the voices in her head is her favorite pastime after annoying her younger sister with her singing. Writing stories full of passion and emotion where love conquers all is her happy pill and she'll forgo sleep to make her readers live the dream.
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