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Mid Week Tease - Don't Stop Watching

*Waves* I know I've been gone from Mid Week Tease a long, long time. But I'm back!!! 

This week I've got a little something from Forever & Always, Two Hearts, One Soul Duet: Book Two which is soon to be released.



With the phone to his ear, Cayden turned and looked at me, his sapphire gaze roaming from the hair piled in a messy bun atop my head, to my bubble-gum-pink-painted toenails before he smiled.
My heart thrummed.
Reaching out, he pulled me onto his lap where I willingly went, and picked up a pen from beside my laptop. Then, he crooked his head, holding the handset to the cordless in place against his shoulder to free his other hand and took a hold of mine.
Curious, I wondered what he was up to.
Cayden turned my hand over, palm side up. Swiped his fingers softly over my palm once. Wrote, I Love U, boldly across it. And then he curled my fingers closed, securing the words tight within the palm of my hand before he moved his hands from mine and took hold of the handset again.
My heart, not to mention my body, felt as if it would explode from the joy those three little words inspired. But the fact he wrote them, tattooed them onto my skin, was simply the sweetest thing he could have done.
“Go ahead and e-mail it. I’ll take a look,” he said to the person on the other end of the phone.
There was a pause. A buzzing followed by another pause.
“Sure. Not a problem,” Cayden replied, motioning for me to get up.
When I did, he adjusted the hard, straight-backed desk chair as well himself, and patted his lap.
Wearing nothing but a towel, I straddled him, chest to chest, and placed my arms around his strong shoulders. “Good?” I mouthed.
He winked his approval.
I played with the ends of his hair, feeling the impressive bulge beneath his designer sweatpants jerk against my bare core.
Blood raced through my veins with a start.
“Yes,” Cayden said into the phone. “I’m planning on it, but we can talk about that later.”
There was another pause, more humming sounds, then one of his hands went to my backside and squeezed. “Okay, thanks,” Cayden said.
He hadn’t been talking to me, but to whoever was on the phone.
“I will. Enjoy your breakfast.” He punched the end button and placed the handset into the receiver on the desk.
“I didn’t mean to disturb your call. I realize it was business,” I said.
“You can disturb me anytime, baby.”
“It sounded important.”
He shrugged one shoulder while his index finger wandered along the line of the towel above my breasts. “Just one of the studio executives.”
A riot of goose bumps broke out on my skin.
“They want me to take a look at an audition of a new actress,” he said. “Jerry believes she has the look and the talent we are looking for, for the Vancouver shoot.”
“Lucky you, getting to see videos of beautiful women.”
Cayden gave a little laugh. “No one is as beautiful as you.”
I probably blushed. “Thank you.”
He gave me his crooked grin. “No need for thanks.”
“So—” I wound some of his hair around and around my finger “—you get to pick your co-stars?”
I was digging, raging with jealousy. I’m sure he knew it. After all, I did have him explain to me the night before just how naked, naked really was for those on-screen love scenes he does. Of course, he soon had my mind preoccupied with our own nude love scene.
A slow smile stretched across the perfect features of his face. “I’m one of the executive producers on the film.”
Interesting, but I didn’t have time to explore that line of conversation. Why? because he shifted underneath me and said, “Not to change the subject—” he worked his hand under the cotton of the bath-towel I’d swathed myself in, “but I really like you in this position.”
Cayden tapped my bottom with a playful little slap.
Oh, he was good at distracting me, but I wanted the distraction.
I smiled and swayed myself across his lap, rubbing what he so emphatically wanted me to feel between my legs.
With a flash of his eyes, he secured my hips with his hands. “You must think me some sort of animal, but I can’t help myself.”
One side of his mouth quirked up.
God. The things those beautifully etched lips did to me.
“I have to admit,” he said, “it’s not like I can hide it. You have this way. Seeing you—” Cayden licked and nibble the side of my neck “—I’m one continuous hard-on when it comes to you, Winter.”
“You’re not an animal.” I gripped his hair and swayed my hips once more. “I do think I’m fortunate, though.”
“Fortunate, huh?”
“Well, to have him stand at attention just by looking at me.” I squeezed my thighs against his and glanced down suggestively. “I mean, huge ego boost.”
He chuckled, pulling back. “You are being wicked, teasing me like this. You know that, right?”
I giggled. “I know.”
