Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mid Week Tease - Dear Dark Tales... #MWTease

Welcome to Mid Week Tease. Thanks to the lovely and talented Sandra Bunino, who created this weekly fun, myself and other author friends post a little something for you, the readers, from some of our published works, up-and-coming releases, and WIP (Works in Progress).

Dark Tales Diaries: Volume One Just Released on Audible!

For years, Tristan Blackthorn has toiled to find his lost love. He finally decides to use Blackthorn Printing, along with his newly created Dark Tales Diaries, as a way to find her. Will her story be one of the three tales in Volume One?

Mistress Guinevere’s calling card is her Red Stilettos. She specializes in a particular fetish and always maintains her control, until a man from her past returns to test her will.

A recently divorced woman experiences the effects of empty nest syndrome after her twins head off to college. With the clock ticking away, she decides it’s far past time to seek out something that has always eluded her. Will she find what she’s looking for with The Leather’s Edge?

And a bored computer programmer learns what it’s like to feel sexual freedom after being bound by a Master in Safe Word.

Let me tell you, when I decided to travel into the world of turning some of my books into audiobooks, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but I've been so blessed to work with some really talented people. So, I'm going to go ahead and say I am the luckiest woman in the world to be able to work with John Thrust on my Dark Tales Diaries project! His talent, never ceases to amaze me. And, ladies. When his voice hits those low rumbles...Woo. You may need to fan yourself. I'm just saying.

Dark Tales Diaries: Volume One
Written by London Saint James
 Narrated By John Thrust
 Length: 1 hr and 23 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Genre: Erotic Romance, BDSM, Short Stories, Series

You can find Dark Tales Diaries: Volume One on Audiobook here:


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  1. Lovely tease London. I am looking forward to reading it and hearing it!!

  2. Wonderful tease, London, well done!


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