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Mid Week Tease - Has my world just tilted on its axis? #MWTease

It's time for Mid Week Tease where my author friends and I post a little something from a WIP, flash fiction piece or from some of our published work for you, the readers. A huge THANKS to fellow author Sandra Bunino for creating this weekly event!

Enchanted (The Heart of Winter, 1) 

Can love withstand the test of time?

Winter never truly understood love, nor did she have time for men until she met Austin Wells Carlyle.  He was the man who would rock her world to its foundations.  He would test her notions, give her something to believe in, and change her misguided thoughts regarding happily ever after. Strangely, she was going to allow him to be the one thing she never believed in—her soul mate.

I'm pleased to let my readers and fans know the first book in my 4-book continuing series The Heart of Winter is under contract for audiobook and is currently in production.

For me, it has been a sort of a surreal time, actually being able to listen to my characters come to life in a different medium and jump off the pages of written words into the world of hearing them. :)

I will keep you all informed as to the release date of the audiobook.

Coming soon to Audible, Amazon and iTunes
Written by: London Saint James
Listen Time: 5 hrs and 30 mn
Narrated by: Laurel Morrell

Excerpt - When Winter first sees Austin.

     I heard a smooth male voice emanate from the direction of the corner booth.  I turned my attention to see someone standing perfectly still by the back corner.  His tall lean body was casually propped up against the wall.  His black jeans were frayed, and his black steel-toed boots untied.  The leather tongue of one boot was caught in the bottom fray of his jeans.  His left knee was sticking out a hole in his jeans.  He wore a pitch black leather bomber jacket which was worn over-top another black pull-over hooded sweatshirt. 
     My eyes continued their journey up the length of the body which belonged to the smooth voice.  Subsequently, I found the face shadowed beneath the dark hood.  When my eyes found his face, his eyes, something happened to me.  Has my world just tilted on its axis? I was off balance, overcome by something, a pull maybe.  This strange sensation took over.  There was something in which I could not fully understand and something in which my body was not at all use to.  My heart fluttered and raced.  It was like I had dropped a great distance at a very fast rate of speed, turning and flipping my stomach.
     With disbelieving eyes I watched him take his hand, run it over his hood then realized he was removing it from his head.  His pitch black hair was tousled.  One strand of pure black silken hair fell down over the smooth expanse of his forehead.  Dark eyebrows led the way to the most extraordinary long, dark, thick lashes, which outlined piercing eyes.  Those eyes were amazing. Not just one shade, but differing shades of blue-gray, and they seemed to smolder as he looked at me.  I felt my body shake with the immediate urge to touch him.  I was unsure he was real.  He was…beautiful. 
     I studied his face, the perfection of it.  His jaw line was strong, and his chin was dimpled with a cleft.  He looked like he had been carved, chiseled from the hand of an old master.  The full shape of his lips was beyond perfect, turning up into a breathtaking bright white smile.  He had the kind of smile which would make angels envious or, if not envious, sing in glory at the sight.  His cheekbones were high and pronounced and the line of his nose was just a very slight bit from a straight line at the bridge.  This fact only made this slightest of imperfections a now simple perfection. 
     He ran his fingers through his hair.  I wanted to be his fingers so I could touch his hair, caress his face, and run my fingertips over his lips.  Had I come unhinged, lost my mind in the moment? Everything about his face was spectacular.  Was I even breathing? All I could hear was the fast beating of my heart.  The pounding was hard in my ears.  My mouth went dry and cottony.  I think I forgot how to blink.
    “That was impressive.” He laughed a low even musical tone. “I thought I might need to step in but you handled yourself well.”
     I heard him; however, it took me a moment to process his voice and his words.  I was still stuck on the planes and angles of his face.
     “Uh….” I seemed to draw out the sound. “I’m sorry, what?” I muttered. 
     He smiled again, the most beautiful bright white smile.  His teeth were straight, brilliant, and perfect, too. 
Jeez.  He is, perfect.
     “What you just did, those obnoxious men.  It was impressive.”
     “Oh?” I said still a little muddled in my thoughts. “They were jerks.”  
     I watched the small laugh lines at the corners of his sensual mouth as they made their startling appearance with that devastating grin.  I stared rather oddly for a moment; pretty sure I was still unblinking.  Get a grip, girl.  You are acting like a total idiot.  The strange silence flustered me for an instant.  I needed to say something because he was just looking at me.  Oh my God, he is really looking at me.  Maybe he is waiting for me to say something?
     I blinked.

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  1. Love the description of his eyes, great tease too :-)

  2. Ooooooh. I don't blame her at all!

  3. You captured that deer in the headlights moment really well. Love her blink, lol. Great tease. :)

  4. I love your descriptive voice, London. You always paint such a great picture :-)

  5. Girl, I have to take my hat off to you. Your descriptions are just--wow.


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