Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mid Week Tease - To The Rescue

Welcome! And thanks to author Sandra Bunino for starting and organizing this weekly event. This week I'm going to get naughty with Tied Up In Wonderland. Part of the Naughty Fairy Tale Line from Evernight Publishing.

Be Warned: BDSM, sex toys, public exhibition, anal sex. 

Hey, Derik. This is Allison. Sorry to bother you, but I kind of need your help. I figured you’d be up, and I know its storming. Anyway, my car won’t start and I’m stuck in the parking lot at SU.


     I pressed send. I tapped my fingers on my still wet thighs, and watched the rain distort the night through the front windshield of my car.

     When I heard the ping on my phone, a sense of relief began to ease through me. Derik was up.


     Allison. Which SU parking lot are you in?



     I quickly typed my reply.


     The south lot. The one closer to the dorms.


     Derik was fast in his next reply.


     I’m on my way. Stay inside your car, the storm is a nasty one. Lock your doors. I’ll be there as fast as I can.


     I didn’t wait long. Derik was a man of his word. He must have broken numerous speed records to get to me. He jumped out of his Jeep, smartly wearing a black rain slicker, and knocked on my driver’s side window. I opened the door.

     “Thanks for coming,” I said. “My car won’t start.”

     “Pop the hood,” he said.

     I pulled the gear looking thing with the hood icon on it. The hood detached. Derik went to the front of my car, lifted the hood and messed with something. I couldn’t really see. I shut my door in an attempt to try and not soak the inside of my car any further. Derik lowered the hood a bit, twisted his hand, gesturing to try the ignition. I tried. Nothing happened. Derik let my hood fall. My car shook from the impact. He jogged back to my side. Opened my door.

     “We’re going to have to call a tow,” he said. “Come on. Get in the Jeep. I’ll take you home.”

     “Okay,” I said.

     I grabbed my bag, pressed down the lock on the door, got out, and bounded over to his Jeep. He opened the passenger side door on his vehicle, and helped me in, closing the door behind me.

     Derik sprinted around the back of his Jeep then jumped in the driver’s side. “Nothing like our spring time storms.” He smiled at me, removing the hood on his rain slicker. “Did you go to a costume party?” He asked. Eyeing my slutty outfit, that was more like a slutty bathing suit.

     “I got into Wonderland.”

     “How did it go?”

     “All right. I need more.” I probably blushed then clarified. “I mean, I need more information.” Derik didn’t need to know I needed more of Master Hatter’s personal attention.

     “So, did you learn anything about Nina Robbins?”

     “No, not really. But I do have the location of the building. I sort of caused a scene on my way out, and they forgot to blindfold me.”

     “Blindfold?” Derik asked, his brows rising in question.

     “Yeah. It’s a long story, but I have a little more to go on now.”

     Derik revved his engine. “You better call for a tow.”



     “I didn’t bring any real money with me. And my credit cards are in my wallet, with my ID back at my apartment.”

     Derek chuckled. “I don’t want to know,” he said. “I’ll call the tow company. I’ve got cash. What mechanic do you use? They might as well tow it to a shop.”

     “I promise I’ll pay you back.”

     “I’m not worried about it.”

     “I guess I don’t really have a mechanic. The car isn’t that old. Maybe we should tow it to the dealership shop.”

     After making a call to the tow company, we waited for them to arrive. Derik turned on the heater in his Jeep, and even pulled out a blanket from the back seat, so I sort of dried off. Actually, he took care of everything, including paying for the tow.

     On the drive to my apartment, Derik talked about his latest column. I enjoyed listening to him talk when he wasn’t pouring on the charm. When he pulled up in front of my building, I suggested the parking garage entrance. He agreed, and turned into the structure. The pouring rain vanished.

     He helped me out of his Jeep, walked me inside my building, and insisted his job wasn’t done until he knew I was safe and sound inside my apartment. I couldn’t do anything other than invite him in.

     “It’s late, but would you like to come in a few moments? Let the storm settle down some before you go,” I offered.

