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Mid Week Tease - Angel

Welcome to Mid Week Tease! This week we are going to visit with Winter in Requiem (Book 2 - The Heart Of Winter). Winter has experienced the worse kind of tragedy and everything in her life has changed because of it. She's not the same as she was in Enchanted (Book 1) and she's retreated from life, using her pen name as a novelist to hide behind, only life is about to give her a huge wake up call.


For Winter Shae Perri there is only one man meant for her, Austin Carlyle.  That is, until their fairy tale life is shattered the night before they are to be married. 

Winter retreats deep within herself, hiding behind her romance novels, until sixteen years later she is startled to life by none other than Hollywood heartthrob, Cayden Cain. 

Cayden will have her questioning reality, because when she looks at him, she sees the face of Austin looking back at her.

Since Austin’s death I stood on the edge of a dark precipice. I should not be surprised to finally fall over the edge, slip into the darkness only to find myself reaching out, clawing, holding on by my fingertips. I held onto slippery, unstable ground. The earth crumbled, fell away, but I continued to grasp at it, desperately trying to hold on, finding it almost impossible. A part of my unconscious mind knew it was too late. I would lose my very unsteady hold, allowing me to free fall into madness.

My mind could not comprehend or deal with any more tonight. What I saw, what I heard had to be another memory, a hallucination maybe? Unable to find the light I dangled between wake and dark slumber. I had been in this strange in-between state before. Only last time, I was dying and brought back against my will.

I thought I could feel my body move before I heard stressed filled voices mix into the echo of dull blackness. I floated to the surface, but did not break through.

A booming voice called out, “Can you hear me?”

Another stressed, but softer voice came through the dimness. His voice sounded British. “Mr. Harrison. Is that Ms. Wells? What happened?”

“I don’t know what happened. I think she fainted,” the booming voice replied.

There, breaking through the confusion, I heard the smooth silk ridden voice of what could only be my destruction. The angel spoke again. “Ms. Wells?” His voice sounded confused. “This is Ms. Wells?”

“Yes,” said the booming voice.

“Zander, we need to move her to my suite,” the angel said.

I tried to focus on the angel. I could not hear his voice any longer, but I could hear a steady strum of a heartbeat against my right ear. I began to feel my body encased, cradled by something strong, something tight. Am I moving? I smell leather. The clear sound of a bell, ding, more movement…still the steady hum of a heart at my ear.

“Move those pillows and grab a blanket. She’s freezing cold and soaking wet,” the angel instructed. “Hurry up. I want to lay her down.”

I heard another voice, a deeper husky voice. “What is going on?” the husky voice asked. “Hey, I know her.”

The angel asked, “How do you know her?”

The deep husky voice moved a little closer or at least it sounded like he did. “Cayden,” he said, “this is the woman I told you about, the woman in the elevator.”

The angel’s voice appeared again. Louder now, somehow closer as well. “This is her, Chandler. This is Winter,” the angel said.

“The author? Winter Wells?”

The deep husky voice sounded confused or perhaps upset as he questioned the angel.

“Yes, Chandler. It is her,” the angel confirmed.

I heard the perfect rhythm of a heartbeat again. Soothing and strong.

“I don’t know, Zander,” the angel said.

Warm hands brushed across my forehead, down my cheek then rest softly there for a moment. Electricity seemed to snap over my skin.

I recognized the angel once more as he said, “She’s so quiet. Maybe we should get a doctor up here.”

The angel’s tone sounded worried.

Wait, I hear the heartbeat again.

A booming voice broke the sound of the soothing heartbeat.

How very irritating.

“Winter. Can you hear me? Wake up, Winter, open your eyes.”

The softer voice broke in, somewhere near as well. “Mr. Harrison, I don’t know what happened tonight. We were in the car and headed back to the hotel. She became ill or something. She was having a hard time breathing. When I asked her if she was all right, she could not speak. She jumped out of the car and ran. I tried to catch up to her, but I lost her so I returned to the vehicle. I drove around, trying to find her then finally decided to come here. She left this on the backseat.”

This is strange. How does my hallucination know so much about me?

The booming voice asked, “What is it?”

“A golden box,” the soft British voice confirmed. “She had it with her when she left the apartment on Park Avenue.”

“Did something happen tonight? Did you say or do something to upset her?” The angel’s voice inquired.

The softer voice replied, “I do not know what happened. I drove her to the address you gave me, Mr. Harrison. It seemed like she was having a hard time.”

The angel asked, “What do you mean a hard time?”

“I mean going into the apartment tonight. Perhaps she really did not want to go inside. When I returned for her, she seemed better, but only for a little while. Then something happened. It was like she saw a ghost. She turned as white as one.”

The angel called out, “Zander, please call a doctor!”

