Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mid Week Tease - You guys want to shower with me? #MWTease

Welcome to Mid Week Tease, where myself and other author friends post a little something for you, the readers, from some of our published works, up-and-coming releases, and WIPs (Works in Progress).

Yay! It's official. Dark Tales Diaries: Volume Three has released. I shared a little of this book with you guys last week. What more? Sure you do.

For thirteen years, Tristan Blackthorn has searched for his lost love, Keira. Has the time for their reunion finally come?

When the ball-busting Patrice Wyngate figures out she’s not happy, she does what she does best—takes control. Yet hearing, “Dance for me” completely changes her life, and nothing will be the same again.

For Zoe Harper, there would be no more dieting. The plain truth of the matter was, her no-good cheating boyfriend could kiss her size fourteen ass. Because quite simply, she found a man who was happy to show her Big Girls Do It Better.

Hadley Cooper, Eric Williams, and Jude Jamison had been best friends forever. Yet, at some point, their time living together would end, each of them finding “the one.” Only, Eric and Jude had other thoughts. They intended to make Hadley understand—Three’s Not a Crowd. 

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), BDSM, floggers, spanking

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 Excerpt from Three's Not a Crowd

Giggling, I draped my arms around his strong shoulders and wrapped my legs around his taut waist, holding on like a bur as Jude took me with him.
“Where are we going?”
“Shower,” he said.
“Oh, fuck yeah,” Eric added in a gravelly voice.
“You guys want to shower with me?”
“We’ll have you naked and wet. Do you even need to ask?” said Jude.
I’m pretty sure we broke some sort of land-speed record for three people, not only moving from the kitchen to my en suite bathroom, but Eric had his T-shirt up and over his head and was working off his PJ bottoms upon entrance.
“Stay put,” Jude said, placing my backside down on the cool bathroom counter.
“Okay,” I chirped, taking in Eric and all his nude glory.
Sweet Lord, but the man was beautiful. At over six foot he had a long lean body, cut and contoured with muscle. And his cock? Well, boy howdy. It was long like the rest of him.
I bit my lower lip. He caught me staring and winked at me before he opened the glass shower door, reached in and turned on the water.
Jude was a little bit thicker in his muscle mass, and he wasn’t quite as tall, but he was just as beautiful. There was no hiding the fact as his basketball shorts came off, I was staring at one fine ass.
“Taking this off now,” Eric said, coming over to me and lifting the hem of my tank. “Arms up.” I complied, lifting my arms. He had the top gone in a flash. Then he picked me up, put my feet on the ground, and yanked my shorts down and off. “Fuck me,” he muttered, standing back and taking the whole of my naked body in with glittering eyes. “Look at her, J.”
“I’m looking,” he said.
“You’re fucking gorgeous, Hadley,” Eric said, his palm sliding up my side then over to cup my right breast. Chills raced over my skin. “Such pretty pink nipples.”
When he tweaked my flesh between his thumb and his forefinger, a squeak of sound escaped my lips.
Jude bent and kissed the swell of my other breast, before circling his tongue around and around my nipple.
The different and dueling sensations had me squirming. Then Eric bent, and took the nipple his fingers had been playing with into his warm mouth.
When both men sucked, I couldn’t hold back. “Aah… God, yeah.”
They both slipped their lips free of me in perfect timing and had a conversation.
“Did you hear that, J?”
“Hell yes.”
“Let’s get her in the shower and make her moan some more.”
I didn’t have to do a thing. Between the two of them, I’d been undressed, fondled to the point of my pussy being wet, and was now standing under the spray of hot water, with one man at my front, and one at my back. Yep. Being sandwiched between two, hot men so didn’t suck.
“We’re going to do all the work,” Jude said, squeezing the shower gel into his hand, and swiping it over my breasts. “All you need to do is enjoy.”
I reached out and slicked my hands down his hard, wet, chest, while Eric started washing my back in swooping strokes, followed by a massage to my shoulders.
“I want to do a little work,” I said. “Let me touch you guys, too.”
“Back your pretty ass into me then,” Eric said.
I pressed against his hard dick, listening to his groan.
When I reached down and curled my fingers around Jude’s thick dick, his groaned added to the echo in the shower.
We stayed this way for a long while, groping each other, using body wash to slick our hands and skin.
I heard Jude say, “Turn around.”
I gave him my back and ass, pressing into his erection.
“Love that ass against my cock,” he said. “I can’t wait to be buried inside it.”
The thought of him pressing his long, thick dick inside my ass, had me quaking.
“Would you like that?” Eric asked. “Me balls deep inside your pussy, while Jude gives it to you up the ass?”
The thought made my pussy shiver.
“I think so, but….”
“I’ve never done the anal sex thing.”
I swear a growl rumbled in Jude’s chest.
“Oh, I think you’ll love it,” Eric said.
Jude, kissed the side of my neck. “I’ll slick that tight little untouched hole up and make it good for you, baby doll.”
He started shampooing my hair, while Eric pushed my tits together, and tongued my nipples.
“Mmm….” I moaned.
Once my hair was thoroughly washed and rinsed, Jude pulled my body into him, back-to-chest, and held me while he whispered in my ear. “You’re going to come for us before we leave this shower and take you to bed.”
Who could say no to that?
“Do you want Eric’s mouth and tongue playing with your pussy?”
I worked my bottom lip over with my teeth and nodded.
 “Eric,” Jude said. “Put your mouth on her pussy and tell me how she tastes.”
 “I’m all over that,” came Eric’s response. He sat down on the shower bench. “Move her over here, J. but keep hold of her.”
“Got it.”
Jude moved me forward, still holding me. Eric lifted my leg, and placed my foot next to him on the tiled bench. He gazed at my pussy as if it was extraordinary and held the secrets of the universe. I shivered when he leaned forward, spread me open with his thumbs, and plunged his tongue into my tight opening.
“God, Eric,” I said, almost breathless, my head falling back into Jude’s sternum.
These guys were good at this. Maybe too good. I couldn’t help but wonder if they’d done this type of thing before. However, that specific train of thought quickly derailed when Eric sucked my clit.
“Does she taste as sweet as we’ve imagined?” asked Jude.
“Even better, J.”
“I want a taste.” Jude slipped his hand down my body as Eric pulled back allowing Jude to slip one long finger inside of me. “Hot,” he said, plunging deeper. “You’re melting around me.” When he pulled out, Eric went back to licking me, taking my breath. But when Jude sucked my arousal from his fingers and made a low appreciative noise in his throat, my body sizzled with an all encompassing need.
Eric’s breath blew over my exposed sex when he asked, “Good. Isn’t she?” before returning to tongue my clit in expert swirls and light flicks.
“Best damn thing I’ve ever tasted. Jude’s deep voice buzzed my ear. “Do you like his mouth on your pussy, baby doll?”
“God, yes.”
“Do you want his fingers deep inside you?”
I licked my lips, and admitted, “Yes.”
“Eric. Finger fuck Hadley’s pussy, while I play with her little clit.”
I whimpered when Eric pulled back and smiled up at me—his mouth glistening with my juices. “You want me to finger fuck you, Hadley?”



  1. Great snippet, London, and congrats on the release!

  2. Damn. I need a cool drink. Great tease.

  3. Phew, I'm rather jealous of her ;-) Fabulous tease, London!

  4. AROOOOO! Ahem. Sorry. Yes, wonderful snippet, London. ;-D

  5. A very sexy snippet. Congratulations, London.


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