Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bonded Hearts by Tamsin Baker

Eric and Malcolm are over nine hundred years old. They love one another but if they do not find their third mate soon, they will both go insane and commit suicide.

At a friend’s ball, the two vampires meet Jackson Essex. A gorgeous young Lord who smells like pure heaven to them both. They want him and crave the mating that will bind them forever.

Jackson has always known he had unnatural feelings and cannot believe it when he meets two male vampires that inspire passion in him. The sex is incredible, but Malcolm and Eric want him to stay with them. They want a relationship with him, and Jackson doesn't want to be a sodomite.

Two vampires on the verge of insanity and their human mate in denial about who he is. Disaster seems to be the only course for the ill-fated trio.

A month of hot sex and whispered prayers later Malcolm stood in his evening finery, surveying the ballroom beside his mate, his best friend and lover of nine hundred years.
“Do you think it’s actually possible, Eric?” Malcolm asked his mate, trying to disguise the hope in his voice.
Then he turned his back on the ballroom full of the ton’s elite to adjust his breeches. “I hate evening clothes.”
Malcolm had been born in the age when his clothing was little more than furs that had wrap-around cords that tied it all together. Restrictive evening suits did not suit his temperament.
Eric chuckled. “I know you do, my love. And to answer your question, I hope so. Oh, God, I hope so.”
Malcolm frowned at the happy look on his mate’s face.
“But what is the possibility, Eric? I don’t want you disappointed again. We have searched every country for centuries for him, her. Why would they appear tonight?”
Malcolm looked around the room. They were surrounded by beautiful blue-eyed men and women but didn’t feel anything. Could Fate be so cruel as to let them live their whole lives without ever feeling whole?
Eric stepped close to him and whispered into his ear.
“Because, my pessimistic mate, of those twins upstairs. Miracles do indeed happen.”
Malcolm turned and stared into Eric’s blue eyes. He had loved this man with every fibre of his being for over eight centuries. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for him. If he could find their mate just for Eric, he would.
Another gentleman was announced as he walked in the door. His scent wafted over to them.
Malcolm’s fangs extended, and his cock hardened. They must claim him as soon as possible.
“It’s him.” Malcolm nodded to the handsome gentleman who was walking to the opposite corner of the room.
Malcolm stepped forward, and Michael appeared in front of him. Nathaniel was similarly in front of Eric. Anger pulsed through him at being denied immediate access to their third.
“We must go to him.”
His growl wasn’t intentional, but it rumbled out of him anyway. Eric and he could hurt the other two male vampires. There was no question. Their age alone made them twice as strong.
Malcolm was actually considering moving Michael out of his way when Margaret stepped between her mates. Malcolm and Eric froze. She blocked their view of the man whose scent called to them.
“Both of you. Step back into the alcove. Now.”
Malcolm turned to his mate in shock, and Eric nodded. What else could they do?
They allowed themselves to be pushed back several feet into a small alcove by the two vampires and one small human.
Margaret turned to Nathaniel.
“Find Albert, now.” Nathaniel disappeared, and Malcolm began to pant, his blood-lust incredible. Never had he smelt a human like the man who had walked into the room. When he had met Eric he had already been a vampire. It could only mean one thing.
They had found their third.
Margaret stepped close and examined them both with her eagle gaze. Michael blocked them from prying eyes.
Malcolm understood they were being protected, but he could think of little else than claiming the man across the room.
He growled at the small female in front of him
“What the hell is your problem, Margaret?”
Margaret indicated their fangs, and Eric stepped forward.
“We must have him, Margaret. We will turn him immediately. He won’t know until it is too late, and then we will have forever with him."

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