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Love Scene Blog Hop

Evernight Valentine's Day Love Scene Blog Hop


Welcome to my portion of the Love Scene Blog Hop.  I hope you enjoy a scene between Lord Ashton Archer and Trinity from The Good Sister: Part One.

     I tried not to feel anything, even thought I could not deny the warm tingle that was sparking through my entire body. I wondered at the feeling. I’d experienced it once before, only with Reid. To my horror, I realized I might be coming close to a climax. The movement, the pressure of the saddle, the warmth of Ashton, his hand making progress against my lower stomach, lulling me into the intermittent taps of my body against the saddle horn caused my clit to buzz. It was becoming too much. How was it possible to feel such a thing and on a horse?

     “Can we stop?” I asked.

     Ashton brought Phantom to a stop.

     “I think I need to get off the horse,” I confessed.

     Ashton dismounted Phantom, reached up, and I slid off into his arms.

     “Are you cold?” he asked, putting me down.

     I shook my head to indicate no.

     “Are you frightened?”

     “No,” I whispered.

     “What is wrong, my dove?”

     “I feel strange,” I admitted.

     “Strange, how?”

     “I cannot tell you,” I said.

     “My dove, you can speak to me of anything. Are you feeling ill?”

     I shook my head.

     He walked forward and lifted my chin. “Trinity, you must tell me. What is wrong?”



     I closed my eyes and blurted out, “I can’t take the rubbing any longer.”

     Ashton broke out into a serious laugh.

     “Don’t laugh. It’s not funny!” I huffed.

     Ashton pulled me into his arms. He rested his chin upon my head.

     “The movement was giving you pleasure, arousing you.” He was still laughing. The vibration of his laugh struck my very bones.

     “It’s not right to feel that,” I said.

     “Trinity, your pleasure is always right.”

     “Not riding a horse it’s not. What’s wrong with me?”

     “My dove, there is nothing wrong with you. And your pleasure is never wrong.”

     “I don’t want pleasure.”

     “Don’t you?” he asked, releasing me from his arms.

     “Well, maybe I want pleasure,” I admitted. He guffawed. “But not in that way. I don’t even really know how to obtain pleasure in normal ways.”

     I could not believe I was saying this to him.

     “So then, we should walk back for a while before mounting Phantom again, is this not correct?”

     “Yes,” I said, looking at my feet. “I’m sorry.”

     “My dove, look at me.” I glanced up. “No more telling me you are sorry. Do we have an agreement?”

     “Okay,” I mumbled.

     “Let us speak about you, and how to obtain your pleasure.”

     My cheeks felt hot.

     “You want to talk on such things?”

     “Yes. It is my wish at the moment. Will you grant it?”

     “Um…” I bit my lip. “Okay.”

     “If I am correct in understanding everything we discussed at the chateau, you have never been with a man.”

     I diverted my gaze from Ashton. “I have never...”

     “Had sexual intercourse,” he finished for me.

     “No, never.”

     “You offered yourself to Addison, and he being a complete and total boob did not take you up on your offer or at least not fully.”

     “I wasn’t good enough.”

     Ashton traced his finger down my cheek.

     “I assure you, my dove, it is he who holds the distinction of not good enough for you.”

     I shrugged, glanced down momentarily, then returned my attention to Lord Archer.

     “Now,” Ashton said, “if I am correct, you wish to understand how to pleasure a man, and in the process you are hoping to understand what pleasures you. In turn, you are hoping to become the kind of woman who Reid would not turn down because you would be experienced and no longer be a virgin, correct?”

     “Well … yes, I guess. When you put it that way it sounds—”


     “Yes,” I admitted.

     It was quiet for a moment, except for the crunch of our feet breaking through the untouched snow.

     “Do you find me sexually attractive, Trinity?” Lord Archer asked, breaking the silence.

     “Yes,” I whispered.

     “You do not find me too old?”

     “No, Ashton, you are perfect.”

     I could not believe I said that. He laughed, and the sound reminded me of a warm summer breeze.

     “Good,” he said. “So we can agree.”


     “We can agree we are mutually attracted to each other, can we not?”

     “We can.”

     “Trinity,” Ashton ran his hand along my cheek, “would you allow me to be the one, the man who teaches you the art of pleasure?”

     I lost myself within the icy blue of his eyes, the smooth lulling sound of his voice, the beauty of his face, and wondered if I understood him.

    “Are you offering to take my virginity?”

     Ashton smiled that smile which rivaled the sun.

     “I am offering to show you pleasure. I would not presume to take such a gift without your consent in giving it.”

     “So you want to show me pleasure, but you won’t take my virginity?”

     “There are many ways to pleasure a body,” he assured, “and I do not wish to take what is not mine to take.”

     Biting at my lip I tried to picture the ways. “Many ways?”

     Ashton placed his hand to my hair. “Many,” he assured.

     I pondered.

     “My dove, what are you thinking about?”

     “The many ways,” I admitted. Ashton let out a chortle.

     “You allow me such joy,” he said.

     “Ashton, I want you to show me.”

     “Then we shall start,” he said. I wasn’t quite expecting that response.