The deep husky voice broke in saying, “Wait. I don’t understand. How did Winter Wells get up here with you, Cayden?”

“I was downstairs speaking with Zander about the possibility of another move. The crowds and paparazzi have found me again.” The angel paused, moved maybe. I heard the heartbeat. Thump thump.... It was stunningly steady. Thump thump…. “I heard someone mumbling behind me. She said something like, ‘this is not possible or not possible.’ I turned around. She looked at me like I was a ghost. She called me ‘Austin’ then fainted.” My angel's voice seemed to hesitate. I felt strong warm hands again only this time they were brushing back my hair from my neck. I became aware of heat. Heat shot through my body. “I did not know who she was until I heard Richard say her name. I should have known, but I could not see her eyes. Her wet hair fell forward and covered her face.”

The husky voice muttered, “Winter Wells.” Then abruptly went silent.

“Zander,” the angel said. The low angry tones arose in the angel's voice. “Why didn't you tell me she was here in New York?”

“She did not want anyone to know she was here or know she will be assisting us with the script,” the booming voice replied.

“So she agreed?” the angel asked.

The booming voice quieted as he answered with a, “Yes, but I don’t know if she will stay after tonight.”


The angel’s voice sounded worried again.

I forced myself forward to the silk sound. I needed to see my angel even if he was sent here to destroy me. I had to fight my way, finding my eyes. It seemed like a long journey through the strange darkness. I felt my eyes flutter then open slowly. At first, everything maintained within a blur. I only saw shapes then the shapes turned into colors. Sapphire, deep indigo, deep gray, silver then the colors turned into…eyes. Oh, my God.

I studied every intricate shade of the blue-gray eyes peering down at me. Caught there for a moment. I moved my gaze to find a slow familiar smile break through the worried look upon his angel’s face. His lips…perfect as they moved. They captured me, held me there. I felt hard cold iron fetters clamp down on my wrists, pinning me. I wanted to move my hands to his face, but I was unable to, locked in place, stunned.

“Hi.” His silk voice flowed over my ears. He ran his fingers through his sandy-chestnut colored hair. The light from the room seemed to dance over his hair causing a brilliant bronze tent to appear.

Maybe that is his halo. He can't be real.

“Winter.” I realized he said my name as though he knew me. “You had me worried.” His voice sent chills over my skin. I shivered. “Are you still cold?” he asked. He turned and spoke to someone in my peripheral. “Get her another blanket.”

Zander moved into view and leaned down toward me. “Winter, are you all right?”

I saw Zander, but was unable to pull my eyes from the face of someone who could not be Austin. Still he possessed every perfect quality of Austin’s face. If this were an angel and he were sent here to destroy me, it would work. Perhaps I have gone mad. I needed to consider the idea as a true possibility. This person who filled my vision, real or a very real figment of my imagination?

I focused all my strength to my hands. When I did this it broke the feeling of restraint, so I lifted one shaking hand from beneath the blanket and gave myself permission to reach out, to touch him. Oh my God, he is real.  My fingers traced his jawline, his face not smooth but prickly with stubble. My thumb found the cleft in his chin. Sparks snapped across my fingertips. My hands felt like fire flowed through them. With this sensation zinging over my flesh, both of my hands moved over the surface of his face. I knew the exact shape of his high cheekbones. Reaching, I touched his hair. The phenomenon upon my fingers, like silk. His hair, a miracle of messy, tousled locks, with long sideburns shaped above his jaw. His face, chiseled perfection.

“Winter?” he asked. “Please, can you speak to me?”

“I am sorry.” I breathed, removing my hands as though I touched something hot which burned me.

He smiled. The corners of his mouth turned up slowly and outlined the gentle creases of laugh lines at each side. He spoke again. Shocked, I watched the movement of his mouth, hypnotized. I recognized the fact that I did not hear him.

“Hum?” I mumbled.

“You said you are sorry. Sorry for what?”

“It’s…I-I.” I could not form the words.

My angel ran his hand over the top edge of the blanket. He brushed his hand over-top my right hand. Tingles shot through my hand. I shivered, quaked to my very core. The angel moved his hand from mine. He closed his fingers like he was holding onto something.

Can he feel the same tingles?

“Winter…” he said then hesitated.

I gazed into the deep sapphire color of his eyes only to find my words leave my lips in a whisper. “Who are you?”

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  1. Love this description: "The phenomenon upon my fingers, like silk. His hair, a miracle of messy, tousled locks, with long sideburns shaped above his jaw. His face, chiseled perfection."

    Wonderful excerpt, London!

    Thanks for the tease!

  2. your desriptions are perfect. I'm there with them

  3. Great descriptions. :) Nice tease! =) C.R.


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