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For the Love of Murphy #Giveaway

I'm honored to be included in this anthology, and totally enjoyed reading every story by my fellow authors. Each and every one of them are tremendiously talended and I know the readers out there will think so too.
And now, I'm sharing some fun excerpts from my fellow For the Love of Murphy authors:
For the Love of Murphy
Publisher: Roane Publishing
Release Date: March 17, 2014
Key Words: Adult, Romance, Sweet, Contemporary, Anthology

They say love conquers all, but whoever "they" are, must not have heard of Murphy's Law -- whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.
These five tales of sweet, accidental romance prove Cupid's arrows are a lot tougher than they seem, and sometimes it pays to be unlucky.


No Wrong Turns
Jessica Brannah is escaping from her last heartbreak with a loaded car and a new address. But, when Murphy's Law finds her stranded in a back country town, she realizes there's no outrunning love.




She hurried inside and scanned the counter. “Hello? Anyone here?”

“Henry’s in the back.”

She jumped at the deep voice behind her and whirled around. A sharp sting knifed her ankle as it twisted, sending her jostling sideways. Eyes wide, she struggled to keep her balance. Her grip was lost on the smooth glass, and she hit the concrete floor.

“I’m so sorry, ma’am. I didn’t mean to scare you.” The man took her hands in his, helping her stand. “I’m Sean. May I help you with something?”

Frustrated, Jessica sighed and blew the strings of hair from her face. “I ran out of gas around the corner. I just need to fill my little can, so I can bring my car back here, fill the tank, and be on my merry way.”

His blues eyes glistened with his stunning grin. Perfectly aligned teeth, plump lips, and a deep southern drawl had her heart pumping.

“Henry! I’m settin’ the pump!” He walked behind the counter and pushed a few buttons. “There you go.”

“Thanks.” She grabbed the container and made her way to the door, ever mindful of the dirt stained jeans from her recent tumble, and his glaring stare that seemed to pierce her from behind.

“Ma’am? Hold on a minute.”

His accent was music to her ears.

“Yes?” She turned to face him once more.

“You…a…look to be in need of assistance. Might I help?” His grin reappeared, producing a dimple in his left cheek. He tipped his brown cowboy hat and shuffled his boots toward her.

“Would love some. Thank you.” She passed him the canister.

Heading out the door, he gave her a little wink. “You hang tight. I’ll be right back.”

“Thank you.” She watched him saunter across the lot and admitted to herself that his jeans looked great on him. She dropped her gaze.

What are you doing? You’re leaving to get away from men, remember? Okay, Brandon in particular, but still—

About Lisa A. Adams:


Lisa A. Adams writes from a little plot of country, tucked away in the North Carolina Sandhills. When she’s not writing, Lisa can be found in her sewing room, in a classroom, or at a local soccer field. She has been married to her husband for over ten years, has five wonderful children, and two very spoiled cats.


Falling For You


Darci’s ready to move on. Too bad the dating pool stinks.  Until, a ghost from her past resurfaces—the man she missed out on in college.

Andrew was the one man she’d always loved, but neither of them ever made a move.  But, old feelings aren’t the only thing resurfacing of late.  Darci’s ex comes crawling back at the most inappropriate time, and with all the testosterone flying, she might not end up with either man.




Now, where is the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream?

She pulled open the freezer door and a grin split her face. There, in the center, wedged between some frozen bagels and a pizza, was a container of pre-packaged stress-relief. Her heart actually skipped a beat as her fingers caressed the chilled cylinder.

Spooning out a huge chunk of heaven, Darci mulled over her recent life choices. She relaxed as the cold touched her mouth. Her eyes flicked over her new counter tops, the bag of shoes next to the door, her fat dog curled up on a chair, and she tried to remember why she’d felt the need to start dating again. She could be the dog lady. Perhaps tomorrow, she’d change her vision-board from “successful computer programmer, world traveler, wife, and mother”, to “own lots of dogs and eat frosting straight from the can”.

The trill of her phone pulled Darci from her musings. Leaning forward, she dug around in her purse. Her mouth clung to the spoon, still sucking off ice cream, determined nothing would interrupt her. She dug through her purse, pushed a half empty pack of gum, a few stray dollars, a Kleenex, two unpaid bills, a tampon, her car keys, and a fun size Kit-Kat to the side.

I’ll clean this thing out tomorrow. Oh, look, stamps.

The electronic leash vibrated again.

Her hand paused midair and, without thinking, she snatched the Kit-Kat before answering. “Hello?” Her tone was muffled by a cold, empty, spoon.

“Darci Alexander. You put down that pint right now,” said the shrill, angry voice of her best friend.

Abby knew Darci too well. She plucked the spoon from her mouth. “I don’t drink.”

“Seriously? I’m not referring to alcohol. You admitted yesterday you had two new friends, Ben and Jerry. You said the three of you had gotten really well acquainted the last few nights. I heard the spoon click against your teeth as you answered. Put it down.”




About Michelle Ziegler

Michelle’s imagination started spilling out onto paper the second she could scribble.  Her drawing never improved, but her love affair with words continued and evolved as she became infatuated with one story after another.  If life could be written, Michelle would write everyone’s ending as a happily ever after.

