Thursday, December 4, 2014

Slip Between the Pages with London

*Waves* Hi everyone. I hope your December isn't too hectic and you all made it through the Thanksgiving meals, and Black Friday deals :) Jeez, the crowds, crowds, and even more crowds pretty much did me in for the year. Not that I have much of the year left at this point. Anyhoo, I've been reading some interesting post from bloggers and social media guru's about the upcoming January 2015 Facebook changes which looks as though it will impact pages, and what's being seen in feeds, even author pages.

For me, and many other authors, we utilize social media to connect with our friends, family, and fans, in order to let everyone know what's up in our lives, and what's up and coming as far as our writing is concerned. While I do have a personal FB account, I try not to post a lot of author goings and comings, but I do post some things there. I've attempted to utilize my author's page and my FB group for those things instead.

Speaking of my FB group, a couple of month's ago I started a book group, Slip Between the Pages with London. Let me tell you, I love them. They rock! And in November, I took the plunge into a monthly newsletter. 

With all the upcoming changes with FB, I don't want to lose out on keeping my friends and fans informed. So, that being said, I hope you come join me in my book group and sign up for my newsletter. Between the two, I'm keeping my fingers crossed I won't lose my connection with my readers and friends who want to know what's going on with me.

You can clink on the graphic below to be taken to my FB group to join, or on the link above.

Join my mailing list for my Slip Between the Pages with London monthly newsletter:

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