Friday, June 7, 2013

Author News

I'm happy to announce that I received an acceptance and have signed the contract to have my story, A Whisper of Silk, included in the His anthology, coming from Evernight Publishing and releasing in August.

A Whisper of Silk blurb:

Luci Karins had finally been noticed by the accounting firm she worked for, but not for her ability. They recognized she was the only single person in the firm, and sent her to Rio on an audit that would probably take weeks.

Once she arrived, she dove in, swimming in a sea of numbers, and when she located the problem, Luci was ready to go back home, until she met an exotic man playing a guitar in a rundown shanty bar.

After his set, a steamy kiss led to losing her virginity to the dirt-poor, struggling musician named, Rafi. With plans to see him again, a fender bender changed everything, and Luci was forced to leave Brazil without telling Rafi--goodbye.

With nothing but his first name, she concluded they would never meet again, but when she saw the guitar player she’d been pining over, standing in the hallway of her office, Luci learned something shocking. You can never judge a book by its cover.

More information to come, so stay tuned :-)



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