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Hacked - Warriors of Light by April Zyon


Holly Smith has always had a certain affinity with computers. By day, she strengthens Internet security for corporations. By night, she’s a hacker. When she hits upon what she believes to be an author’s unpublished manuscript, she finds herself reading about a world where warriors of old wage war against a dark force bent on consuming everything it touches. Then she finds out it’s all true.

Demaratus of Corinth has seen a lot during his lifetime. And while many things prove useful, he finds technology to be a greater hindrance than a help. Sent to find the hacker who managed to penetrate their base’s security, he is stunned to realize who she is to him. As the darkness closes in on them, Demaratus and Holly will have to battle to survive not only the coming fight but the war that is gaining momentum.


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She nodded and stood. She watched him as he watched her, taking her time. “Do I call you ‘Sir’?” She whispered the question. “I saw that in a movie. The Dominant ensured his submissive’s pleasure, and she called him ‘Sir.’ Is that right?”

“Only if you are comfortable with it. You can use my name, or that ridiculous nickname you’ve come up with, if you think it would be easier. I am not your Master and never will be. While I will be your Dominant, and you my submissive, this is always going to be an open relationship where we make our own rules. So go with whatever works for you, little warrior.”

She went to her knees, her hands behind her back and knees braced apart. Her head down and tilted to the side, she shuddered in need. “I think that I’m going to love you, DC. For the rest of your life.”

“Seeing you like this makes me wonder what sort of movies you’ve been watching,” he commented. She saw his feet move and in the next moment his fingers under her chin brought her face up. Leaning forward, with his elbows on his knees, Demaratus regarded her with what she could only assume was curiosity. “What else have you learned?”

“I’ve watched bondage movies, spankings, blindfolds, all of them with the woman submissive to the man. I like that. I think that I’ve learned how to give a blow job, but I don’t know, since I’ve never— Shit, there I go again.” Blurting out everything in my mind. Bloody brilliant.

“Sucking a man’s cock is something not every woman likes. Some love it, some do it out of a mistaken sense of duty, and others hate it but do it because they believe it is the only way that they might get fucked themselves. That’s not what we’re about. If we try something and you realize your expectations outshone the actual attempt, then we will never do it again. Now, what would you like to try first, little warrior?”

“I would really like to try the blow job, please? Sir.” She had never wanted to do anything so much in all of her life like she wanted to take him into her mouth.

Rubbing his thumb lightly over her chin, he nodded, then leaned back. Demaratus slouched slightly and studied her. Reaching down, he undid his belt and the buttons holding his fly closed. He lifted his hips a bit to push off his pants.

She smiled. “Do you know just how much I love the way you look at me like that? How do I do this?” She asked the question even as she licked her lips. “I don’t want to hurt you, but goodness, my mouth is watering.”


About The Author

Having been a lover of the written word all her life April has always wanted to expand her horizons and write something that could be shared with the world. Only one thing held April back, the fact that the letters and numbers mixed and jumbled more often than not. Diagnosed with Dyslexia when she was eight years old April had to work her butt off just to be able to keep up with the other kids in reading and writing, so her love for fictional writing was tossed to the wayside for the moment.

Time marched on, as it always does, and she forgot her childhood dream of becoming an author and instead focused on what she had to – creating a career for herself.

As the endless waves of time passed the shores became less rocky and more sandy, a place where she could find an even foot. That and Microsoft invented Word. Hallelujah.

This is where April began her journey into the written world, the world that her imagination had been ceaselessly creating for her entire adult life.

Now she has been given a chance to let her literary wings unfold and fly, thanks to the amazing publishers with Evernight Publishing and Secret Cravings Publishing.

Now its time to let the dream take flight and watch it soar!


