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Mid Week Tease - I can’t believe we just did that #MWTease #ParadiseRanch

Welcome to Mid Week Tease, where myself and other author friends post a little something for you from some of our published works, up-and-coming releases, and WIPs (Works in Progress). 

I'm super happy to say, Trouble in Paradise has released. Yay! So, this weeks tease is compliments of Sutton and Kale. I hope you enjoy :)

If you know what’s good for you, you’ll go back to Dallas.

Since coming home Sutton has inherited herself a heap of headaches, two bossy men who want her for their own, threatening notes, and a whole lot of trouble in Paradise.

Having Doc McNab as competition, being ten years Sutton’s senior, and under her employ, meant the deck was stacked against Flint Palmer when it came to winning the sexy, vivacious Sutton as his woman. No way would she be interested in an old, worn-out, ex-rodeo cowboy like him, but that wasn’t going to stop the man from trying.

With the exception of the pretty as a picture, Sutton Callaway, Kale McNab’s childhood sucked. He’d been jerked up more so than raised by his ex-convict of a father, eventually leaving the girl and West Texas behind. Now, he’s all grown and back in Sutton’s life, willing to do whatever it takes to stay there

Contemporary Erotic Western Romance, Multiple Partners, Suspense
Please Note: This is the novel length book following the novella Welcome to Paradise in the Paradise Ranch Series

Kale was going to fucking explode like some greenhorn right there in his pants just from kissing Sutton. Christ. She felt good. Tasted better. Smelled delicious. Not to mention those little mews of pleasure she made as his tongue swirled around the velveteen softness of hers about drove him crazy.
“Thought you had to go,” she said, as he kissed his way down the column of her neck.
“I’ll drive fast. Won’t be late.”
He licked at the pulse beating wildly in her throat, tasting the salt of her sweat-damp skin.
“Aah…yeah,” she uttered.
He’d found a hot spot of hers, so he licked again, feeling her squirm.
Kale knew he was moving too fast, however at the moment he didn’t care. He had to get his licks in—so to speak—when he could. Flint had the advantage, being around her all the time, therefore Kale intended to make an impression. A lasting one.
“You fond of this shirt?”
He nuzzled his nose below her ear.
“Not particularly.”
“Good answer,” he said, tearing it open.
Little yellow buttons flew in every direction, one pinging against his chest.
“Kale,” she said in a breath.
“I’m right here, darlin’.” He traced the lace edge of her bra with the tip of his nose while palming her more than a handful breasts. “You are beautiful.”
When he sucked the swell of creamy-white flesh, she moaned and arched into him. He buried his nose in her cleavage and breathed her in, feeling her fingers tangle into his hair. He might not have time to do everything he wanted to, which was a cryin’ shame, but he sure the hell was going to give them both a happy ending before he left her house.
“Unzip your jeans, Sutton.”
With a trembling hand, she did.
“Now, unbutton mine.”
She hesitated a moment, but complied.
“If I had more time, I’d have you naked and in bed. But since I don’t have the luxury of having you spread out before me in the sheets, here’s what’s going to happen.” Kale looked into her eyes, seeing the black disc of her pupils pulse large. She was lust-drunk. Fuck yeah. Pride swelled in his chest. “I’m going to suck on these pretty nipples, right through the lace. Okay?”
She nodded.
“While I’m doing that, you’re going to have my cock in your hand and I’m going to have my fingers down your jeans, playing with your pussy until you come for me.”
Sutton sucked in a breath. He’d just shocked her.
 “Any complaints, darlin’?”
“No,” she muttered.
“Good to know.”
Kale tugged her body to the edge of the table, dropped his head, mouthing one taut nipple right through the sheer lace.
“Oh God.” She moaned, arching into his mouth.
He sucked, tucking his hand down the front of her open jeans, past the waistband of her panties, pressing his palm into her mound and slipping his middle finger between the silken skin of her pouty lower lips.
The heel of his hand slipped to press against her clit, allowing him to dip one finger then two into the tight, moist heat of her. “You’re wet.”
“Yesss,” she hissed as he dragged her moisture up and twirled his fingers around her clit.
“Take my cock in your hand. Yeah, that’s it.” His voice went guttural. “Now squeeze me. There you go.”
Kale groaned when Sutton started jacking him.
“Kiss me,” she said.
“My pleasure.”
He kissed her hard, and before long he returned his mouth to her other nipple and sucked it through the lace of her bra, circling her clit with his finger until she bucked her hips into him.
“Oh man, oh shit, oh…”
“This is going to be fast, darlin’. But I promise. When we get to round two, I’m going to take all night with you in a bed.”
He fucked into her fist. Took turns tonguing those pretty pink nipples that were standing at attention for him behind the sheer bra. Made circle eights on her clit, feeling her body shake, and her pussy pulse against his hand.
Sutton’s head fell back. “Kale, I’m-I…”
Her body went tight. He groaned, bit down on the crook of her neck and came inside her hand the instant he heard her scream for him. Fuck. He wanted to hear her scream out her pleasure again, and again, and again.
It took a second for the blood rushing inside his ears to calm down from a roar to a low hum.
“I can’t believe we just did that,” Sutton said, voice thin and wispy.
“Believe it.” He slipped his glistening fingers free, put them to his mouth and sucked her tangy-sweet juices clean. “Mmm…”
Sutton’s eyes went wide.
Kale outlined her satin lips with the fingers he just plucked from his mouth. “You will be coming for me again. Soon.”

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