Sunday, November 3, 2013

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Whoo.  November is here and it's busy, busy, busy...but I love it!

First up, the polls are open on Evernight's First Readers' Choice Awards.  Nominations are from now until Nov. 15th. Semi finalists will be announced on Nov. 17th. Final voting will also begin on the 17th, so go vote and nominate some of your favorite authors and their work!

I'm also so excited to be counting down the days until The Crimson Rope release. November 5th myself and the other authors of this anthology will be hosing a Facebook Release All Day Event so we hope you will come join in the fun. There will be some awsome giveaways, fun games, and who knows what else.  You can also find release news on  MsRomanticReads that day as well.
Unleash your kinky side with six titillating BDSM tales.
Let The Crimson Rope bind you in an erotic adventure sure to please, with skilled Dom’s and sexy submissives that are willing to explore their boundaries. From pleasured gasps to stinging desire, the authors of this anthology will not only seduce you, but leave you begging for more.
I've signed the contract for Tatum's Tiger which will be included in the Alpha's Claim anthology coming in January 2014 from Evernight Publishing. Tatum's Tiger is something completely different for me as a writer/author and I'm honored to be included in what is sure to be a great anthology.


Tatum's Tiger
     The list of things Jericho constantly thought about since meeting the woman next door wasn’t a long one, nonetheless it did consume him.
     #1. Protect Tatum Neill.
     He could do that. He was never one to back down from a good fight.
     #2. Keep her from being taken and forcibly claimed against her will by another.
     He would do that. There was no choice in the matter.
     #3. Claim her fully as his willing life mate.
     That was the one thing on his list he was still working on, because revealing the truth about himself and her accepting him would more than likely be a little bit tricky since Jericho wasn’t exactly human.
     From the moment she first saw him, Tatum was attracted to her peculiar neighbor. She knew there was something different about him, but no matter what she suspected she would have never guessed he was to become—Tatum’s Tiger.

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