Wednesday, February 25, 2015

La Vida Loca


Well, things for me in the past few months have been crazy. And sometimes my crazy life turns into a juggling act of how to do all the normal things of daily living, like laundry and buying food. Let me tell you, when you're wearing your Cinderella ball gown costume from several Halloweens ago to vacuum because that's the only thing left you have clean to wear, and you're eating Captain Crunch without the milk straight from the box for dinner, 'cause you needed to buy groceries like two days ago, you realize you may need to take some personal time to catch up in your personal life. *Smiles*

So with all the whirlwind of four new releases (ebook and audiobook) promotion, writing and completing one of my WIPs, and finally doing some laundry and hitting up the grocery store, I missed out on getting things done for my usual Mid Week Tease spot :( which I didn't mean to do. So, to all my blog followers who love Mid Week Tease, I'm sorry I didn't get things done and connected in time. Next week, I'll be back with the tease. I promise.



  1. You're forgiven for missing this week's tease! Sometimes we just need to take a break for some me time.

    1. But I would love to see you in the Cinderella ball gown vacuuming!


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