Thursday, March 5, 2015

Inquiring Minds Want to Know #LSJTitles

*Waves* Hi everyone. I've had a lot of questions about several of my book series, so I thought I'd pass along the answers to the questions of what all those inquiring minds want to know. *Smiles*

I'll start with Bad Boy Fever series. Yes, Spanked by the Bad Boy is the first book in the series of standalone books. You do not need to read or listen to these books/audiobooks in any specific order. Book two, Claimed by the Bad Boy has been written. Currently, the manuscript is with my beta reader, then from there it will be sent to my publisher, Decadent Publishing for their consideration. Claimed by the Bad Boy is Ryker Cage's story ;)

Dark Tales Diaries series. Yes, there will be a Dark Tales Diaries Three. It is best to read/listen to these books/audiobooks in order. Book three is in the WIP (works in progress) stage. This book will be a little bit different then the other two books in the series, in as, this will not be short stories, but a novel length book featuring Tristan and Keira.

Paradise Ranch series.  Yes, Trouble in Paradise (Paradise Ranch Novel) which is book two in this series is coming. Currently, this book is in the WIP (works in progress) stage. Book one is the introductory novella, so it would be best to read Welcome to Paradise first.

Lost Boys series. Rise of the Lost Prince is the first book in the Lost Boys series. It will not be necessary to read or listen to these books in order, however book one does set up the world and characters of the series, so you may wish to read/listen in order. Book two is underway WIP (works in progress) however, at this point in time, I don't have a completion time frame.

I'm always happy to hear from readers and fans, and enjoy reading and responding to your emails. *Hugs*

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  1. I am looking forward to all your works in progress!!


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