Sunday, March 19, 2017

When I looked at him, I saw the impossible looking back at me - Always #Preorder

Genre: M/F Contemporary Romance
Word Count: 100k
Heat Level: 3
Release Date: April 6, 2017

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Taking deliberate steps forward, I again focused on my feet. When I glanced down, I saw the strap of my shoe slosh then tangle around the heel. I ignored it. I knew I had to make my way to the elevators, but in order to do that, I had to keep going.
Swiping wet hair from my neck and face I proceeded ahead. If I could just get to my room, I’d fully fall apart in solitude.
When I entered the main foyer of the lobby the low sound of voices drifted in my direction. It sounded as though someone was upset. Then one voice became more distinct from the others.
“How do they know I’m here?”
His voice while angry was like the voice of a familiar angel, smooth like silk, sweet like honey, and warm like velvet.
“You know how it is. All it takes is one person to leak. Everyone has cell phones, e-mail, text messages, and then there are those gossip blogs, Twitter… So before you know it, they’ve found you.”
Is that Zander’s voice?
The smooth angry voice spoke again. “I have already changed hotels twice.”
I glanced over in the direction the voices came from.
There, leaning up against the marble expanse of the concierge counter, I witnessed the back of a tall, lean, man, dressed in a black leather coat worn over a black hooded sweatshirt.
“Damn it,” he said. “This kind of shit drives me crazy.”
As though being pulled in his direction I took a step toward him.
The vision had to be more of the memories flooding me. The sound of his voice, while angelic, was also the voice of a destroying angel—a voice that could not be real.
No. No more pain. No more.
The silken voice became low, and even in tone. “I don’t want to switch hotels again.”
It jolted me. What I thought a memory, déjà vu or some sort of auditory hallucination became…real. I knew his voice but it wasn’t possible.
“I don’t care,” he said, “just make it happen.”
That wasn’t a vague echo or a broken memory. Had the impossible become possible?
No, I told myself, it can’t be, but the texture and tone rang out within the dark closed off coffers of my memories and sent icy cold chills over the entire canvas of my skin as something I hadn’t experienced in years happened again. The pull.
My world stopped, stood still in infinity.
“Not possible,” I mumbled from behind him.
Obviously hearing me, the man turned around and looked at me from beneath the black hood—his face a little scruffy from not shaving. But beyond the shadow of the hood were his eyes.
Oh, my God. He can’t be real. It’s…impossible.
His blue-gray eyes sliced through me—a bullet shot from a gun—and my body lost control. Beyond the fact I shook like a leaf my vision began to blur. My head felt like a helium-filled balloon, floating up, up, up, detaching from my body.
I no longer felt my legs.
Out of the corner of my eye, a large man was coming toward me. He said something.
“No, Jayden,” the angel said, holding out his hand to stop the man.
I heard my own voice ask, “Austin?”
Confused, weak, and perhaps crazy, I caved, no longer seeing anything as I crumpled to the floor. 

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