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Mid Week Tease - You won't be wearing anything #MWTease

Welcome to Mid Week Tease. Thanks to the lovely and talented Sandra Bunino, who created this weekly fun, myself and other author friends post a little something for you, the readers, from some of our published works, up-and-coming releases, and WIP (Works in Progress).

This week I thought I'd celebrate Rise of the Lost Prince going to print.

They fight to protect those who would never welcome them into the human world... 

Petúr always knew he and his brothers-in-arms were different. Something more. Something not human. Yet, he never expected to find out the truth of their origins, nor fall for a human woman whose father was set to destroy Neverland. 

Ever since she was a child, Wyndi dreamed of an angel with eyes of the purest gold, although she never really believed such a man existed until she met the hauntingly beautiful Petúr of the lost boys. 

With a prophecy to fulfill, a woman to protect, a portal to find, and evil darklings out for blood, will Petúr be strong enough to rise up and claim what’s rightfully his, or lose everything to a long-time nemesis, Grapple the Dark?

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“You can’t do this,” Wyndi insisted, stomping her foot in the middle of the kitchen.
“I can, and I will,” Petúr said, eyes burning like liquid gold.
Dash started studying the newspaper he hadn’t been reading. And was Tera whistling as he walked off? Men.
“I refuse to be some kind of prisoner, Petúr.”
“On that note,” said Firefox, placing a massive bowl of scrambled eggs in the middle of the table. “I’m outta here.”
Petúr made a derisive sound, glancing down at her. “Prisoner? Really?”
“Okay. Maybe not a prisoner in the actual sense of the word, but—”
“I’m freakin’ hungry,” said Vapor, grabbing up a plate of bacon. “So, you two fight away. I’m still eating.”
“Me, too,” said Byte. “Pass the toast, Vape my man.”
“Grapple is after you, Wyndi.” Petúr said, ignoring all of his brothers. “And in case you’ve forgotten the incident in your parking lot, he’s not someone who you want on your trail.”
“No,” she said, quietly, picturing the swarm of darklings coming out of the shadows. A shiver spiraled down her spine. “I haven’t forgotten.”
“I can better protect you here.”
“I can’t stay in Neverland indefinitely, Petúr. I have a business to run, and I can’t go missing without word.”
He crossed his arms, biceps bulging. Get a grip, she thought. They were having an argument in the middle of the kitchen, with witnesses. Was it weird she wanted to lick the right well-formed muscle and then the left?
“You’re not leaving the castle,” he said, lines of tension branching out from the corners of his devastatingly gorgeous eyes. “End of story.”
The man was stubborn. Well, two could play that game.
She crossed her arms, doubting the gesture to be as impressive. “I at least need to go home for a little while.”
He gave one terse shake of his head. “Not happening.”
“I won’t stay long. I’ll do what I need to then come back.”
Wyndi heaved a sighed. Exasperated. “I need to make some calls, get my assistant manager to fill in at the bar, have Sven cover for Bell, and shift servers around on the floor.” She glanced down at herself. “Not to mention, I don’t have any clothing here and I can’t flit around in your T-shirts all the time.”
He smirked, glancing down the length of her body. “Why not? I enjoy the way you look in my T-shirts.”
She quickly looked around to see the others not really paying attention, or maybe they were good at hiding the fact they actually were taking in every moment of their quarrel.
Her cheeks flamed. “Get serious, Petúr.”
“I assure you, I am serious.”
More heat danced over her skin by the way he was watching her.
“Vibe will pay a visit to Jolly Roger’s. You’re away on business for your father. At least, that’s what everyone will believe.”
“And Bell?”
“Out sick,” he said. “Vibe will make sure her shift is covered.”
She set her chin, hands on hips. “And my father? Is Vibe going to scramble my father’s brains, too?”
A muscle in his jaw ticked. “What do you mean, too?”
“I wasn’t mugged in that alley, was I?”
