Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mid Week Tease - What's For Breakfast?

Welcome to my portion of Mid Week Tease and Happy Hump Day! This week I thought you might like a little tease from Her Accidental Lover which is part of the Romance on the Go Line from Evernight Publishing.

Just in case you haven't heard about Romance on the Go books, I suggest you check them out. They are a special line of short stories written to be the perfect length when you don't have time to read a full length novel, but you need a little something to pick you up and even turn you on. *Winks*

Workaholic. That pretty much summed up Sloan Parker. That, and the fact she’d given up on men, scoffed at the idea of fate, and laughed at the term Happily Ever After. But when she received a misplaced text from someone named Flyboy23, she threw caution to the wind and answered him.

One steamy text led to another, and another…. Making Flyboy23 her accidental lover.
          “Um, Evan? Do you think maybe you went just a little bit overboard with your breakfast order?”
            “We are going to need all this food for energy, because I intend to make love to you for the next two days.”
            “Oh you do, do you?”
            “Yes I do!” he hooted.
            I giggled and walked over to the silver cart to find bottles of sparkling water with a small tray of fresh cut lemons, Coke, orange juice, and milk. I lifted the lid off a serving tray to find,,,
            “An entire chocolate cake?”
            “You said it was your favorite,” he replied.
            I shook my head. Beneath the other domed tray were piles of pancakes, eggs, bacon, butter syrup, strawberries, and whip cream.
            We had our breakfast out on the terrace, basking in the glorious Arizona sun. Evan looked amused when I took a bite of the gooey, syrup-filled pancakes.
            “What?” I asked.
            He held out his hand for mine.
            I took his hand, got up, and he pulled me onto his lap.
            His tongue licked the line of my lips. “Tastes good,” he murmured. Then Evan took his fork, cut off a piece of his pancake, dipped it into a puddle of syrup on his plate, and raised it to my lips.
            “I shouldn’t. As much as I love them, they are fattening.”
            “Stop it. You are a goddess. Now open your mouth.”
            I opened for him.
            Evan inserted the pancake-covered fork.
            I closed my lips around the utensil.
            He pulled the fork from my mouth. “Holy shit, that’s sexy,” he said. “I love to watch you eat.”
            We took turns feeding each other until we were done. Then Evan tangled his hands into my hair, gently swiped it away, exposing the soft flesh of my throat to the sun. He walked his fingers down my neck, dipped his hand inside my gaping robe, and fondled a pert nipple.
            I shivered and chilled, sitting out on the sun-filled terrace where we made out quite unapologetically.
            After a while, Evan carried me inside, and shut the terrace door. He pulled the curtains closed, laid me down on the lounger, and said, “Take off the robe.”
            I complied. Untying it, I raised my leg and placed my foot to his bare chest. I twirled my toes through his chest hair then slid them down his stomach, stopping at his waist.
            When my foot pressed against his crotch, he groaned.
            I dropped the belt to the robe onto the floor, lowered my foot, and sat up on the lounger. I slid my hand over my left shoulder and moved back the material, exposing one bare breast.
            Evan reached out and tugged. The robe was gone.
            I raised my arms to cover myself. 
            “Move your hands,” he said. 
            I dropped them to my sides. “Is this good?” I asked.
            Evan’s tongue slicked out over his lips. He tilted his head. “Oh yes, very good,” he said. He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down over his muscular thighs. He stepped on the bottom edge of one pant leg and yanked them off. Commando. His penis was erect and fabulous.
            “Is that for me?” I asked.
            “It is.”
            “It’s gorgeous.”
            “Really?” he asked. His voice was deep and tantalizing.
            “Oh yes, really.” I replied. “Evan?”
            “What, goddess?”
            “I want you to watch me. Would you like that?”
            “Do you even have to ask? Hell, yes.”
            I licked my fingers, circled the wet tips around my areolas, and then pinched my hard nipples. I kept my left hand on my left breast. My other hand meandered down my chest, over my ribs, and down my stomach. I inserted two of my fingers between my lower lips and rubbed.
            Evan stroke himself as he watched me.
            I spread my legs, fingering myself. I then arched my back and groaned Evan’s name.
            “Don’t come yet,” Evan said.
            “I want you.” I breathed.
            Evan took two steps forward.
            I looked up at him, sat up, and took him into my mouth.
            He groaned.
            The sound hit my clit dead center. I moaned as I sucked him, and the vibration of my own voice while his hard cock filled my mouth was like shock waves through my body. The sensation made my sex clinch like the closing of an iron fist.           
            “Damn. Don’t stop,” he said.
            I took him all the way down my throat, sucking until I felt the warmth of him fill my mouth.
            Evan stood quiet for a moment, looking at me like I was the answer to every prayer he ever had. He ran his fingertips over the swell of my bottom lip. The softness of his touch soothed the tingle. “Lean back for me, goddess.”
            I sprawled across the lounger. “Touch me, Evan.”
            His mouth started at my neck. He dined at my breasts. He thoroughly touched, licked, and sucked my nipples. He stroked my belly then between my legs. Two fingers dipped inside of my wet pussy.
            “Mmm…” I moaned.
            Evan curved his fingers.
            I shook with a familiar burn.
            The heel of his hand pressed against my clitoris, his fingers inside of me tapping my pleasure spot.
            I rode his hand. “Evan….”
            Evan kissed me deep, taking my breath into him as his tongue tangled with mine.
            I came during our kiss, my slick body gliding upon on his fingers then rippling around his digits.
            His hot breath blew across my breasts. “Watching you come is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” His dick collided against my hip.
            I smiled.
            “You do this to me,” he said, glancing down at his raging hard-on. “Can I make love to you?”
            “Oh, yes,” I assured.


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  1. Now I know why breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day! Delicious tease London!

  2. Yum,yum, yum! I read this one a while ago and loved it!

    Thanks for teasing with us!


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