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Mid Week Tease - They Knew They Were Different #MWTease

Welcome to Mid Week Tease. Thanks to the lovely and talented Sandra Bunino, who created this weekly fun, myself and other author friends post a little something for you, the readers, from some of our published works, up-and-coming releases, and WIP (Works in Progress).

I'm happy to say Rise of the Lost Prince in Audiobook should be hitting Audible, Amazon, and iTunes any day now. Yay! I really loved writing this first story in the Lost Boys series, and I'm super stoked to have the cast of the Lost Boys come to life off the written page. And, as always, I want to sing the praises of my producer and narrator, John Thrust. He is phenomenal! Oh, and isn't the Audiobook cover phenomenal, too? I think so. HUGE thanks goes to the lovely and talented Jay Aheer for making this wonderful audio cover.

Title: Rise of the Lost Prince
Series: Lost Boys (Book 1)
Written by: London Saint James
Narrated by: John Thrust
Listening time: 5 hrs.  1min. 24 secs.
Genre: M/F Paranormal Erotic Romance, Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Action/Adventure, Gothic
Unabridged Audiobook


Graphics by Liz






They fight to protect those who would never welcome them into the human world... 

Petúr always knew he and his brothers-in-arms were different. Something more. Something not human. Yet, he never expected to find out the truth of their origins, nor fall for a human woman whose father was set to destroy Neverland. 

Ever since she was a child, Wyndi dreamed of an angel with eyes of the purest gold, although she never really believed such a man existed until she met the hauntingly beautiful Petúr of the lost boys. 
With a prophecy to fulfill, a woman to protect, a portal to find, and evil darklings out for blood, will Petúr be strong enough to rise up and claim what’s rightfully his, or lose everything to a long-time nemesis, Grapple the Dark?

You can find the ebook here:

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  1. Can't wait to listen to John read Rise of the Lost Prince. I love his voice and this is an amazing story. Looking forward to book two!

  2. Congrats on the cover and the audio book, London. :)

  3. Great snippet, London, well done!

  4. Great teaser and cover, London.

  5. Just fab, London, and how exciting re the audio book :-)

  6. I normally don't like to listen to audios, not my thing, but this sounds great. I was into it. Very nice. May have to rethink my thoughts on audio :D

  7. Major huge congrats, London!!! xoxoxoxo


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