Thursday, March 20, 2014

Into the Pride by Michelle Monkou #Giveaway

What is our fascination with royalty?

Is it the fairy tales like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or the movie spin offs like Ella Enchanted that keep us rooting for the Royal and his/her commoner love interest. Maybe it’s the undying belief that opposites do attract.

Whatever the case, we are loud with our cheers for the happy takeover of the hearts. Think of it as some form of emotional coup d’etat in favor of the underdog. The odds or Fate are stacked against the person of lower birth. He or she will not and cannot be with said Royal, until that magic spark of instant attraction, desire, and lust causes more than a few fireworks in the heart and that special “sweet” spot. No matter what, love rules the day.

Certainly in real life, there is such fascination. The British royalty and their goings on easily earn its place on international news headlines. Tourists flock to England to sightsee and meander through the museums, castles and infamous last steps of nobility with macabre recreation. Granted there are a lot of general historical sites to be seen, in England, but look at how much we spend to get close to anything royal. Overseas tourists to England spent over £19 billion (2013) according to the Office for National Statistics.


While European royalty is one branch of those born to rule, there are still royal kingdoms/families around the world ruling through constitution or as absolute monarchies. And there’s no shortage in those stepping into the girlfriend/boyfriend roles and then, with a crossing of the fingers, making it to be crowned royalty. The magic is like the eternal flame. Everyone looks forward to the next royal wedding.

From a writer’s perspective, when I wrote INTO THE PRIDE, I deliberately chose a ruling dynasty that is on the brink of extinction. Taking a peek into a world where personal wishes and ambitions are weighted by duty and obligations. Then, add the element of an all-out war and hard decisions that carry the burden of upholding the family legacy become more crucial. These characters’ stamina with their leadership skills, taking on responsibilities, and passionately falling in love are tested. But then, that’s why our prince and princesses, kings and queens become mythical heroes. And their soul mates are very much their equal even without a trace of a royal blood.

The Nuuba Pride Shifters--Will lead. Will love. Will fight to protect their land.

Share: Which royal family, current or past, fascinates you? A winner will receive an ecopy of Into The Pride or an ecopy from my book list, if ITP has already been purchased. Winner will be randomly selected on Sunday, 3/23. Kindle or Nook formats, upon winner’s request. Good luck.




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Michelle Monkou’s Bio

Michelle is a multi-published author with over 20 books in print and digital. She writes contemporary romances, paranormal/urban fantasy and publishes her backlist and original stories on her independent digital platform, Stella Maris Publishing. She’s a weekly contributor on USA TODAY’s Happy Ever Blog conducting author interviews, recommending and reviewing books, and providing commentary on romance fiction. She resides in Maryland writing many more stories to fill the hands and e-readers of romantic bookaholics.

Twitter & Pinterest: @michellemonkou


  1. I'm a big fan of an old movie called "Anastasia" - the 1956 movie with Yul Brynner and Ingrid Bergman:)...that is really the only royalty I've followed (fiction or nonfiction) since Princess Diana died (yes, heart-broken and I never recovered:) anytime I see a book using the royalty story-angle, I'm looking for tortured and dark heroes and heroines with secrets galore, so yeah, your Inside the Pride worked for me:)!

    1. I remember that movie. I liked King and I and all its political incorrectness. I imagine that 1950s movies, Harlequin Presents and Barbara Cartland helped shaped my love for the romantic trope. But when you add a little bit of animal shift to anyone, there's bound to be a bit of brooding, secrets, and drama.

  2. I too was a fan of Princess Diana and no one else has lived up to her since her death. Personally, African royal dynasties fascinate me a lot more than European ones. I'm hoping your Nuuba Pride Shifters have African roots. Well, Lions are Africans right? LOL

    1. I liked Princess Di and that beautiful wedding. As she got older and I got older, our romance waned. Though her death was a shock. The Nuuba Pride isn't strictly European or African. Lots of various cultures' mythologies will play a role in the world building and as shifters and other groups are introduced.

  3. I have always been a fan of King Henry the 8th and his daughter Elizabeth. I have always enjoyed this time period! That Henry was a strange man indeed! Thanks for sharing!

    1. They both had longevity despite of or as a credit to their reigns. And what a massive influence they've had to current times. Thank you for stopping in.


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