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Hawk v Falcon by Elodie Parkes

Thank you for hosting new release MM romance,
Hawk v Falcon: Surprise at the Candy Apple

When Chris Falconer receives an email from his lost high school friend, Justin, ten years after he last saw him, Chris is overjoyed. The two boys had shared kisses and sworn love for each other, but before their love could be tested, Justin’s mother abruptly took Justin out of school, and they disappeared.
Multi-talented and handsome Chris is a cage fighter at Jack’s Clubhouse, and works in the Candy Apple club. He writes a column for a fitness blog and keeps himself busy, but deep down he’s never forgotten Justin—turns out Justin has never forgotten Chris either.
On a modeling assignment in New York, Justin sees Chris in a café and can’t help contacting him, but his ex, Todd, who doesn’t want Justin but doesn’t want Chris to have him either, has plans to throw their reunion into disarray.
So begins a love story full of emotion. Will Todd succeed? Or this time, will Justin and Chris have the happy ending and delicious love they deserve?
In the second MM romance from the Candy Apple series, I picked up on the character Hawk, the Dungeon Master in the Candy Apple. Chris Falconer is Hawk to the dungeon surveillance staff, but to others he’s a lonely man who often thinks about his past with regret. To the audience at Jack’s Clubhouse, where Chris cage fights and provides display fight bouts, he’s a thrilling sight.

Chris is:
         six foot, two
         has dark glossy hair
         has deep blue eyes
         is kind and gentle
         writes a blog for fitness and fight fans
         loves sex and giving his partner pleasure
         is muscled and handsome
         when he’s not fighting, favors black suits, or a leather jacket
         is intelligent, multi-talented, calm and sophisticated
Justin is:
  • a fashion model
  • six foot two
  • has dark hair
  • has clear blue/gray eyes
  • is lonely and had a stressful upbringing
  • has never forgotten Chris
  • needs love
  • has lived in Denmark for many years
  • is hesitant and yet as soon as Chris begins to take care of him, he blossoms

Their story is sexy, romantic, sad, and happy. No one is more surprised than Chris when he is contacted by long lost love Justin and he will do anything to give Justin the love he needs.

Read an excerpt:
Justin walked a pace behind Chris. It was such a relief to be near Chris, Justin’s fatigue threatened to overwhelm him. Every muscle in his body felt heavy. His gaze traced the broad shoulders and muscled thighs of the man in front. Chris’s hair was well cut and his suit obviously expensive. Chris was even taller than he’d been when Justin last saw him in person, but then so was he. Justin smiled as a wave of tenderness crept over him followed by a sharp need to feel Chris’s lips on his. He still loved Chris. He’d expected to find it was all in his head, that the love was confined to memories, and real life would show him he was mistaken, that love couldn’t last this long.
They were in a corridor when Chris turned to him. “I’ve thought about you so much, I’m a bit ashamed of myself for clinging to your memory, when you never called, when you just disappeared.”
Justin’s heart fell. Was Chris about to reject him now they were away from the bar, the friendly barkeep, and bright white glow of the downlights there? “I’m sorry...”
“No. I meant ... I mean I still care for you. I couldn’t ever shake it. I never got over you and it’s been ... it’s been so long—you know I sometimes felt weak for not letting go.”
Justin gazed at Chris’s handsome face. “I thought about you.” He slid his hand along Chris’s jaw. “I want to kiss you, so much.”
Chris closed the small gap between their bodies as he grabbed Justin’s head and brought his mouth down on Justin’s. Justin’s breath left him in a soft murmur. His eyes closed in pleasure. He clung to Chris, desperation to stay with Chris, never to go home, gripping him. All he could think of was starting again with Chris, of the delicious drifting sensation that overcame him as Chris pressed close. He kissed Chris over and over until he couldn’t breathe, and Chris held his face away a little whispering words he’d longed to hear against his mouth and dotting tiny kisses there between the phrases.
“Justin, stay here, in the club. I can’t let you go, but I can’t leave work. I still love you. I want to know where you’ve been all these years. Where do you live? You must be a club member. I’ve not seen you here before. Can you stay until we close? It will be late, but then we can talk—we can be together.”
Justin closed his eyes and leaned his head on Chris’s shoulder. “Yes.”
Chris folded Justin in his arms.
Justin stayed within the comfort of the embrace until he knew he had to let Chris get back to work. He raised his head and stepped away.
“I should let you work. I’ll hang out at the bar.”
Chris gazed into his eyes. “Thank you.” He kissed Justin gently. “Hell, you’ll never know how good it feels to kiss you again.
Copyright Elodie Parkes Encompass Ink, 2016
BUY the BOOK   also available on Kindle Unlimited
About: Love Unmasked: At the Candy Apple
MM romance
Handsome Tom Wells sets lonely Scott Palmer’s heart racing as he watches Tom come and go from his apartment across the street. Scott longs to meet Tom, and when he scores a new job delivering goods for a local distributer, fate hands him the opportunity.
Tom works in a nightclub—the Candy Apple, and in the sultry environs, a masked stranger seduces Tom. The seeds of passion are sown, but just who has ignited Tom’s passion?
Scott’s longing to know Tom leads him to join the elite nightclub. On his first visit, the club holds a masquerade event.
Who is kissing who? Who’s under the black velvet mask?
About Elodie
I’m a writer who is in love with happy endings. Currently based in the UK but thinking about joining the next flock of birds I see heading south for the winter.
I love: music, art, animals, flowers, trees, the ocean...
I work with antiques by day and words by night.
Like a vampire, darkness is my friend, that’s when the silence is only broken by an occasional hoot of owls in the woodlands opposite my home, and I write.
Find Elodie online: Blog  Facebook  FB  TwitteGoogle +  G+  Pinterest  Blog 2  Tumblr  ManicReaders  Amazon

