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Seduction in the Stacks by Madam La Zuray

Mirabelle’s not the type of woman to get the guy. She’s a secondary character, not a heroine. Who would want a mousy librarian with her head stuck in a book? Certainly not the coffee scented barista with the gorgeous blue eyes and the broad shoulders to match.

Disowned from his family after a sports injury took him out of the running for son-of-any-worth, Brad has yet to figure out what he wants in life, until an autumn haired vixen with a love for dirty romance novels catches his eye.

Caffeine and books go together in a pairing as old as time, but nothing compares to the chemistry between the delicious barista and this shy librarian.

Can he get over past ghosts to claim what he wants? Can she become the romance heroine she’s always dreamed about?

Guess you’ll just have to lick the foam from your tip and finger through the pages to find out. 

She glanced up at him and when she did, it was hard to look away. He took a step closer to her and another until he was almost against her, breathing her same air, almost touching her skin. His hand came forward almost of its own will to cup her cheek, feel the smoothness of it against his palm. He pressed a kiss to the corner of her lips and then he covered her mouth with his own. There was no hesitation in her return. It was wild and passionate and oh, so good. It was everything he dreamed about and more. She backed him into the bookcase, deepening the kiss, her hand flexing against his shirt, gripping the material, almost as if she could rip it off.
He couldn’t let this end here. He’d spent too long trying not to scare her off by moving too fast, and now that he had her attention, he couldn’t let her go back to that uncertain woman, always looking down to see where her shoes would land rather than out at the world. The woman should be shoulders back, eyes direct, confident. The woman was a goddess.
“Wait,” he whispered against her lips as one of her hands started to work at the buttons of his shirt. She stopped, the look in her eye shocked and then almost ashamed. “No, not that,” he said, pressing a kiss to her lips and cheeks and forehead, anything to keep her from thinking he might not be interested. As if she might not notice the current state of tightness in his jeans. He grabbed her hand and pulled her down the aisle way toward a hall leading to the rest of the manor further from the library. He tested the door and ducked into a room with a working lock and pulled her in after him. A curtain covered the windows and washed the room in a gray light, giving a ghostly shadow to the sheet covered furniture and the dusty shelves.

About the Author:
An erotic romance author with a passion for passion, Madam La Zuray decided to set herself free and write something a little bit different.
Here’s to no regrets, no looking back, and one hell of a sexy good time!


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