Michelle grew up in Chicago and later moved to Colorado. Her husband still makes fun of her Midwest accent. By day, she is an engineer, wife, and mother to two kids and two dogs. Her sanity survives on the pages she writes, even if her toddler is trying to drive her to the edge one temper tantrum at a time.





Coffee and Cufflinks



Fresh out of a failed relationship and exhausted by a constant barrage of fiascos at work, Olivia Johnson doesn’t see the man of her dreams standing right in front of her. She tells herself the morning coffee meet-ups with Daren are nothing but coincidence, but even she can’t deny his unequivocal attractiveness. When a night entertaining clients takes a turn for the worst, and Daren shows up where she least expects him, failure starts to look more like fate.



We sat in silence, me sulking and drowning my sorrows in empty calories, while Michelle scrutinized every being with a Y chromosome who innocently walked within her sights.

"Him?" She pointed to a lanky balding man wearing a faded short-sleeved Hawaiian print shirt and khaki shorts.

"Let's be serious." I shook my plastic cup to get the last few ice chunks near the bottom of the straw.

"Olivia, we're looking for your rebound guy, not your future husband. You need to get this out of your system before you can actually move on." Patience was not a virtue Michelle possessed.

"I'm not ready to move on. Garrett and I just barely broke up. It's only been, like, three months. It's not time, yet."

"It's been six months. You were always too good for him. And, I'm not going to sit here and watch you mope over his loser ass. Now, if you don't like the display pieces here..."

"You're disgusting." I heaved a sigh.

"This fairytale true love ridiculousness has got to go. I know, let's go to Vegas! Plenty of possibility. We'll hit the Roman Hall and get a table at Cream."

"I don't want to go to strip clubs. The guys there are all gay, anyway." Knots formed in my stomach at the thought of a weekend filled with strange guys hitting on me and Michelle gambling until the ATM stopped giving her money.

"We're not trying to sleep with the strippers, we're just trying to get the image on Garrett's teeny tiny pecker out of your brain." 


About Annabelle Blume:


Annabelle is a best selling Romance and New Adult author, that is, when she's not checking homework or begrudgingly cooking dinner. Wife, mother, and creator of alternate worlds, Annabelle has a penchant for that which is outside the norm.

Her degree in Sociology has given her the ability to construct worlds that exist only in her head and translate them passionately to the page. The time spent studying individuals, interpersonal relationships, and particularly, women, within the constraints of our society led to Annabelle's unabashed ability to talk about sex as it fits into our modern lives.

She's also the author/personality of The Bombshell Mommy at where she helps modern Bombshells and their families live “green”.





A Slippery Slope


Anne Montgomery is psyched for her girl’s only weekend, despite her friends’ choice of vacation locale—the snowy slopes of Harris Peak Ski Resort—where someone as notoriously accident prone as she has no business being. When Murphy’s Law finally catches up with her, Anne is forced to consider there may be times when it pays to be unlucky.




Anne’s steps stuttered to a halt. “I still need to handle my rental equipment and book a ski lesson. I won’t feel like it after a few glasses of wine. Why don’t you guys grab the table and order me another glass of merlot? Shouldn’t take me more than fifteen minutes.”

Kristin shrugged. “Whatever works for you. Make sure you give them your room number. The rentals are included with the suite.”

Anne giggled, clicked her heels, and saluted Kristin. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Hey, just trying to help you out. There’s no sense paying full price if you don’t have to.”

Maria gave Kristin’s shoulder a sympathetic rub. “She’s kidding, goof. You really need to try to relax. We’re your friends, not your clients. We aren’t going to complain if we don’t have enough comped toothpaste and shampoo.” At Kristin’s look of confusion she continued. “Come on. Let’s get you something to drink. You’re starting to stress me out.” Her gaze shifted to Anne. “See you in a bit.”

A second stop at the front desk earned Anne the location of the rental shop. The clicking of her heels on the marble floor accompanied her as she hurried across the lobby in the direction of the hallway the clerk had indicated. She rounded the corner and barreled directly into a decidedly solid, crimson wall of humanity.

The air left her in a whoosh as she bounced off and staggered backward, arms flailing in a futile attempt to save herself the embarrassment of toppling to the floor for all to witness.

Just when she thought she was doomed to that exact fate, a vice clamped on to her elbow, and she jerked back against the rock hard chest. Strong arms snaked around her, holding her in place while the tantalizing, classic scent of Old Spice wafted across her nose.




About Rebecca Hart:
Rebecca is a single parent, full time IT geek, and reformed gaming addict living in Upstate NY. When not at the office with her nose buried in a laptop trying to fix it, she can be found at home with her nose buried in a laptop, writing instead. She admits to an obsession with pirates, Johnny Depp, penguins and rum. Her debut novel, a Paranormal Romance titled The Call of the Sea was published by Inkspell Publishing in June 21, 2012. 

Rebecca’s short stories have been featured in anthologies published by Pill Hill Press, Wicked East Press and DFE Quarterly. She enjoys hearing and interacting with her readers, so feel free to stalk her on social media.

Twitter handle: @rebelhart69
Amazon Author Page:
Goodreads Page:

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