He bit my bottom lip and sucked it prior to saying, “I’m the fortunate one, baby. And maybe I should warn you.”
Cayden found the tuck I’d made earlier near my underarm and unwrapped me. The fluffy white towel puddled around my thighs before he moved his hand up the curve of my spine, splaying his fingers between the span of my shoulder blades, his intent gaze trailing down my naked front.
“Warn me?” I asked.
“Prepare for your ego to be boosted daily.” He gave my breasts an evil little grin. “Hell. Multiple times daily.”
I placed my fingers under his stubbled chin, lifting until he locked his eyes with mine. “I’ll prepare myself, but maybe I should warn you, too.”
“About what?” A silky chestnut lock tumbled across his brow in a seductive twist.
I swiped the hair back from his forehead. “I don’t want you to ever stop touching me.”
“Then,” he murmured against my exposed neck, “we are both in agreement.”
I flicked his earlobe with my tongue. “Yes. I think we are.”
Mm…” he almost growled, moving his hand down my spine in a slow, lingering, all too persuasive way.
“So, Vancouver,” I said.
Crap, Winter.
What was wrong with me? This was sexy time with my scorching-hot man, yet I couldn’t help myself from going there, already dreading the fact he would be leaving and knowing I never wanted to be away from him.
“Yes,” Cayden replied. “What about Vancouver?”
His mouth worked magic on the upper swell of my breasts, making my nipples pull tighter.
“Y-you—” I sucked in a breath. “You’re leaving after this film is done?”
We are leaving when this film is done,” he replied, then his lips lightly skimmed over one perking, pink peak.
Cayden’s hands swept around my sides, up my ribcage, and over my breasts, completely covering them as he clarified, “Mm-hm.”
I loved hearing that word, we. The way he touched me. The puffs of his warm breath bathing my lips. Heck. I just plain loved him. Full stop.
He kissed the ball of my right shoulder. Traced his tongue along my collarbone. Mouthed my left shoulder.
“Why, Mr. Cain. Are you trying to make me wet after I dried off from my morning shower?” I licked my lips.
His gaze followed the swipe of my tongue and his thumbs slid back and forth over the hard buds of my breasts.
“Why yes, Ms. Perri. In answer to your question, I believe I am.” Cayden nipped at my bottom lip, making me squirm. “Winter?”
He tugged the damp towel up from where it crinkled around my lower waist and thighs and dropped it on the floor. “Hang on.”
I did, wrapping my legs around his tight waist, and firming up the hold I had around his neck when he stood, kissing me.
We were on our way to the big sleigh bed, me clinging to his body while our tongues tangled with serious intent. Then, I was placed on my back, horizontally on the bed, Cayden breaking our kiss, and straightening. With a tilt of his head, he took me in.
His nostrils flared.
My heart banged double-time in my chest.
He balled his hand at his side as if holding himself back.
“Cayden,” I said in a needy whisper as every place his gaze landed set my skin on fire.
He reached over his shoulder and pulled his T-shirt from over his head—more than a six-pack of abs rippling with the movement.
Propped up on my forearms and elbows I lost myself there for a second until he removed his sweatpants—my attention homing in on his massive erection.
“Spread those sexy legs for me,” he said as he glanced at them.
“Is that what you want?” I teased.
“Oh hell yes!”
With deliberate slowness, I parted my legs.
Cayden sucked a breath between his teeth, held his erection in his right hand, and stroked once, twice—the cords in his forearms working.
I wanted to lick him. Everywhere.
“Watch,” he instructed, his voice pure, dark velvet.
The full-length mirror propped in the corner by the en suite bath caught our reflection.
He took a knee between my parted thighs—one hand still holding onto his impressive cock, the other blazing a trail up the soft skin of my inner thigh.
The moment his finger dipped into my wet entrance, my arms felt weak, but I held my position. “Mm…Cayden.”
“So hot and wet for me, baby.”
“Yesss,” I hissed, his thumb circling my clit as two, long fingers slipped inside of me.
When I started to shake, Cayden stopped, stood, rested his large hands on my hips, then pulled me to the side edge of the bed until my legs dangled.
Positioned between my parted thighs, he gripped himself once more and started feeding his stiff cock into my tingling opening. “So good,” he mumbled as the wide head of him breached me.
He momentarily closed his eyes, his core muscles contracting.
I watched, completely rapt, as his long, thick, cock disappeared into my body, reveling in the feel of tender tissues being stretched to accommodate him and moaned.
Cayden groaned low and throaty—hands gripped around my spread thighs. “Don’t stop watching.”

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