Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mid Week Tease - Breathe, Winter

Hi, everyone. Welcome to Mid Week Tease, where my author friends and I share a little something with you, our readers, from some of our past work, up and coming releases, and WIPs (Works in Progress). Thanks going out to Angelica Dawson for organizing our weekly teasing fun! 

This week, my teaser comes from the first book in my Two Hearts, One Soul Duet, Always.

When Austin’s lips went to my throat, another warm sensation shot through me. He pressed his mouth into the niche, tongued over my collarbone to my shoulder—lingering for a moment before he slid his mouth to my chest, my breasts, my stomach...
“Oh, God,” I moaned.
It was as though my body was his canvas, and his lips and hands were painting a masterpiece.
“You are perfect,” he said.
My hands, needing him, grasped his dark black hair—fingers tangling tight within it.
He kissed me then, lips anxious, with a consuming fire.
I opened to him without hesitation and he took my offering with hungry thrusts of his tongue over mine.
Our breathing increased with each new touch. With each probing kiss, my heart thumped.
I hitched my leg around Austin’s hip. He was hard with need and grabbed at my leg while wrapping his other arm around my waist, picking me up from the floor and placing me on the bed.
“I want you so goddamn bad,” he said, warm hands flowing down the length of my thighs, and his mouth following. Kissing.
“Take me. Make me yours, completely.”
Austin reached for my shorts and unzipped them. With a lift of my hips, he pulled them off and threw them onto the floor.
I closed my eyes and felt him place a kiss to my navel. “Oooh…”
My stomach jerked. The feeling he created within me was caught somewhere between a tickle and searing pleasure.
He hooked his finger into the side string of my panties while his mouth lingered on my hip. With one last kiss, he pulled my panties. They cleared my feet.
He had removed the last of my clothing.
I forced my eyes open.
Austin appraised every part of my body like I was a goddess or a gift. The way he looked at me seized my breath.
“Jesus, baby. I have never seen such beauty,” he whispered. “There are no words, Winter. No words to tell you how much I love you, desire you, how utterly beautiful you are.”
Breathe, Winter I had to remind myself, fevered with the need to touch him. Really touch him.

ARCs for Forever & Always (Two Hearts, One Soul Duet: Book Two) will be going out real soon. In the meantime, you can read Always for free in Kindle Unlimited. 

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