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Head Over Heels by Remmy Duchene

A HUGE welcome to author Remmy Duchene! I'm glad to have you here on my blog and looking forward to finding out about your new release, so I'm turning things over to you :)


Title:  The Voices made me do it

Hi everyone! First I’d like to thank London for having me stop by and talk about my sexy novella Head Over Heels. I am very happy to be here. For those of you who do not know who I am, I am Remmy Duchene, writer of interracial (mostly) gay erotic romance. 

My newest release is Head Over Heels and was accepted by Evernight Publishing (flails). I am super excited to bring you Case and Christian, two men that are completely different than anything I’ve ever written before. Christian scarred from being trapped in a fire started by a pissed off bad guy and Case, a regular guy who is just happy to be able to sit on the beach first thing in the morning with a cup of Joe and the sunrise.

I’m not sure where I got them from—the idea came to me while I was sitting on the Go train watching graffiti walls fly by. First the voices kept harping on Christian and his scars. There was no way I could have written the story without having Christian be terribly scarred in some way. I cried while writing him because just imagine the pain being burned would cause. I know, I’m a baby when it comes to my boys.

Case on the other hand has his own issues, ones that he pretends aren’t there for as long as he could until he had to face facts that if he wanted to be happy he had to fight for Christian in more ways than one.
The ride from my home into Downtown Toronto isn’t a long one but you’d be surprised how many pages of scribbled notes for a story one can get done when you write like you were just pumped full of steroids and told “go!” lol.

Please leave a comment below – tell me where you get your best ideas for a chance to win a copy of Head Over Heels.

Remmy Duchene

Firefighter Christian Shane, badly scarred from a fire that ravished a city block, runs away from New York to Beacon Cove, hoping to hide away in his family's beach house. All he wants is to be left alone.

Case Jenkins never met a sexy, muscled stud he liked. They were always jocks and always dicks—plain and simple. He was too much of a nerd and not built like a brick house. But when he sees Christian Shane, he can't control himself. Nothing worth having ever comes easy, and Case isn't quite sure he has enough patience. But there’s a mad-man trying to burn down the world, and in the end, both men must come to terms with their feelings.

You can find Head Over Heels here:

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