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Mid Week Tease - BLISS #MWTease

It's time for Mid Week Tease where my author friends and I post a little something from a WIP, flash fiction piece or from some of our published work for you, the readers. Thanks to fellow author Sandra Bunino for creating this weekly event!

I thought this week I'd continue with Enchanted (The Heart of Winter, 1)


     Austin shifted on the bed.  In a masterful move, he rolled me to my back.  He was tucked between my legs, but somehow kept his weight shifted enough that he wasn’t overwhelming me.  I could feel the quickened pace of my heart beating along with a hard unfamiliar yet appetizing sensation which was pressing against my inner thigh.  This definitely contributed to the accelerated beat of my heart.  I had never experienced a man's excitement before.  He skimmed the tip of his nose across my jaw line lifting my head, tilting it back with his nose.  His mouth nuzzled the hollow just beneath my ear.  This sent chills over the surface of my skin.  My hands seemed to tangle into his hair, fisting.
     “Mmm....” He groaned against my tender flesh then sucked softly on the side of my neck.
     My teeth worked my bottom lip before a small sound of pleasure escaped from me.  Austin’s hands slowly shimmered up my sides.  He was lifting my shirt from the bottom.  When I experienced his warm fingertips brush whisper soft against my flesh, I shivered.  His mouth found my throat where he pressed a soft, hot, kiss.  I started to actually become anxious, nervous.  Lightning hit me deep inside my core and rumbled there.
     “Winter,” he whispered.  The warm sensation of his breath danced across my lips.  He was holding my face securely, while his sapphire blue eyes pierced me through. “Are you ready?”  
I swallowed hard. “Um..., I-I.” I stuttered.
     “You are stuttering.”
     He skimmed his mouth over my mouth, flicking out his tongue to outline the inner slope of my lips. “I make you nervous,” he stated in a low hungry voice.
     “Yes,” I confessed. 
Austin chuckled, sending waves of chills and fire over my skin.
     “Why? Why do I make you nervous?”
     “Um…well, you….” I felt his lips nuzzle into the hollow below my ear again then suck the side of my neck.  Then he licked the sensitive skin.  My nipples turned as hard as pebbles.
     “You were saying,” he prompted, his voice softer than velvet.
     How can he be doing such things and stay so in control, so calm?
     “You make me feel a lot of things,” I muttered.
     “Uh huh.  What kind of things?” he asked while his fingers outlined my lips, lingering.
     “Things which are hard to explain because—” I shuddered.  His hand brushed down over my chin, my throat, my breast and kept going.
     I was losing my mind and confessed. “I have never felt them before.”
     “Mmm.” He murmured against my cheek. “I know what you mean.”
     “You do?” My voice cracked.   Austin shifted just a bit, pressing against me, allowing me to feel his desire at my core.
     “I do.”
     “Austin, I.” I stopped myself from saying what I wanted to say.  I wanted to say, “I love you, make love to me.”  I wanted to say, “don’t stop, don’t ever stop.”
     “What is it, baby?”
     Austin’s hands roamed down my sides, his mouth finding a home in the shallow depth of my throat.
     “Um,” I muttered.  I ran my hands over his shoulder blades.
     “Tell me.” He encouraged with a little nip on my lip.
     I blurted it out, “You feel so good.”
     “You feel good, too.” Austin shifted again.  He pulled back.  His mouth found the top curve of my breast through my shirt.
     “God, Austin.” My algebra book slid off the bed.  It made a thwap when it hit the floor.
     Austin’s hands glided over my stomach.  He was pulling my shirt up, exposing my bellybutton.  The bed dipped when he moved down my body.  The moisture from his tongue mixed with his breath on my flesh and made me shiver while he made a slow circle around my navel.  I actually moaned.
     “Nice,” he commented.
     “That feels really good,” I said in a breath.
     “Yes, it does,” His tongue swirled upward.  He stopped.  “You taste so sweet.”
     I was unsure of what to say. “I do?”
     His breath shot across my ribs, my navel.  I shook.  I could feel the upward movement of his mouth forming a smile.  He is smiling.
     Austin pressed his lips firmly on my stomach.  He was kissing me.  My stomach jerked in response to the softness of his mouth caressing me there.
     “Winter, are you still nervous?”
     I bit at my bottom lip. “A little bit.”

 Coming this summer to Audiobook!

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  1. Such a sensual scene! Loved it, London :-)

  2. And you picked my favorite scene from that book. Awesome!

  3. When she says she's never felt these things and he says he knows what she means, that grabbed my attention completely and I am so curious to know what he meant when he said that! But the biggest compliment I can give you London is that this is a beautiful example of using dialogue to create intimacy. I LOVE that in books! Great job!

  4. I agree, your use of dialog pulled me in closer and brings their passion right up front. Beautifully done.

  5. Methinks her nervousness is melting fast too! I could feel her cocktail of emotions in this--nervousness and desire and curiosity with desire slowly taking over. Nicely done. :)

  6. I love the build up and the slow way he seduces her with her nervousness. I certainly felt that. Congrats on going to audio.

  7. great dialogue, lovely tease :-)

  8. What a wonderful mix of emotion here, London! I love her innocence. Congratulations on the Audiobook. How exciting!

    Thanks for teasing with me!


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