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Mid Week Tease - Don't Go

Welcome to my portion of Mid Week Tease. *Hugs* to fellow author Sandra Bunino for organizing this shindig!

This week I'm going to finish out The Heart of Winter series with Eternal, book 4 in the series.

Romance writer Winter Wells has found her new life with Hollywood Hottie, Cayden Cain, a blessing and a curse. He is the blessing. His career is the curse. Involved in an unprecedented web of strange events, and wound in a string of lies about to break with devastating consequences, Winter must battle ghosts from her past that threaten to harm Cayden. 

Faced with a choice she always knew would be inevitable, can the fairy tale of their relationship beat out the odds of their reality and really come true?
From the haze of my sleep Cayden’s voice buzzed at my ear. “Winter, my love.”

I opened my eyes and scrubbed them before I glanced over to see the clock on the side table. 5:02 a.m. glared in bright green numbers. Arching my back like a cat waking from a nap, I stretched my arms up. Cayden’s chest pressed firmly against my back. A sense of satisfaction filled me. The corners of my mouth turned up into a smile.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he whispered against my cheek. His hand slid down over my hip. “I love you.” He pressed a kiss to my shoulder.

“It’s early,” I mock grumped and rolled in Cayden’s arms. The sheets rustled. “Hi.”  I placed a soft kiss to his lips. “I love you, too.”

We had spent the night talking, making love, and talking some more. Maybe I was going to get lucky again, start my morning off right.

“I’m sorry to wake you. I have to go soon. I have an early day of filming. So as much as I hate to leave you, I have to.” Cayden’s angelic features turned into a frown.

I pressed my lips to the hollow of his smooth throat. “Are you sure you can’t stay a little while longer? I thought I might get lucky.”

He laughed his low even laugh. “You have no idea how much I want to get lucky myself, but if I am ever going to get this film done then I better follow through with my obligations.”

My hands fondled his bare chest. Fingers circling his flesh while my lips continued over his throat until I found his collarbone. “Please stay,” I begged.

Cayden sighed. It sounded conflicted. “Do you know how hard it is to say no to you?”

“Please.” I continued, “Don’t say no.”

Cayden’s voice became quiet almost pained saying, “Winter.” He held me close, encasing me within his arms, and stopped my advancing hands. I kissed his stubble covered cheek. “Baby, I really do have to go.”

“I’m sorry.” I tucked my face into his chest and muttered, “I understand you have to go.”

He pulled my chin up from his chest and gazed at me with a blazing determination. “Never say you are sorry. If it were possible, I would spend all of my time holding you in my arms. I’m not sorry you want me to stay. The only thing I am sorry for is leaving you today. I hate it. I hate to leave you. I hate being away from you, but I have to go.”

Clearly I wouldn’t bend his willpower. Cayden kissed the top of my head before he slipped out from beneath the sheets. I flipped around in the bed to see him pulling on his jeans. Once they were buttoned, he searched for his shirt. He located it dangling off the side arm of the chair by the window.

“Baby, I will be filming until Wednesday.”

“Oh,” I interjected, my voice sounding more than dejected.

He turned and looked at me for a long moment. “I am going to miss you every minute of every day. I’ll be back out to the estate Wednesday evening.”

“Three days is a long time, but I guess I understand.” I tugged the sheet up over my head, throwing a pity party all of my own.

Cayden slipped the sheet down, exposing my face. “Don’t do that.”


“Hide your face from me. I never want you to hide from me.”

I sighed and kicked the sheet. It billowed up before floating back down. “Just ignore me, Cayden. I know I am being more than stupid right now. I know you have obligations. I’m being selfish. Forgive me.”

He smiled his guilty crooked smile. “I love that you are selfish. So am I, remember?” He paused. “Anyway, there is nothing to forgive. I will call you from Zander’s phone a little later to make sure everything went well leaving the hotel today. I need to know you are safe and at the estate.”

“Cayden, you really do not need to worry or check up on me.”

“Just the same, it makes me feel better to hear your voice.” Cayden kissed the tip of my nose. “I love you. I will see you on Wednesday so please be good while I’m gone.”

“I love you.” I smiled what had to be an impish grin, because I was going to be naughty. I sat up on the bed, allowing the bed sheet to fall until it exposed the top of my breasts. “Oops,” I said, biting my bottom lip.

