Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mid Week Tease - I really like strawberries


Hi, everyone. Welcome to Mid Week Tease, where my author friends and I share a little something with you, our readers, from some of our past work, up and coming releases, and WIPs (Works in Progress). Thanks going out to Angelica Dawson for organizing our weekly teasing fun! 

I shared a little something last week from my up and coming release, Forever & Always, so here's a little bit more.


“Very nice,” Melissa complimented. “I’ve never seen anyone take such time in arranging a fruit plate they were only going to eat themselves.”
I laughed. “I am a bit odd.”
“I better go,” Melissa said rather abruptly.
I looked at her confused. “Why?”
And then I knew. I felt him.
I flipped around and my heart pattered. Cayden was walking through the archway, a tribute to yummy. He smiled at me, and yes, my breath hitched as if it was the first time I’d seen him.
“You don’t need to leave,” I said to Melissa, tearing my gaze from Cayden and turning hesitantly toward her.
“I figured you would want some alone time,” she suggested. “I know he wants to be alone with you.”
When she put it that way, how could I object to her leaving?
I had to rein my thoughts in and be a grown up. “Please don’t feel like you need to go.”
“Hey, beautiful,” Cayden’s voice buzzed my ear. “You never came back, which is a very bad thing since I need you.”
Melissa gathered her plate and walked past giving us a sweet smile. “You guys have a good night.”
“We intend to have a really good night,” Cayden replied.
Embarrassed by his response, I focused on the masterpiece of fruit I’d created, twisting the plate on the countertop and admiring it from different angles. “Would you like some?”
“Sure.” He untied my robe and held it open for his view.
“What are you doing?”
“You asked if I’d like some.”
I play-smacked his arm. “I meant the fruit.”
“Damn, baby,” he crooned. “You are sexy as sin.”
Before I could even blink, he picked me up and sat my backside on the cool marble countertop—my legs and feet dangling freely over the side—pressing his lips to mine.
Hands skimming down the length of my back, Cayden stepped up between my thighs, then slid me forward until my chest plastered to his. At that level, sitting there on the counter, I didn’t need to do my usual stretching to reach his face.
It was perfect. He was perfect.
Cayden’s tongue swirled with mine, and his hands skated over my hips. He grabbed them with a groan and shifted me even further into his tight waist. I wrapped my legs around him and secured my arms around his neck.
We melted into each other.
I’m positive I started shaking as he kissed my neck and nuzzled his nose into the hollow just below my ear ’cause I had to tighten my grip.
Chill bumps danced across my skin. In fact, they might have been doing the cha-cha. He already knew all of my hot spots, and he wasn’t afraid to use them.
“The fruit?” he asked.
Hm?” I mumbled. I’d actually forgotten all about it.
His low laugh thrilled my ears. “You did offer. You aren’t reneging, are you? I was really hoping for some strawberries.”
“Jeez, Mr. Cain. You really don’t play fair,” I breathed.
“Nope.” He kissed along my jaw. “Besides. Those little hot pink panties you have on are rockin’ my world.” He slid the palms of his hands over my breasts, definitely copping quite an extensive feel. “Not to mention these.” He tweaked my nipples through the material of my top. “Do you know how fucking hot this tight tank top is?”
I giggled at his crudity because it was too sexy.
Cayden pulled back, picked up some of the red fleshy fruit from the plate and placed it to my lips, outlining, painting them with the strawberry.
I took a bite.
Sweetness exploded in my mouth and the sticky red hue of the juice dribbled down my lips...
“Oh, baby. Look what you’ve done now.” Cayden licked the juice from my lips, my chin, and continued to follow the stream as it wound its way down my neck. “I really like strawberries,” he said seductively, his tongue at the apex of my breasts.
“I can tell,” I said, feeling his mouth inch lower.
Forever & Always  Book Two in my Two Hearts, One Soul Duet will be releasing this month. I will let you know when it goes live. Until then, how about some giveaway fun? Just click on the banner to be taken to my giveaway post and enter the Rafflecopter there. Then, come on back and click on the link below to hop on over to other blogs for more Mid Week Tease.



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