Monday, July 15, 2013

Things That Make Me Go, HUM?

You wouldn’t believe some of the things I come across while doing research for stories I’m writing. I often wonder how crazy an authors search history is on the computers they use to write, because let me tell you, mine is wild.  From the best way to tie a knot, to flight schedules, to edible panties. Whew *wipes brow* the research list is long and varied when writing.

Many times I do a Google search for something simple and mundane, just to double check my facts, and other times I might be looking for something a bit wild. In doing so, I stumble across crazy things I’m not looking for. Sometimes they make me chuckle, scratch my head and ponder, and sometimes they make me say, “Seriously?”

I’ve shared a few on my FB page, but thought my fellow bloggers should be part of the fun. So here it goes. My first installment of:

Things That Make Me Go, HUM?

I came across this lovely pic when looking for some inspiration about dancers. *Snort* This wasn't quite the inspiration I was looking for, but it made me smile. "Go on boy, get down with your bad self!"

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