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The Woodsman by Alexa Sinclaire

Title: The Woodsman

Series Title: Lust in the Woods #1

Author: Alexa Sinclaire

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Release Date: September 16th, 2016

Genre: M/F Erotic Romance


That long blonde hair, sexy hippy-style and a laugh that makes me want to fall to my knees and worship her body– Katy Williams is slowly driving me crazy. I moved out to the woods to get away from everything, including women with ulterior motives. But now she’s living next door to me, inviting me for dinner and giving me blueberry muffins. And she’s all I can think about. But can I trust that behind that smile there isn’t a woman just waiting to get her claws into me? After all, I’ve been fooled once….

I’m done with men. Well, at least done with men who happily take my money and my heart and suck me dry. Sam Hess, with his man-bun and wild woodsman look, is a whole other matter. I can’t stay away from him, no matter how much I try and when he needs me, there’s no way I won’t stand by his side. But what happens when he doesn’t need me anymore? I don’t think I can survive having my heart broken again. And they always stop needing you, don’t they?

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Handing her the drink, I sat down next to her and threw back the vodka in one go. She did the same and put her drink on the wooden coffee table. Leaning back, she exhaled slowly.

“That’s better.”

I should have gotten up then. But I didn’t want to. I wanted to make sure she was all right. I wanted to sit here next to her, feel the heat from her thigh so close to mine. If I moved just an inch, I’d be touching her. I wanted to undo her braids and see how that light hair fell around her breasts. I wanted her to say my name again, like she had before.

I pictured her all breathless and panting. But this time it wouldn’t be from fear. It would be from heat. My fingers twitched with the urge to plunge them into that hair and make her beg for my mouth.

I startled as I felt her sit up and lean close to me as she ran her fingers through my hair.

“I thought it would be longer.”

I’d taken my hair out of the bun when I got home. And thank fuck I had because now she was touching me. The woman was touching me and I couldn’t take it. Turning to face her, I wrapped a hand around the back of her neck to hold her in place and pressed my mouth against hers.

The softness of her lips with a hint of strawberries that didn’t seem like strawberries at all and more like sex and something else hit me. The desire to find out what else she tasted like elsewhere fueled my lust and channeled straight to my cock. Without giving her a chance to even respond, I licked her lips and delved in as she opened her mouth, just a small gap, but enough for me to slip my tongue into. And we groaned in unison.