     Ashton picked me up in his arms, brushed his lips softly over mine then kissed my cheek. “Yes, my dove.” He placed me back up into the saddle, but sat me down in the opposite position.

     “Um … what are you doing?”

     Ashton placed his foot in the stirrup then mounted Phantom. He picked me up and sat me down on his lap, chest to chest.

     “Put you arms around my neck,” he said, “and hold on.” I placed my arms around Ashton’s neck, interlocking my fingers. Ashton took Phantom into a trot. “Find the rhythm.” 

     I closed my eyes and found the rhythm, only this time when my hips came down it was not the front of the saddle that met me, it was Ashton’s manhood stretched hard through his riding breeches.

     “Oh,” I gasped. He grinned at me when I opened my eyes.

     “Stay with it, my dove. Allow your body to relax into the movement. Allow yourself the pleasure,” he said.

     I looked into his eyes, and relaxed into Ashton. He nudged Phantom into a gallop. My hips swayed to the motion, my secret place rubbing intimately against Ashton. Ashton kissed my lips softly then he molded his mouth to mine. I opened to him, and felt the gentle swipe of his tongue enticing me. It was unbelievable. The way he kissed, I felt it everywhere. Unlike Reid's frantic somewhat hard kisses, Ashton's kisses were firm yet gentle. Without any further thought or hesitation I gave my will over to Ashton’s.  

     Ashton’s pressed himself forward into my spread legs, giving me more, adding more pressure. I moaned. He held my moan within his mouth as if it were sacred. We were kissing, rocking, swaying against each other. Soon, I felt the burn, the tingle, the waves of bliss as they overtook my body. Ashton pulled back from my mouth, not fully leaving my lips as he spoke.

     “Give yourself over to me,” Ashton said. I shivered. “Feel my desire for you. Rock your sweetness against me and come for me, my dove.”

     I stared into his eyes. I saw the burning need. The pure unbridled hunger for me, for my pleasure. I wanted the heat of his body to mix into mine. I breathed in the sweet scent of his cologne, placed my nose into the crook of his neck, and kissed. Ashton groaned. His silken hair brushed against my interlocked fingers. The sway of my hips against his hard cock brought me to the point of no return.


     “Yes,” he replied in a breath that gusted warmth across my throat.

     I came, and bursts of color sparked behind my closed lids. He pulled me closer, allowing me to feel his strong arms around me. He ground his manhood into my quiver. His mouth engulfed me. I shook against his body, trembling, tongues dancing, bodies pressing against each other. I felt the swell of my womanhood, the hard tight tips of my breasts as they pressed against all the material concealing them. Heat surged. I could not contain the feeling. Another wave of bliss rocked my body, coming to the surface, overriding my last climax. I exploded for a second time…

     “Again,” I said, body shaking, my voice small and breathy. “You are making me come again.” 

     Ashton pulled my hips forward with his hands, giving me that oh so tantalizing pressure to my swollen clit, and then he pulled back, kissed my mouth long and with a deep passion. My lips tingled, my thighs shook, and my body buzzed like sparks of light penetrated through me. I wondered if I were glowing. 
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  1. It really depends on the book. Some books you can have a sweet love scene and its enough but others you need that super hot loving. I love both kinds of scenes.

  2. I like a little bit of both throughout the book! It is always nice to read a red hot scene where the need of the two overwhelm them, but then I like reading about the sweet love scene where they take time to cherish one another. Thanks for sharing the excerpt I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to reading this!

  3. I really enjoyed both books! It is nice to have both different love scenes in a book.

  4. Wow. I love both sweet and hot. Why cant you have a bit of both.

  5. I love both!

  6. Scorching hot when they first hook-up and sweet when the mood is right.

  7. I enjoy both. It really depends on the characters involved and the moment they are sharing.


  8. I love both! Variety in my reading is the best =)
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Saturday!
    fr_larsson at hotmail dot com

  9. I like both but I like to see more of the HOT ones. I mean like make you drench your panties hot. lol
    leighannecrisp at yahoo dot com

  10. It all depends on what mood I'm in. Sometimes I want something hot and heavy other times I want something sweet and light. If I can find a book that provides both even better, then I won't have to choose =)

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  11. i think it all depends on the book and the mood i'm in. i like them both.

    tammy ramey

  12. Love the excerpt fantastic idea with the horse. With love scenes it all depends on what I feel like reading at the time I pick a book. I don't discriminate when it comes to love scenes.


  13. It depends on my mood really. Sometimes I like the down and dirty scenes with a little (or a lot) of kink thrown in. Sometimes I want the sweet flowery words love scenes. But really both have their ups and downs. I don't like one more than the other.
    Thanks for the giveaway
    Jenni J
    jjacobs21 at radford dot edu

  14. The hotter the better!! I like my books to be just scorching. I will read the sweeter ones but I do prefer them hotter. I also really don't have a favorite genre I read it all. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. I love both!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  16. Hi! Happy Valentines! Yup! Love both! It adds a bit of chemistry, spark to the story and makes the story seem more...real. Thank you for sharing and for the amazing giveaway!


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