“No,” he said in a quiet tone. “One of the darklings was after you.” She blinked, the memory coming forward in her mind of a ghoul with a forked tongue. “I’m sorry, but I was trying to protect you from remembering something most would consider a nightmare.”
“And trying to keep me from knowing about you and the others, too.”
“Yes,” he said. “But, now you know, and I promise Vibe will never change your memories again.”
“And, my father?”
He pinched the bridge of his nose. “You’re father is a hard man to get alone.”
She narrowed her eyes. “You’ve tried to have Vibe do the mind thing on him?”
Petúr scowled. “Maybe.”
“Maybe?” She lifted her chin. “Please clarify.”
“Let’s just say, if we could have stopped him from buying this place, we would have.”
He sounded so defeated. Some of her ire settled.
“Just...” She paused and looked away. “Don’t hurt him.”
“Do you believe I would?” he asked, voice hard.
“I don’t know.” She glanced back up to see the harsh planes of his glorious face. “Maybe.”
“Maybe? Please clarify.”
So, he wasn’t above using her tactics.
“Perhaps you would.” She bit at the inside of her cheek.
“Perhaps?” He snorted. “Perhaps isn’t an answer, Wyndi.”
Gosh. Why did she have to love the way her name sounded when he said it?
“I don’t know,” she said. “You might, to protect your home.”
“We may use scare tactics, or change people’s memories, but we do what we do in order to protect them and ourselves. What do you think would happen if people knew about us? About the things we can do? About all those things which really do go bump in the night?”
She blinked up at him, processing that. He must have taken her silence as a confirmation she didn’t believe him.
“We don’t hurt humans,” he said through gritted teeth. “No matter what. Okay?”
She knew, on some instinctive level, he was telling her the truth. She dropped her gaze yet again. “Okay.”
He reached out and tucked his fingers under her chin. “Look at me.” Softening at the touch, she did what he requested. “We won’t harm your father.”
She nodded. “Don’t you think he’ll become suspicious if he doesn’t hear from me?”
“Nope.” He slipped his fingers free of her and she mourned the loss of contact. “You are going to call him. Let him know you’re going to take a few days away from work. How about a trip to a spa?”
She arched a brow. “Spa?”
He shrugged his big shoulders. “Sounds like a good reason to be away to me.”
“How am I supposed to call him? No phones, remember?” Byte cleared his throat. Petúr produced her cell phone from his pocket and handed it over. “You had the twins take my phone out of my purse, didn’t you?”
“Guilty,” he said.
Unless she wanted to argue until she was blue in the face, she’d give in.
“Fine,” she said, not quite as piqued as she sounded.
“After the call,” he said, “and after you eat something, we’re having a group meeting so Bell can tell the guys what she told me about the portal.”
“All right.”
“Then we’ll make a quick trip to your place to get some clothing.”
“Thank you for not forcing me to wear this the entire time I’m here.” She tugged at the too large shirt she was wearing.
 “You’re welcome. But, I never said you’d be wearing my shirts the entire time.” He hit her with a wicked smile an instant before he leaned down and whispered in her ear, warm breath gusting across her cheek and neck. “When I get you alone again, you won’t be wearing anything, because I intend to continue where we left off in my room earlier.”
Goose bumps humped her flesh right about the moment she blushed. Quickly she glanced at the phone, pressing the icon in her contacts to dial her father’s number with her thumb. 

You can find the paperback of Rise of the Lost Prince here:

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  1. I'm LOLing as I picture the guys sitting there eating breakfast, pretending not to listen while the two of them argued. Great teaser.

  2. Oh my goodness, I CANNOT WAIT TO READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! And congrats on it going to print! London, I love this so much!

  3. Such a cool tease. Congrats on the print and audio version. :-)

  4. Lol, fabulous tease, and congrats on going to print :-)

  5. Great tease, and congrats on the print release!

  6. This is an amazing tease, London, and mucho congratulations on the print release!


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