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Dark Redemption by Sarah Marsh

DARK REDEMPTION by Sarah Marsh Broken Souls Series, #1  Release Date: August 30, 2016  Publisher: Limitless Publishing  Cover Designer: Redbird Designs SYNOPSIS:

The Alpha's Taboo Mate by Ravenna Tate

Writing shifters was something I was asked to do by so many readers, I felt I had to try it. Did I hit a home run? Only time will tell.

THE ALPHA’S TABOO MATE is book one in my new Blood Moon Lynx series. Here is the link to the series page on my website:

Here’s the series blurb: One thousand years ago, in an unholy alliance, a male lynx shape shifter and a female vampire became lovers. Both knew their mating was forbidden, but their desire for each other was too great to ignore. Under a blood moon, they mated. The lynx bit the vampire woman, marking her as his mate. The vampire in turn bit the male lynx shifter, marking him as hers forever.

But then the lynx took a human female as a lover, betraying the vampire and pack law. When the vampire discovered his infidelity, she struck out against the two, but in the end couldn’t kill her lover. The human female and the lynx turned on the vampire. While she slept in her coffin during …

LSJ Lines - Bound by the Bad Boy @LaPetiteMortXVI

*Waves* Hi, everyone. London here. I know it has been a little while since I've personally posted on my blog. Both my personal and professional life have been hectic to say the least. Let me just say, some has been the good kind of hectic and some not so good. However, I do have something great to share with you all.

Those of you who have been asking about Bound by the Bad Boy will be happy to know that I am pushing to complete this book and submit to my publisher. I just need life to cooperate with me in the form of quiet, alone time free of emergencies.  

*Fingers Crossed*

In the meantime, one of the sublimely talented producers/narrator(s) I've been working with on a current audiobook project offered to read and record a few lines from some of my work. Of course I was thrilled to accept that offer and will be sharing those lines with you each week for a little while. So, without further ado, you will get to hear a few finished lines from Bound by the Bad Boy (book 3 of Bad Boy…

No Impact #SniperTeamBravo by Maia Dylan