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Mid Week Tease - The First Kiss

Welcome! I'm going back (just a little bit) in time, to one of my first releases for My Mid Week Tease.
Enchanted (Book 1 The Heart of Winter Series)
The First Kiss

I could see my breath billow out in front of me like a roll of smoke as we walked over Gapstow Bridge in Central Park.  The view south was magnificent.  Steel, glass, and concrete buildings rose like modern monuments, towering behind the backdrop of frozen trees with their branches long and twisting.  Standing silent, I glanced to the north to find people were in motion, gliding with ease over the ice topped rink.  Their colorful winter clothes mixed into a perfect multicolored quilt against the white surface upon which they skated. 

Austin and I stood atop the stone span of the bridge which curved gracefully over the narrow neck of the pond.  Snow lightly covered the ground, the tops of the stones as well as the pond.  Portions of the pond were frozen solid while darker sections of water showed melted through the pristine white, which had once covered the entire span of the pond.  This place was beautiful, magical. 

Austin gazed at me.  He was smiling tenderly, obviously reading the expression on my face.

“This is so beautiful,” I commented.

Austin leaned in close.  I felt his breath as he whispered against my skin. “I thought you would like it here.” I could feel the warmth of him when he grabbed my glove covered hand, placing it in his. “This is one of my favorite spots.”  

Austin removed his thumb from the encasement of his leather glove.  He pushed up the lower edge of my glove to expose the inner skin of my wrist to his warm thumb.  The sensation of this, his touch, sent a chill of pleasure over my body.  Feeling my body quiver, he smiled his most breathtaking smile.  In this moment he rendered me breathless.  I looked into his eyes, into the clear never-ending blue-gray.  I felt like I could see forever; see into the essence of Austin.  I was infinitely lost in the glittering color, swimming within the cool clear liquid blue of his eyes.  They are the eyes of my love, my life.  

To know with no doubt I loved Austin, this only our third date, may seem unreasonable to some, but in truth I loved him from the first moment I saw him leaning casually against the wall in the restaurant.  It was hard to pull my eyes from him that night and more than impossible to pull my eyes from him in this moment. 

Austin’s hand dropped from mine.  He wrapped both arms around my waist, pulling me to him.  He bent down, his face inches from mine, locking his gaze upon me.  He held me there, close, warm, allowing his warm breath to bathe my lips.  Austin kept me suspended within the burning need to kiss him.  I wondered what he was waiting for.  He was not nervous.  I was surprisingly not nervous, and then I experienced the warmth of his mouth, of his lips pressed to mine. 

Feeling our lips move together as though we were meant to be, as though his lips were only meant for mine, I closed my eyes.  An emotion of right washed through me.  This was easy, I realized.  There was no apprehension of the first kiss but only knowledge of Austin with his perfect lips shaped softly on mine.  Heat surged through my body as if being hit, struck, walloped.  Maybe Austin had hesitated because he knew once we kissed there was no going back for either of us.  His arms grasp my body.  He had clutched me tighter, pulled me into him with a possession.

In this moment I realized, even through all the layers of our winter clothes, I could feel his body pressed hard against mine.  My lips parted and with a breath, Austin’s tongue caressed mine softly, slowly, deeply.  I wanted to rip the heavy coat from my body and from his so I could feel every line of him as we kissed.  The thought was almost overwhelming, but I dismissed it with the knowledge I needed to control this impulse.  We were in a public place.  This was our first kiss.  I was not the kind of girl who acted so impulsive, so out of control with such sinful thoughts.  After all, I had only kissed two boys in my entire life. 

As we kissed, my hands found Austin’s face but the feeling was muted through the wool gloves.  I had to feel his skin, to touch his face.  I had wanted to touch his face the first time I saw him.  The need to touch him raged through me.  The muted sensation from my gloved hand would not give me satisfaction.  I threw my arms around Austin’s neck, allowing my left hand to find my right hand while I kissed him.  I yanked my right glove off and placed my naked hand to his perfect face. 

Austin moved his arms from my waist.  He pulled off his gloves then placed his two free hands to my face.  He must have been thinking the same thing.  We needed to touch each other’s flesh.  In the next moment, Austin picked me up.  Clearing the snow from the top of the bridge with one hand, he swiped a clear spot and sat me down.  He moved between my legs, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me breathless.  I'm unsure how long we kissed, but it wasn't long enough.  When he stopped kissing me, he pulled back slightly.  He was gazing at me.  His right palm was pressed against my cheek in a softness which implied possession. 

“What?” I asked, breathless.

He sighed. “We are going to be late.”

I felt my mouth turn into a pout.  I was nowhere near done kissing him yet. “Late for what?”

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  1. London! Late for what???????? Awesome tease :)

    1. Carlene,

      I'm not telling. *Smiles*


  2. Very nicely done, London! I'm so happy to be joining such a great group of talented authors at Evernight. :)

  3. Love the tease here. Made me smile... I get distracted like that when I have better things on my mind, too :P

  4. That was beautiful! I love how you used the winter setting to help describe the scene.

  5. I felt sucked into their world. :)


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