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#TeaserTenth - Tell me something, luv

#TeaserTenth is a monthly meme for writers, both published and unpublished, created by fellow author J.A. Belfield which will showcase up to TEN LINES from a current WIP (work in progress) finished or unfinished, or from some of our published works.

My #TeaserTenth meme comes from a coming soon work called, Insatiable. Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, BDSM, Multiple Partners.


“Do you always feel the need to apologize?”
I bit at the inside of my cheek, thinking about his question. Did I always apologize for things? “Well….”
There was that chuckle of his again, tickling my ear. “I shall take your hesitance as a confirmation you do.”
“Perhaps it’s an ingrained response.”
“Mm…. Ingrained is an interesting choice of words, Makayla.”
I settled back into my chair. “You think so?”
“Yes. Quite interesting.” A pause. A breath. “Tell me something, luv.”
“Why do you believe the need to say ‘I’m sorry’ is ingrained?”

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  1. Sounds saucy. I like a bit of sauce. ♥

    Thanks for joining in on the meme. ☺

  2. I'm curious for the answer to his question. Great tease, London. :)

  3. Nice tease! Looking forward to a good read...


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