Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mid Week Tease - Why the heck did I have to dream about him? #MWTease #ParadiseRanch

Welcome to Mid Week Tease. Thanks to the lovely and talented Sandra Bunino, who created this weekly fun, myself and other author friends post a little something for you, the readers, from some of our published works, up-and-coming releases, and WIP (Works in Progress).

How about a little bit from one of my current WIPs, Trouble in Paradise? This is from the novel length book I'm working on in my Paradise Ranch series. Welcome to Paradise, the introductory novella is out now with Roane Publishing. Genre: Contemporary erotic western romance.

Here's an unedited excerpt from Trouble in Paradise:

“Wake up, darlin’,” a low, smoky voice whispered near my ear.
Behind me, hard heat pressed along the length of my bare back, ass, and thighs. My eyelids flittered open. Everything seemed hazy. Off kilter. I rubbed at my gritted eyes. Blinked. Glanced around. I was in bed, lying on my side. Silver light trickled in through the sheer curtains and slashed provocatively over my naked torso.
A large, warm palm slid up my ribs to cup a breast. My nipples pulled tight and hardened.
“What are you doing?” I asked in a sleepy voice.
His nose nuzzled into the hollow behind my ear. Chills scattered over my sweat-dampened skin.
“I think we both know what I’m doing.”
He squeezed my needy flesh between expert fingers and licked the side of my neck before sucking there. “Aah, Kale. I—”
“Shh…. Don’t fight this.” He rolled me over to my back—his chiseled features coming closer—green eyes glittering in the moonlight, and brushed his nose over mine. “Give me what I want, Sutton,” he said, gripping my face between his hands, and kissed my lips.
When I open myself to him, his tongue delved past my teeth. I moaned at the sensation—the slick glide of his tongue against mine. He tasted of expensive wine, and mint chocolate. An extravagance no woman could afford.
When he settled against me, tucking his bigger body between my wanting thighs, he devoured me in the most delectable way. He speared me deep, taking my breath, fucking into my mouth, rubbing his tongue against mine. I was consumed by him. Fire snaked up my spine. Then he backed off. Sucked on my tongue. Retreated, only to bite on my lower lip. Unable to help myself, I arched my core into him. My hands lodged into his soft hair, then roamed over his shoulders, cataloging his muscled arms.
“I’ve always wanted to taste you. Feel you. Be deep inside of you.” His black velvet voice was desire roughened as he kissed his way along my chin. My neck. Licked my throat. Slid his mouth over the apex of my breasts. Traced the tip of his tongue around my areola. “Tell me you want this.”
“Oh, God.”
“Tell me.”
“Yes,” I admitted in a breath. “I do.”
As though a reward for my response, Kale slipped his lips over my erect nipple, tongued and sucked while the wide head of his cock made progress against my clit, sending heated spikes up my body to quiver low in my belly.
“I have to have you,” he said.
“This is crazy, Kale.”
But, crazy or not, I plunged my hands into his hair once more, tugging until he returned to my mouth for another deep, probing, hungry kiss. I couldn’t get enough of him. My body trembled against the steely strength of his.
Kale pumped his hips, sliding his impressive length along my feminine folds. “You’re so wet for me.”
“Open your eyes, darlin’.”
I gazed up at him, and the intensity of his expression rattled me. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”
“We should,” he said as he ran the pad of his thumb over the swell of my lips. I slipped my fingertips down the furrow of his spine. Need rumbled through me like a summer storm. I wrapped my legs around his tight waist. He muttered a low sexy curse through gritted teeth. “Tell me yes.”
“I—” My words were lost when he ground himself against my throbbing core.
“Say it,” he demanded.
“Yes,” I whispered.
With a smooth glide, his hand moved along my side, gripped my hip, angling me tightly into him. His other hand tangled into my hair, securing me—the pad of his thumb rhythmically brushed along my temple. He pressed forward, parting my sex intimately with the head of his dick and stared into my eyes—our warm breath bathing each other’s mouths and chins. My body was tingling in anticipation. What was he waiting for? Then with one hard thrust, Kale was stretching and filling me completely until the lips of my pussy were at the root of him. I cried out in pleasured bliss. He groaned my name. My body arched into him. My breath hitched. My fingers pressed into his shoulder blades.
Fumbling, I reached over to the bedside table, my heart hammering in my throat, and smacked the button on the alarm clock before I threw my arm over my eyes, willing myself to settle down.
“Well hells bells. It was just a dream.”
Fantastic. I’d been reduced to talking to myself. And to make matters worse, my body ached in an unsatisfied and totally unfulfilled way, nonetheless I refused to let my fingers do the walking and sate the ache between my legs, mainly because I didn’t want to give him the power over my fantasies or my own satisfaction.
After taking a deep breath, I sat up. I was sporting a pair of erect nipples beneath the ribbed tank top I had on. The floral sheet was tangled into a ball at the end of the mattress. The fitted sheet had dislodged from the corner. One of my pillows was missing a pillowcase and dangled half off the bed.
Exasperated, I flung my body back—head hitting the pillow and sighed. Just once couldn’t I have a sexy dream about Chris Hemsworth or Joe Manganiello? Or better yet, how about being bookened by both of them? But there was no such luck in that particular naughty fantasy department.
Pinching the bridge of my nose with my thumb and forefinger, I couldn’t help but wonder about myself. Out of all the delicious men in the world, why the heck did I have to dream about him? Freaking Kale McNab.

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