     “Sure,” he said.

     Good thing I cleaned my apartment. I’d hate for Derik to see my inner slob.

     “Take a seat,” I said after we entered my tidy space. “I’ve got to go change out of this wet mess. I’ll be right back. The remote to the TV is on the coffee table if you want to watch something.”

     I was in my bathroom when I heard the TV come on. I grabbed a towel from the cabinet. Toweled off my hair. Peeled off all the wet garments, hung them over the shower rod to drip into the tub, and rubbed my body down with another towel. I scampered into my bedroom, grabbed an old T-shirt, and some baggy sweat pants and put them on. I swiped my finger under my eyes to remove my mascara smudges, and headed out into my living room.

     Derik was seated on my couch, his sandy-brown hair dark from being wet and slicked back tight against his head. He’d pulled it back into a nubby pony tail. He looked different. Perhaps it was the light, or the night, or both.

     “Can I get you anything to drink?” I asked.

     He glanced up. Tilted his head. Grinned. His blue eyes sparkled. “Sure. What’s on the list?”

     “Well, bottled water. Orange juice or milk.”

     “Whoa. Heavy drinker,” he teased. “I’ll have milk.”



     “How about some chocolate chip cooks with your milk?”

     “Hell yes,” he said, his face beaming.

     I poured us two large glasses of milk, and made a tray of cookies. I sat his milk down in front of him, along with the cookies. He grabbed two, dipped them in his milk, and downed the cookies before I could take a seat.

     “I really do appreciate everything you did for me tonight, Derik.”

     “Any time,” he said, and ate another milk drenched cookie.



     “I need to go get my wallet. Pay you back,” I said and started to get up. Derik reached out and stopped me.

     “Don’t worry about it. Really.”

     “Come on, Derik.”

     “Allison,” he said. The stern voice hit me, and for a moment I was transported back to being bound up with the Hatter. “I don’t want your money.”

     Maybe I was tired or perhaps crazy, but Derik had a scowl to die for.

     “Okay, but at least let me buy you dinner sometime next week.”

     “Sure,” he said, and took a gulp of his milk.

     We chatted, watched late night TV, and worked the tray of cookies over. I giggled.

     “You’ve got a cool milk mustache going on,” I said and wiped my fingers over the top of his lip. He looked at me, and I swear, if this wasn’t Derik, I’d shiver. The look was pure top of the food chain predator, masculine, and devastatingly sexy. Then again, maybe I did quake.

     Derik leaned in, palmed my cheek, and gently brushed his lips across mine. For a moment I was stunned, then I was…I admit it, turned on. He kissed me softly, deeply, then harder. When I gave way and kissed him back with full on lust, he tugged me up. I straddled him on the couch, grinding down onto his rock hard erection, kissing like I’d never kissed before. His hands were in my hair, down my back, squeezing my ass. Sparks flew between us. Without disconnecting our bodies, Derik laid me down on the couch, and pressed between my hot, wanting thighs. We were tongues, hands, breathless pants. Then he stopped. Stared at me. Pulled back. Got up.

     “I better go,” he said.


     “Yes,” he said. I sat up on the couch, watched him put on his rain slicker, and turn back toward me. “Lock the door when I go. I’ll see you at work on Monday.”

     And that was it. He was gone.

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Evernight Publishing

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  1. Poor Derik. He left with a set of blue balls. :(

  2. I like the line: The look was pure top of the food chain predator, masculine, and devastatingly sexy.
    & dang, that was a tease! Curious as to why he left!
    C.R. Moss

  3. He can't go now! I like him. You're such a tease. ;)

  4. Good tease, London. I remember this tale and it was so fun. :)

  5. This is a new one for me, London. Going to add it to my list! :)

  6. Aaaa! he stopped...noooo!

    What a great build up for their next meeting!

    Thanks for teasing with me, London. :)

  7. Way to leave her hot and bothered. Glad I already read this one and know how it turns out. ;)


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