I stopped the material just above my taught nipples. They were present and accounted for and pressed through the material. I glanced at Cayden from beneath my lashes, spread my legs, and permitted the Egyptian cotton sheet to puddle between them. Cayden’s eyes widened. His tongue slicked out. He licked his lips as if he were tasting me.

“Cayden, you know I will be the model of virtue. With you gone I have to be good. You won’t be around to tempt me so I have no idea how to get into any trouble.”

“You are sexy as hell, Winter.”

“So are you.” I lifted my bare left foot to his chest and traced my foot down the length of the buttons on Cayden’s shirt. Next, my toes shimmied down his pants until I rested my foot on his crotch. “Very nice jeans,” I commented. He pressed forward.

Cayden picked up my foot and tapped his fingertips down my leg in a sinful way. “You are extremely naughty.”

“Sorry,” I said, but I wasn’t sorry at all.

“Maybe I should paddle that sweet little ass for being so naughty.”

“Definitely,” I replied. He smiled wickedly.

He wrapped his hand around my ankle. Lifted my foot up to his face. He put his mouth on the top of my foot and kissed it softly before Cayden placed my pink painted toes to his mouth where he proceeded to suck on them one at a time. Goosebumps flashed across my flesh.

“Baby, every part of you tastes good,” he crooned. Cayden let loose of my foot. He stripped off his shirt.

“Babe, what are you doing?” I asked, giggling.

“Winter, I’m taking off my clothes,” he stated. His shirt hit the floor. He started to remove his jeans.

“I see that but….” My mouth was stopped by his lips. Cayden removed the sheet from my body. He swept his penetrating gaze over my bare flesh. Laying me back on the bed, he slid his naked body up against mine. “Babe,” I mumbled.

“Shh….” Cayden hushed me.

“I thought you had to go.”

“They can start without me. I’ve got work to do here,” he teased while he played with my breasts.

I moaned with pleasure.

“Cayden, I can’t….” My lips seemed to stumble. Cayden continued to touch me. “I….” I shivered. “I can’t make you late,” I finally said.

“Stop talking and give me those luscious lips.” And with his request I did.

Cayden was pressed between my thighs when his cell phone rang, “Papercut” by Linkin Park.

“Should you answer that?”

“No,” he muttered before his mouth paused at my throat, and my hands slid down his muscular back, lingering in the furrow of his spine above his ass.

My cell phone started ringing. I let out an exasperated sigh.

“Should you answer that?” Cayden asked.

“They’ll call back,” I assured.

My phone vibrated across the side table before grazing Cayden’s phone, pinged and slid off. I heard it hit the floor by the bed.

We were kissing, touching, moving, and grinding against each other’s bare skin when Cayden’s phone started again. “The Kings of Leon” played this time as the ringtone. Cayden’s taste in music was eclectic, like mine. I wondered what he would have set my ringtone to be if we could actually call each other.

“Shit.” He groaned, but not in a good way. He removed his hands from me, stretching his long beautiful body out like a banquet for my eyes. He reached for his phone. His phone was still on the side table; however, it was teetering dangerously close to the edge. “This better be a matter of life and death,” he answered, irritated.

There was a long pause. Cayden rolled to his side, leaving my body bereft.

“I know what the damn schedule is.” Cayden looked at me, scanned my nakedness, searing me with his gaze. “Give me fifteen minutes.” He smiled at me, his guilty crooked smile. “Make it thirty,” he amended before he flipped his phone closed and placed it back on the table. “Now, where was I?” He rolled back between my thighs.

If I ever had any doubt the phone call softened Cayden’s resolve, there was absolutely no uncertainty as I felt him firmly and assuredly slide between my inner wet crease.

“Wow.” I breathed.

Cayden flashed his wicked grin. “Thanks,” he said with a sense of teasing smugness.

“You are welcome,” I said, smiling in return. “I can’t believe you are actually going to stay and do this.”

He looked me straight in the eyes. “Oh…I’m going to do this all right.”

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  1. *reaches for a glass of water* I love their relationship here. Lovely tease, London :-)

  2. So glad he decided to give his girl a few extra minutes. :) Nice tease! thanks for sharing. ~ C.R.

  3. *happy sigh* What a way to kick off a morning.

  4. Nice interaction between your characters.


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