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Narrated by La Petite Mort and Ruby Rivers
Listening time: 7 hrs and 56 mins 
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, M/F/M Ménage, Rockers

Please Note: This book contains mature themes, includes explicit language and sexual scenes.


Our choices are rarely cut and dry.

Sara: As the daughter of Senator and presidential hopeful Jentsen Holbrook, I spent a good deal of my life under public scrutiny. What I wore. Where I went. Who I dated. It was just the way of things. I’d become what was expected of me, until I ran from my obligations and woke up one morning in Cross de Raven’s and Eryk Hale’s world, two hot guitarists from the mega-famous metal band, Cinder. For the first time, freedom to be myself was within my reach. And along with that? Inevitable scandal.

Eryk: True beauty walked into my life, more beauty than I ever deserved. I partied hard. Rocked harder. I wasn’t good enough to touch Sara’s petal-soft skin, hold on tight, or love her, but regardless of my bad boy ways, no one was going to stop me from trying.

Cross: Sometimes, no matter how hard we fight for what we want, love won't save the day, and truth doesn't always set you free. Then again… Maybe, just maybe, when you find the one you’ve been searching for, love can find a way.

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Once I stepped out into the hall, I paused, feeling air whoosh along my back as the door shut behind me. Cross leaned against the wall opposite the restroom, arms crossed, but he appeared strung as tight as his guitar’s strings.

I took in the sight of him. Shoulder-length hair the color of midnight framed the chiseled features of his face. Broad shoulders. One muscled forearm covered in ink. My gaze dropped lower, sliding down powerful thighs hugged by worn jeans—my perusal ending on the toes of his scuffed, black, biker boots.
Upon lifting my head, I caught Cross doing the same to me. Looking his fill.
Boldness, like I’d never experienced before, had me forgoing my usual filter, giving me freedom to say what I wanted to. “Do I look even half as good as you?”
Cross’s dark gaze jerked up to my face, and the heat in his eyes danced through my entire body, bringing smoldering desire to flaming life.
“Angel,” he all but growled, “you have no clue.”
Moisture gathered between my legs and dampened my panties in a way I’d only imagined. Dreamed about.
I wet my lower lip with my tongue, and my brain emptied of any thought but Cross and the havoc he wreaked on my libido.
“Come here.” His voice, low and rumbly, demanded movement, which my feet willingly obeyed.
I stopped before entering his personal space.
He unfolded his arms and grasped my wrist, pulling me against him. “I meant, right here.” His other arm encircled my waist, and with a quick shuffle of feet, he turned us until my back pressed against the wall. “Do you have any idea what I want to do to you?” He lifted my left wrist overhead, his thumb rubbing erotically against my palm, while his warm breath caressed my face.
I shook my head, closed my eyes, and gave in to the sensation coursing through me. There was no thought, only need as I waited—room spinning from much more than alcohol alone.
Forget the barely there swipes of lips I was accustomed to. Cross claimed my mouth with no regard for whatever innocence he thought I possessed.
My free hand found its way to the back of his head, and I gripped his hair, holding on for dear life as he plundered, thrusting his tongue into my mouth to taste me. I moaned, and like a wanton woman, raised my leg around his waist to press my throbbing center against him.
With a groan, Cross’s hand curled around my knee, hiking it higher, and ground his hard length right where I needed it.
“Oh, God,” I gasped and opened my eyes as his mouth left mine to travel a path down my throat.
Flash. Click.
I jerked my face away from the person walking toward us with the camera.
“Sara Holbrook?”
“Get the fuck outta here, man,” Cross grumbled, lowering my leg and giving me some breathing room.
“You are Sara Holbrook, aren’t you?” the man persisted, his footfalls bringing him closer.
“Please, Cross—” I lowered my chin to my chest so my hair would block my face.
Without a word, Cross took hold of my hand and strode up the hallway with me struggling to keep upright on my weakened legs. “How the fuck did you get past security?” I heard a scuffle, but I didn’t dare look up. “Outta my way.”

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I had the pleasure of being able to do an 'Author Chat' with the two people who made this audiobook happen and brought all my colorful characters to life; La Petite Mort & Ruby Rivers.
You can listen to that chat by clicking here.

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