Sunday, May 15, 2016

Nookie for the Night Nurse by Madam La Zuray #99cents

Diana Stewart spent her life taking care of those in need and nursing them back to health. But now that she’s the one in need, can she swallow her pride and take the help? Even if it is offered by a delicious patient that won’t stop haunting her daydreams…and her nightshift.

Stan “Bear” Wilson is used to swallowing his pride. Illness will do that to a person. The only thing keeping him going is the hope for a miracle—and maybe the sexy nurse he’d love to give him more than a sponge bath.

Can Bear break down Diana’s walls and teach her how to live again? Will Diana get Bear to take a risk and make him realize he’s not dead yet?

You only live once…so why not ride until you die?

She was getting attached, and attached wasn’t good, right? She was setting herself up for a heartbreak. Even if his charts looked good, even if it seemed like he had more time, he had a heart condition. The man was a ticking time bomb. She should leave him alone before she got hurt. She had to be smart. And she tried. She really, really tried.

She went out to a club and got hit on. She even got an offer from a cute doctor to take her out, and a proposition from a cop that came in with a shoulder injury.
And yet, somehow she always found herself back here.
She pushed open his door to find the room darkened as he slept. His face was so relaxed, his eyes closed. She pushed back some of his hair and trailed her fingers over his lips. They were so soft. She leaned forward and brushed them with her own.

About the Author:

An erotic romance author with a passion for passion, Madam La Zuray decided to set herself free and write something a little bit different.
Here’s to no regrets, no looking back, and one hell of a sexy good time!

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