Leaning against her more, I lowered her to the couch. Propped on one elbow, I grabbed her breast with my free hand. Warm and heavy against my palm, the hint of soft flesh I could suck and nibble spurred me on. Her nipple hardened and she let out a gasp when I released her mouth.

But only for a second.

I couldn’t stop.

The taste of her, the wet heat of her tongue against mine, drove me crazy. As cliché as it felt to admit, even to myself, Katy was provoking a need in a me I’d never felt with any other woman.

I was never going to stop.

One of her hands remained grabbing my hair. She rested the other on my shoulder. I shifted our bodies and pushed between her thighs, grinding against her core. Her body. Her heat. Soft noises escaped her mouth as I touched her.

It all felt so damn good.

I moved my mouth to the side of her neck, inhaling the scent of her skin, the vanilla shampoo she used tickling my nose. I was about to move lower when she whispered my name.


It was barely a whisper, a breath, a hint of my name. But it was there. And I couldn’t ignore it.

I sat up and looked at what I’d done to her.

Jesus, I’d mauled her.

Her mouth was swollen and red from my rough kiss, her shirt disheveled where I’d manhandled her tit. Her thighs were spread, evidence of the dry-humping I’d fully intended to turn legitimate had she not said my name. I wanted her to look like a woman who needed me, full of a burning lust she needed me to fuck out of her.

Instead, she looked traumatized.

“Lock your door when I leave.” I stood and turned and stomped out, slamming the door behind me.

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About Alexa Sinclaire

Alexa Sinclaire writes erotic romance: the hotter the better. Originally from the East Coast, she now lives in England with her very own Alpha male British husband.

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Do you have any idea what I want to do to you? #MenofCinder #giveaway

Every Single Part of You – Cinder, Book 1 Unchained Chaos Tour

Written by London Saint James

Narrated by La Petite Mort and Ruby Rivers

Listening time: 7 hrs and 56 mins 

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, M/F/M Ménage, Rockers

Please Note: This book contains mature themes, includes explicit language and sexual scenes.


Our choices are rarely cut and dry.

Sara: As the daughter of Senator and presidential hopeful Jentsen Holbrook, I spent a good deal of my life under public scrutiny. What I wore. Where I went. Who I dated. It was just the way of things. I’d become what was expected of me, until I ran from my obligations and woke up one morning in Cross de Raven’s and Eryk Hale’s world, two hot guitarists from the mega-famous metal band, Cinder. For the first time, freedom to be myself was within my reach. And along with that? Inevitable scandal.

Eryk: True beauty walked into my life, more beauty than I ever deserved. I partied hard. Rocked harder. I wasn’t good enough to touch Sara’s petal-soft skin, hold on tight, or love her, but regardless of my bad boy ways, no one was going to stop me from trying.

Cross: Sometimes, no matter how hard we fight for what we want, love won't save the day, and truth doesn't always set you free. Then again… Maybe, just maybe, when you find the one you’ve been searching for, love can find a way.

