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Mid Week Tease - A Still-life of Male Anatomy #MWTease

Welcome to Mid Week Tease, where my author friends and I post a little something from a WIP, flash fiction piece or from some of our published work for you, the readers. As always, a HUGE thanks to fellow author Sandra Bunino for creating this weekly event.  

December 1st was the Cover Reveal for Insatiable, my upcoming Self-Pub. Insatiable is about about the insatiable desire one woman experiences for a man, who will, more than likely be the ruin of her, or so she believes. From the first moment their eyes met, she’s been unable to stop herself from wanting him. And the man? Well, the man will give her everything she shouldn’t need. Shouldn’t want. Everything she secretly desires. 

I love this cover so much I have to show it off again. So, my tease this week comes from, you guessed it--Insatiable.

Cover Art by Jay Aheer
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Multiple Partners, BDSM
Heat Level: 5
Coming Soon!

I first saw him sitting in the cafĂ© of the hotel where I worked. He glanced up, eyes scorching green, and smiled at me. Our gazes locked. I don’t know why my body reacted the way it did—all tingly and hot as though I’d been struck by a bolt of lightning, but I smiled back. I’d never felt such an instant attraction. Not even with Nick, the man I’d been in a two year relationship with. The man, whom I foolishly believed, would never cheat on me.

The compelling stranger grabbed his tablet, stood up from the table, and gestured with his head to follow him. And in that moment I knew. I knew he would ruin me, and I would let him.

Early morning light trickled in through the window blinds and painted the tawny skin of Nick’s back in oblong slashes of sunshine and shadow, turning him into a still-life of male anatomy and white twisted sheets. Not wanting to wake him, I padded my way over from the bathroom to the bed, on the balls of my feet, swiping shower-damp hair from my face. Nick didn’t just sleep in the bed, but sprawled across the mattress in decadent masculinity. I smiled. I couldn’t help myself.
Nick and I first met at Starbucks my senior year in college. Okay, I should probably say I first ran into Nick at Starbucks. Literally. It was your classic, I’m going out with a cup in one hand, cell phone in the other, oversized bag sliding off my shoulder, speed texting with my thumb, and ran smack-dab—nose-to-chest—into Nick Cassidy, communications major, aquatic god, and Olympic gold medalist as he was coming in. After the whole, “Crap-and-a-nap! I’m so sorry” routine while I made an even bigger fool of myself trying to juggle what was in my hands, swiping at the caramel macchiato I’d dumped down the front of his windbreaker, Nick asked me out. Taken aback, I said yes, only to be disappointed two days later when he called me at the last minute and canceled. Apparently, he had a girlfriend. So, yeah. I’d pretty much written him off, but the day after the date which never happened; he was at my door with a bouquet of wildflowers in hand singing please forgive me. When I asked about the girlfriend, he told me he broke up with her in order to go out with me. I thought he was nuts. Too cute with his bangs flopping down over his right eye. And, a horrible singer. But even with such inauspicious beginnings, we were pretty much inseparable from then on.
As I quietly watched him, he turned over from his stomach, to his back, and had taken a pillow with him which partially obscured the angles of his face. I raked my gaze over the long lines of his naked body. His smooth, sculptured chest. The tuft of hair under his arm, and the way a thin line of dark-honey-blond hair started at his navel, flowed down his lower stomach, becoming lost to me beneath the sheet.
With a tilt to my head, I took in his slow, even, almost hypnotizing respirations. I should probably take Nick up on his proposal. Not the one where he gave me his detailed, and I’m sure in his mind, totally valid reasons for why we should get married, but the one he suggested to be the second best option. To move in together. We’d been seeing each other for two years and were in a committed relationship. I did love Nick. My best friend already thought me foolish for not snagging the title of Mrs. Nicholas Cassidy, so if Nick and I did cohabitate together, she’d likely be happy I hadn’t completely lost my mind. Heck, he already spent more time with me here then at his own place, so why not?
When his fingers curled around the edge of the pillow I reached out, not touching, but tracing the shadow they cast beside him before I slipped in next to him.
His kissed by the sun eyelashes fluttered, then opened to reveal the startling sky-blue of his eyes. “Hey there,” he said in his waking voice, deep and gravelly.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you. It’s early. Go back to sleep.”
Nick stretched, yawned, rolled to his side, and pulled me into his chest. I took in the scent of him—faded cologne and soap.
“Where you watching me sleep?”
I nodded. He ran his palm over the curve of my hip, and pressed his erection against my lower belly.
I didn’t want to tell him that I enjoyed watching him sleep. Liked the idea he was mine. Loved to study the lean lines of his swimmers build. Considered taking our relationship to the next level.
“Because,” I said.
He chuckled. “‘Because’ isn’t an answer.” His hand meandered up and under the cotton material of my sleep-shirt to claim my left breast. “But, I’ll let it slide,” he joked. “How was work?”
“Same ole.”
“I hope you find someone to take over the night audit position soon.”
 My breath caught in my throat when he squeezed my nipple. “I have a couple of candidates set up for interviews on Wednesday morning.”
Nick swiped his thumb over the tip, once, twice…. “I don’t know why you can’t make your assistant manager work a few of the overnight shifts.”
 “Janelle is a single mother. It’s too hard to find someone to watch small children over night.”
“Tell corporate to send someone to fill in from one of their other hotels.”
“Corporate isn’t going to disrupt their other hotels. I’m the GM at Chateau Mar. It’s my job to fix the staffing problems.”
His hand cupped and squeezed my breast.
“Get Paul to fill in then,” he said.
“He has early morning classes this semester and is only working the front desk in the late afternoons and evenings.” I paused. “Do you really want to talk about my job at the hotel? Or, do you have something else on your mind this morning?” I reached between us and placed my hand over his rock hard cock.
He made a low noise in his throat, slipping his knee between my thighs.
“Since you brought it up.” The corners of his mouth twitched.
“I think you were already up,” I teased as I stroked the steely length of him.
Groaning, Nick rucked-up my shirt, dipped his head, and took the nipple his fingers were playing with into his warm mouth.
“Oh….” I moaned. He sucked harder.
“Your breasts are so damn perfect, Kayla.” He twirled his tongue around the pink peak. “Sit up and take this off.” He tugged at the clump of cotton material bunched around my neck. I let loose of him. We untangled ourselves from one another and sat up. “Lift your arms.” 
When I did, Nick tugged the shirt up and off my body, discarding the garment over the side of the bed. His blue gaze touched my lips before his mouth did with a whisper soft lip-on-lip caress. I opened for him. He took my tongue with his in a ballet of twining moisture and heat. He knew how to kiss me.
Nick curled his fingers around the base of my skull, and lay me back, never breaking our kiss. When my head hit the pillow, he slipped his hand free, angled my chin up, and took my mouth and tongue, plunging deep. My sex liquefied and my heart thrummed.
Barely pulling back from my lips he said, “I want to be inside of you.” He traced his fingertips down my lower belly, slipped one between my pouting lower lips, dipped into my moisture, and slid up to rub my clit. “Mm… Nice and wet.”

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