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Mid Week Tease - I never said yes #Cinder #Giveaway


Welcome to Mid Week Tease, where myself and other author friends post a little something for you from some of our published works, up-and-coming releases, and WIPs (Works in Progress).

I've got some great news this week. My new release, Every Single Part of You will be coming to audio! August 2016 is the projected audio release.

I love audiobooks. And let me just take a moment here and say the narrators who will be bringing Sara, Cross, and Eryk's story to life are freaking fantastic. Author love going out to La Petite Mort and Ruby Rivers.

Now for this week's tease. Compliments of Sara, from Every Single Part of You.

I lounged between Cross’s hard thighs on the couch. Colors flashed, along with sonic booms from the flat screen we all stared at. Unable to enjoy the carnage of the war movie Kris had chosen, my mind wandered, a too-dangerous action for my guilty conscience.

My stomach twisted in knots as I considered my father and the need to call him. I’d been so selfish in thinking of what I wanted. My actions would affect his bid for the presidency, but I hadn’t given a thought to what my disappearance and silent absence might be doing to him personally.

“Can I borrow your phone?” I murmured into Cross’s ear.

Dark eyes latched on to me. “You all right?”

I shrugged, fighting against the sting behind my eyelids. “I just need to call my father and let him know I’m safe.”

He studied me in silence for a few seconds, then pressed a soft kiss on my lips. “Don’t be long.” He swatted my backside playfully as I pushed to my feet.

Eryk grabbed my hand when I moved past him, stopping me. I leaned down, meaning to tell him where I was headed, but he captured my mouth in a hot, hard kiss. “When you come back,” he said as he pulled away and patted his lap, “you’re all mine.”

Heat licked at my skin, but I forced my feet to move down the hallway and into the bedroom’s semi-silence.

I grabbed Cross’s phone off the bed stand and heaved a deep breath before dialing Father’s cell.

He didn’t answer. His voicemail message did.

“Hi,” I said after the tone, hating the shake in my voice. “I just wanted to let you know that I’m all right. There’s no need to worry. I promise.” Unsure what else to say, I added a hasty, “Goodbye,” and ended the call.

Adrenaline pumped through me like a jet speeding down the runway, thundering and rumbling through my limbs. I closed my eyes and inhaled, breathing in through my mouth and out through my nose, mentally counting to ten, waiting for his return call. Father never answered an unknown number, but he’d hear my message and—

The cell in my hand broke into song with a heavy beat and screaming guitar. I recognized the catchy tune as the one Cinder had opened with in Tacoma—and the number on the screen.

One last deep breath and I answered. “Hello, Father.”

“I can’t even begin to tell you how utterly disappointed I am right now.”

No hello or I’m happy you’re safe. Not even an, I’ve been worried.

“Do you have any idea of the amount of damage control—the lies—I’ve had to tell to make it appear as though all is well with the Holbrook family? That you haven’t taken off like a hormonal teenage ninny, but have left on a planned trip—”

A ninny? I’d never behaved in such a way, not once since my mother passed and Father heaped responsibilities upon me as a kid and forced me to grow up too fast.

I tuned him out as he released every last word of the speech he’d no doubt planned since he found me gone from home.

“I’m sorry,” I lied the second he finished.

“Pierce is beside himself,” Father said, his tone flat and unhappy.

I welded my eyes shut.

“He knows you’d never willingly leave him on the eve of your engagement and wanted to call the authorities, but I forbade him.”

“I didn’t say yes.” My voice was a mere squeak of sound.

Silence met my ears for the span of two heartbeats followed by, “Excuse me?”

A quick breath didn’t help my shaking. “I never said yes to Pierce’s proposal, which means we’re not technically engaged.”

I’d rendered my father speechless for the first time. Ever.

“Pierce Fitzpatrick is the perfect man for you,” he finally said, his voice hard and unwavering. “You’ll return home, accept his proposal, and set a date for the wedding. You will marry him, and want for nothing the rest of your life.”

But I don’t want him, I wanted to say. Instead, I bit the inside of my cheek and allowed the welling tears to spill.

“I want you back in D.C. tonight, young lady. Do I make myself clear?”

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  1. Tough spot. I hope she stands up for herself.

  2. You know how much I loved this story. Great tease :-)

  3. Great snippet, London, and congrats on the upcoming audio release!

  4. Great tease, London! Congrats on the audio book! :)


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