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Mid Week Tease - He Kissed Me #MWTease #Giveaway

Welcome to Mid Week Tease, where my author friends and I post a little something from a WIP, flash fiction piece or from some of our published work for you, the readers. Thanks to fellow author Sandra Bunino for creating this weekly event.  

My contemporary erotic romance, The Good Sister: Part One has released in audiobook! In honor of this release, I'll be giving away one copy of this audiobook to one lucky winner. 

To be eligible to win The Good Sister: Part One in audio, please leave a comment below along with your email address. The winner will be picked at random.

Trinity Lane Winslow feared everything and lived her life vicariously through others. She dreamed of the impossible, yearning to be the kind of woman men desired—especially Reid Addison.

Reid Addison feared nothing, except how the mousey little blonde daughter of his housekeeper made him feel.  Even though Trinity Winslow wasn’t his type, there was something intriguing about her.

Lord Ashton Archer lived a fairy tale life with property all over the world, was heir to a ducal dynasty, and had women fawning all over him. Anything a man could want, he obtained by the snap of his fingers.

By a twist of fate the three of them find their way into the same illicit world of the infamous 

Madam Jacqueline Claudette Rousseau. But will they find what each of them truly desires? Or will they always long for the forbidden?

Note: The Good Sister: Part One is a 2-book series. It is best read/listened to in order. 
Be Warned: Voyeurism, anal sex, rimming, spanking, bondage, multiple partners.

  Here's an exclusive audio clip from the audiobook! Just hit the play button below and enjoy.


You can find The Good Sister: Part One ebook here:

Amazon UK
Evernight Publishing

You can find The Good Sister: Part One in audio here:
Amazon UK

For More Mid Week Tease:


  1. Loved the audio tease, London. The narrator has the perfect voice for this story.

  2. Congratulations, London, on going to audio for your book. I could not get the clip to play though. I'm not sure if its from my end or yours.

  3. Congrats on your audio release, London :-)

  4. This book blurb has me very interested and love the idea of the audio tease, but kept getting error 502 bad gateway, doesn't matter though because I love the blurb :-)

  5. Sorry to those who tried to listen and got an error. I think everything is fixed now.


  6. The blurb promises an intriguing tale. I can't listen to it because the plug isn't supported on my Tablet. Congratulations on the audio release, London.

    Best wishes,

  7. I love your audio teases, London. She does such a fab job with your lovely words. You must be so excited.


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