Read an Excerpt 

Once I stepped out into the hall, I paused, feeling air whoosh along my back as the door shut behind me. Cross leaned against the wall opposite the restroom, arms crossed, but he appeared strung as tight as his guitar’s strings.
I took in the sight of him. Shoulder-length hair the color of midnight framed the chiseled features of his face. Broad shoulders. One muscled forearm covered in ink. My gaze dropped lower, sliding down powerful thighs hugged by worn jeans—my perusal ending on the toes of his scuffed, black, biker boots.
Upon lifting my head, I caught Cross doing the same to me. Looking his fill.
Boldness, like I’d never experienced before, had me forgoing my usual filter, giving me freedom to say what I wanted to. “Do I look even half as good as you?”
Cross’s dark gaze jerked up to my face, and the heat in his eyes danced through my entire body, bringing smoldering desire to flaming life.
“Angel,” he all but growled, “you have no clue.”
Moisture gathered between my legs and dampened my panties in a way I’d only imagined. Dreamed about.
I wet my lower lip with my tongue, and my brain emptied of any thought but Cross and the havoc he wreaked on my libido.
“Come here.” His voice, low and rumbly, demanded movement, which my feet willingly obeyed.
I stopped before entering his personal space.
He unfolded his arms and grasped my wrist, pulling me against him. “I meant, right here.” His other arm encircled my waist, and with a quick shuffle of feet, he turned us until my back pressed against the wall. “Do you have any idea what I want to do to you?” He lifted my left wrist overhead, his thumb rubbing erotically against my palm, while his warm breath caressed my face.
I shook my head, closed my eyes, and gave in to the sensation coursing through me. There was no thought, only need as I waited—room spinning from much more than alcohol alone.
Forget the barely there swipes of lips I was accustomed to. Cross claimed my mouth with no regard for whatever innocence he thought I possessed.
My free hand found its way to the back of his head, and I gripped his hair, holding on for dear life as he plundered, thrusting his tongue into my mouth to taste me. I moaned, and like a wanton woman, raised my leg around his waist to press my throbbing center against him.
With a groan, Cross’s hand curled around my knee, hiking it higher, and ground his hard length right where I needed it.
“Oh, God,” I gasped and opened my eyes as his mouth left mine to travel a path down my throat.

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You can find the paperback here:
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Download for free when you sign up for an Audible 30-day free trial

I had the pleasure of being able to do an 'Author Chat' with the two people who made this audiobook happen and brought all my colorful characters to life; La Petite Mort & Ruby Rivers.

You can listen to that chat by clicking here.
The Men of Cinder

Jackson “Fade” Carmichael

Lead Singer, Vocalist, Lyricist of Cinder
Band Genres: Heavy metal, hard rock, alternative metal
Years Active: 2006 - present
Instruments: None
Age: 29
Vitals: Walnut/light brown hair, green eyes, 6’3" tall
Tattoos: Sleeves, chest, ribs
Piercings: Yes
Home Town: Seattle, WA
Resides in: L.A.
Relationship Status: Single

   Cross de Raven  

Lead Guitarist, Composer, Founder of Cinder
Band Genres: Heavy metal, hard rock, alternative metal
Years Active: 2006 - present
Instruments: Guitar, piano
Age: 28
Vitals: Black hair, dark brown eyes, 6’1″ tall
Tattoos: Sleeve, chest tattoo
Piercings: None
Home Town: Seattle, WA
Resides in: Malibu
Relationship Status: In a serious relationship with Sara Holbrook

Eryk Hale

Rhythm Guitarist, Composer, Lyricist, Co-Founder of Cinder
Band Genres: Heavy metal, hard rock, alternative metal
Years Active: 2006 - present
Instruments: Guitar
Age: 28
Vitals: Black/brown hair, steel-gray eyes, 6’ tall
Tattoos: Arms, hands, fingers, back, small tatt by eye
Piercings: Yes
Home Town: Seattle, WA
Resides in: Malibu
Relationship Status: In a serious relationship with Sara Holbrook

Kris Kline  

Bassist, Lyricist of Cinder
Band Genres: Heavy metal, hard rock, alternative metal
Years Active: 2012 - present
Instruments: Guitar
Age: 25
Vitals: Honey blond hair, blue eyes, 6’2" tall
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Home Town: L.A.
Resides in: L.A.
Relationship Status: Single

Sayer Adler

Drummer, Lyricist of Cinder
Band Genres: Heavy metal, hard rock, alternative metal
Years Active: 2006 - present
Instruments: Drums
Age: 27
Vitals: Dark brown, platinum tips, dark brown eyes, 6’4" tall
Tattoos: Upper arms, back, hip
Piercings: None
Home Town: Seattle, WA
Resides in: L.A.
Relationship Status: Single


The Audibook Tour for Every Single Part of You officially starts Oct. 5th, but I'm starting the giveaway early! That's right. I'll be giving away a $20 Amazon GC and a signed paperback of Every Single One of You to one lucky winner. All you have to do to be eligible to win is enter the Rafflecoper below. 
(Giveaway runs from Sept. 26th to Oct. 26th.)

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